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NTC 2011 is Upon Us!


2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#11ntc) is ramping up by kicking off the community voting website for over 400 nonprofit focused sessions! We have until September 30 th to vote for those we think will be the most valuable to the overall NPTech community. If you’re not familiar with the Nonprofit Tech. Conference head over and take a look at the agenda , the sessions , the day of service , and who attended in the past. I think those resources will give you a good idea of what’s going on

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Surfrider Foundation: The Poster Child for a Networked Nonprofit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I grew up in a small beach town on the South Jersey Shore where I spent summers swimming and building sand castles.

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Just Joined a New Federal Commission!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I recently was sworn in by Undersecretary of Education Martha Kanter as one of nineteen people serving on the Advisory Commission on Accessible Instructional Materials in Postsecondary Education for Students with Disabilities.

Definitions Of Key Business Terms

Eric Jacobsen Blog

We talk about, read about and hear about "customers," "mission," and "customer value" all the time and perhaps sometimes we struggle with fully understanding the best definition of those terms. I like Peter F. Drucker's definitions

60 Minutes

NCE Social Media

A new report by Sysomos has found that when you send a tweet it will mostly likely be retweeted within the first hour of posting. After that it likely will not be retweeted. Apparently, after an hour it’s old news and you can use it to line the bird cage.

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A Better Approach to Monthly Giving

Connection Cafe

Author: Lacey Kruger. Recently, some colleagues and I started an email exchange about best practices for monthly giving. The question was whether or not, on a recurring donation form, to ask the user to determine the duration of their gift.

What's new and cool in Convio Common Ground version 3

Judi Sohn

It's been a little over a year since I fully deployed Convio Common Ground at the Colorectal Cancer Coalition. Still no regrets. It's a great fit for us. A few months ago, we started using Common Ground's GL Export utility to align Salesforce/Common Ground data with QuickBooks. Finally.

Can True Activism Be Fostered Through Social-Networking Sites? - Give and Take - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

AFP Blog

Can True Activism Be Fostered Through Social-Networking Sites? Give and Take - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas: "Dear Malcolm Gladwell: The nonprofit technology world is not very happy with you.Mr. Gladwell's article in this week's New Yorker magazine, criticizing the hype about social media's ability to stir social movements, is drawing

Asking. And Then Listening


I got to thinking the other day about how many times I’ve been asked for my opinion or assistance from the nonprofit organizations I support. Outside of donation asks, I can only think of enough instances to fit on one hand. I’m a loyal supporter, donor, and volunteer to various organizations but rarely am I asked for much more than my money

Five Reasons Why Titles Are King

John Haydon

You’re reading this because on some level you’re interested in writing better blog post tiles or better YouTube video titles. Or maybe you’re just beginning to promote your nonprofit online and are curious how important titles are.

I’m betting $10 Social Media Wins …

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My colleague, Clay Lord, Theatre Bay Area told me about a bet that the communications manager is having with the director of development.

New ASAE website is live. and it rawks. — SocialFish

AFP Blog

New ASAE website is live. and it rawks. SocialFish: "New ASAE website is live… and it Maddie Grant on September 29, 2010 ShareDigg DiggWe LOVE the new ASAE website!! Such a huge improvement, not least because their active community has been brought to the forefront.So I thought I’d talk to Amy Hissrich, Director of Knowledge Initiatives at ASAE, and mastermind behind the redesign

How Do You Embrace Resting?

Have Fun - Do Good

Are you good at resting? I'm not. I have a terrible time falling asleep, and am a compulsive list-checker-offer In August I had great plans to Walk Into 41 by walking for 30 minutes every day for 41 days, starting on my birthday. The first day went great, and then life intervened.

Nonprofit Tech 2.0 iPhone App :: Version 2.0!

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Using , I quickly threw together and launched an iPhone App for Nonprofit Tech 2.0 in the fall of 2009. Once it was available in iTunes , I quickly moved on to other tasks and quite honesty, paid no attention to it for almost a year.

The Networked Nonprofit Update

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Allison Fine and I have been thrilled with the reception that our book, The Networked Nonprofit , has received. I’m very grateful for support and more so for the conversations and thoughtful blog posts you have shared.

15 Easy-to-Use Apps for Adding Multimedia to Twitter: Business Collaboration News ?

AFP Blog

15 Easy-to-Use Apps for Adding Multimedia to Twitter: Business Collaboration News : "I love Twitter, but one thing I admit can be lacking from the service is that it doesn’t allow for embedded images, audio or video in the Twitter stream; you can only link to them

Cutting Edge Integrated Social Media Strategies: Download the Presentation


Social action isn't sending a tweet or sharing a petition on Facebook and calling it a day. Social action is about mobilizing people around your issue and turning them into advocates.

