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9 Social Media for Social Good Sites You Should know About


—. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing via RSS or eMail to receive fresh content on a regular basis. —. Amazing stuff. Really.

Looks Like Philanthropy Wasn’t One of Apple’s New Years Resolutions

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Click to Sign Online Petition and Send Steve Jobs A Message. While Apple may not be paying attention, its competitors are. From my iPad. Steve Jobs.”.

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Five ways to engage supporters AFTER the campaign

John Haydon

All communities have a heart beat. Your organization is the left ventricle, the community is the right ventricle. They’ll continue to trust you.

Sustaining Innovation Book Discussion Part 1: What Does it Take Innovate Naturally and Frequently?

Museum 2.0

This post is my review of the book. Is this a place where staff members are comfortable taking risks? It only matters if it matters. Easy, right?

Is the Future of Social Media Much Different for Non-profits?


I suspect you’ll find the information very interesting. Interesting, but not unexpected. Then you can go read the full report.

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Online Giving Continues to Rise. Are You Adapting? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Did you know that online giving passed 15 BILLION in 2009? Amazing, eh? So, how are you thinking about your online fundraising strategy? Thoughts?

Zoetica Salon: A Couple of Good Resources

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

January is Tune Up month in the Zoetica Salon , an online space for free peer learning about nonprofits and social media. More here. Zoetica Salon

2011 NTC Preview: Can Social Networks Create Social Capital?


Ted Fickes, Electronic Communications Manager, The Wilderness Society (Central Rockies Regional Office) In September, 2008, Green for All , 1Sky and the We Campaign organized a national day of action -- Green Jobs Now -- to demand progress on green jobs and a green economy. Tens of thousands of people participated in over 670 events in 40 states.

Green 20

Will the Dough Rise with Crowdrise?


There are several notable ones in the space, including Causes and Jumo. Nonprofits do not have access to users' data.

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Does your website make sense?


How do you go about generating copy for your website? Can your readers easily understand what you’re trying to say via your website? Internet

The Networked NGO: Translating the Networked Nonprofit and 1-11-11 Club

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Networked NGO. View more presentations from Beth Kanter. This year my birthday (Jan. But, I’ll get to birthday fun in a minute. A cellist!

Calif. nonprofit offers to store your data forever

AFP Blog

Calif. nonprofit offers to store your data forever: "Backing up data to an online service can help avoid the issue of media breakdown, but relying on a company to keep files safe carries risks.'They

Facebook marketing strategies and best practices discussion (video)

John Haydon

On Wednesday (during a massive snow storm), David Wells from HubSpot interviewed me for his InboundNow series. Enjoy the weekend!

What's Different One Year After Haiti? | Nonprofit Trends with.

NonProfit Trends

One year ago a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Hispaniola. The earthquake occurred at 4:53pm EST and the epicenter was 16 miles west

11NTC Preview: Technology in Times of Disaster: The Important Role of Social media in Disaster Response and Awareness


George Durham, Program Manager, Microsoft Global Community Affairs On January 12th, 2010, a devastating earthquake ripped through the Haitian landscape, literally decimating cities like Leogane, Petit Goave, and much of Port-au-Prince. This allowed individuals to begin informing family and loved ones of their whereabouts and condition.

Haiti 12

Nonprofits rank Facebook twice as important as Twitter

Beaconfire Wire

A new report out today finds that nonprofits rank Facebook to be twice as important to their communications strategy as Twitter.

Facebook To Eliminate Old Insights From Pages

John Haydon

At the end of January, Facebook will be removing the option to view the older version of Page Insights. Recent improvements to Facebook Insights.

Postcards as a Call to Action: A Powerful, Political Participatory Experience at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

Museum 2.0

The best participatory projects are useful. Finding legitimate ways for visitors to be of use is easier said than done. Send poems!" Projects

2011 NTC Preview: Let's Talk About Tech, Baby


A close read of the lyrics provides a good framework for thinking about communicating horizontally (across departments or silos) and vertically (with everyone from senior management to interns) in your organization about technology. No, really. Let's break it down. From there, you can start to understand where to begin conversations.