Artprize: An Extraordinary Social Experience around Art

Museum 2.0

Want to experience art in a populist, energized, industrial/urban setting? Want to see it in soup kitchens and record stores and bars? Want to talk about it? Want to be surrounded by thousands of people who are doing the same? Then get yourself to Grand Rapids for Artprize.

Social Media for Good and Evil, Strong and Weak Ties, Online/Offline,and Orgs and Networks

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Malcolm Gladwell’s article “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted,&# brings the slacktivism , social media for social good or evil , strong and weak ties , and organizations vs networks debates to a mainstream audience.

Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector :: Tom says "mergers and alliances" - we say "mashups and interoperability." Let's think of ourselves as interoperable allies.

AFP Blog

Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector :: Tom says "mergers and alliances" - we say "mashups and interoperability." Let's think of ourselves as interoperable allies.: "I I recently had a very lively conversation with Tom McLaughlin of the Nonprofit Finance Fund. I would never need an excuse to chat with the guy who said, 'organizational culture eats strategy for breakfast,' but on

Ninety Percent of Consumers want Companies to Support Causes


While nonprofit campaigners like to debate the merits of cause related marketing, according to the 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study , American consumers are huge supporters of cause marketing campaigns. In fact, these types of campaigns even inspire a new group of supporters.

Nine Fair Trade Chocolate Bars

Have Fun - Do Good

Green and Black's uploaded by Madzia Bryll When Global Exchange starts advertising its Fair Trade Trick or Treat Action Kit , I know we are entering chocolate season. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to Valentine's Day to Easter chocolate lovers (like me!)

The Dragonfly Effect: Win A Copy, Leave A Comment, Swab Your Cheek

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Tom says "mergers and alliances" - we say "mashups and.

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Seal the Deal: Confirm Relationships with Social Supporters


So your nonprofit’s staff has drunk the social media Kool -Aid. You’re updating your Facebook status, your Executi ve Director and program officers are tweeting away, and your staff is on board helping you deliver great blog and video content for your fans and subscribers.

How admin privacy works on Facebook Pages (video)

John Haydon

The most frequent question I get from nonprofits who have a Facebook Page is about privacy. How can I keep my personal info private as a Page admin? The concern is that by using their personal Facebook account as the Page admin, somehow their privacy will be breached.

In Search of Bachelors and Philanthropy in Rural Alaska and Video Story Capture Tips

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Story. Last week, my adventure in Alaska started with a meeting with representatives from community foundations around the state of Alaska hosted by the Alaska Community Foundation.

Be A Manager Who Makes Decisions

Eric Jacobsen Blog

A manager who can't make a decision or who can't make a timely decision will frustrate his/her employees. Equally bad, a lack of decision will impede the progress of the manager's team. Some managers make endless requests for data as a

Update on Disk Cloning

Tech Soup Blog

Originally published at TechSoup for Libraries. I wrote about disk cloning (also known as disk imaging) a few years back, but it's such a useful tool for nonprofits that it's worth revisiting the topic and sharing new developments in the field.

How to use categories and tags in your nonprofit blog

John Haydon

Publishing posts in WordPress (.Com Com and.Org) entails the use of categories and tags. Essentially they’re a way for readers to easily find other articles on your blog. Sounds simple enough, right? No so. Why it’s easy to be confused about tags and categories.

Vote for Your Favorite Nonprofit Technology Conference Panels

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference will take place on March 17-19, 2011 in Washington, DC. Part of what makes the NTC unique is how they involve the community in every aspect of conference planning. Community voting on the 400+ session proposals has begun and will run through September 30th. So, I spent some time reading through the proposals and bookmarked the ones I voted for. Here’s three panel proposals from me or include my colleague, Geoff Livingston, from Zoetica.

How To Create A "Best Places To Work" Company

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Overland Park, Kansas-based author Leigh Branham, along with Mark Hirschfeld, recently completed a survey of 10000 employees in 43 states to better understand what separates a "best places to work" company from other companies

The Hard Choices of Shoes and Social Media


Flickr photo by Sarah and Mike.probably Decisions are tough. Just choosing which shoes you'll pack for your trip can be tough, not to mention the big, life ones. Then there are those decisions in between that might not change the direction of your life or work but will certainly shape and impact it.

Recent Rash of LinkedIn Spam

Tech Soup Blog

Have you been getting a lot of email asking you to connect on LinkedIn? Like its more well-known counterpart Facebook, LinkedIn is a social networking site geared towards professional networking and workplace circles.