Nonprofits rank Facebook twice as important as Twitter

Beaconfire Wire

A new report out today finds that nonprofits rank Facebook to be twice as important to their communications strategy as Twitter.

[Book Research] Is your nonprofit utilizing mobile technology?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

If your nonprofit is experimenting with mobile technology, please share your experiences and links (if any) in a comment below. Using TwitPic? Jagtags?

Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Your Association?

Wild Apricot Blog

Are your members, volunteers or potential donors using social media? The answer is YES - research confirms even 20% of adults 50-64 use social networking daily. While social media campaigns can be time consuming and/or expensive, you can start small and set simple, specific and achievable short term goals.( read more ).

It's YOUR Choice. What Are You Going to Do About It?


Flickr Photo: Jonathan McIntosh I'm not very good as resolutions. Making big decisions, and then sticking to them no matter what is not my strongest suit. I'm more of a "let's see how this goes and adjust as we make our way" kind of a person. But I do have two hard and fast resolutions this year. First, I'm not going to travel so much. Really?

Why Work on Childhood Obesity?

Network-Centric Advocacy

There are lots of resons that I like working on childhood obesity. None of them seemed linked to the pure data that explains the problem.(obesity obesity rate widget) Data is compelling. The control of the widget helps make you think about the issues behind the data. My sister is a doc. ) I know what good doctors do. She took a job at the CDC.

New Site from AICPA Helps with Taxes

Beaconfire Wire

It provides an Ask a CPA feature, myriad tools and calculators, answers to common questions, year round planning advice, a glossary, and much more.

TechSoup Digital Storytelling: The Challenge Begins!

Tech Soup Blog

The TechSoup Digital Storytelling Event 2011 begins tomorrow January 13 with a webinar and the opening of a challenge. Pacific time. read more.

2011 NTC Preview: A Scientist in Your Communications Department: Segmenting Messages, Customizing Content and Delivering Results


Jeff Shuck, CEO, Event360 It's January. The frenzy of your year-end appeal has subsided and you're now busy tallying your results, comparing year-to-year performance, and plotting your next moves. They've raised their hand to voice their support for your mission through their donation. Segmentation can vary from simple to sophisticated.

Why We Need Social Advocates

NCE Social Media

Ryan Kuder wrote a post on ZDNet explaining why small businesses need social advocates. You know what, nonprofits need them too. Think about it.

Nonprofits rank Facebook twice as important as Twitter

Beaconfire Wire

A new report out today finds that nonprofits rank Facebook to be twice as important to their communications strategy as Twitter.

TechSoup Grant Series: Write the Winning Grant Proposal

Tech Soup Blog

This week in our TechSoup Grant Series: One Hour a Week to Success , we are ready to focus on writing a successful grant proposal. If you use your organization's strategic plan as a foundation and have a fully developed grant project, this stage of the process should progress smoothly. read more.

Online Fundraising Boot Camp for Small Nonprofits and Small Fundraising Departments


It's not enough just to put a "Donate Now" button on your home page; it's not enough to send out a couple of emails asking for support. NPTech NTEN

A Time to Remember and a Time to Give

Connection Cafe

Author: Blair Naylor. I remember this time last year I was getting ready for work, glancing at the TV in horror as I saw the first live images of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. It was one of those paralyzing moments where you stand in awe of the power of nature, and see how in a brief moment, worlds are turned upside down.

Technology, Games Changing Youth Awareness Engagement- The NonProfit Times Jan 12, 2011

AFP Blog

Technology, Games Changing Youth Awareness Engagement- The NonProfit Times Jan 12, 2011: "The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has become involved in games in recent years. The field of social impact games has shifted in the past couple of years.

VisionLink Customers Supporting 60% of US Cities and Towns


Our customers are amazing! Whether they serve the elderly, the homeless, information and referral, 2-1-1, disaster operations and relief, youth, education, or workforce needs, collectively they support clients and resources in more than 14,000 cities and towns across the United States. Well Done! Dr. W.