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100+ Fundraising Tasks for Your Nonprofit’s Board

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Many nonprofit organizations struggle to engage their board members with fundraising, especially the act of asking another person for money.

Should you continue to host hybrid or virtual events in a post-pandemic world?

Association Analytics

After two unprecedented years, it feels like things are getting back to “normal.” Most of the associations we have spoken with are returning to in-person meetings and conferences in 2022. However, virtual and hybrid events proved to be very valuable during the pandemic.


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3 ways to take your association’s online community to the next level

Nimble AMS

Using the right tools and techniques makes it easy to get more out of your association’s online community. . Here’s how Nimble Communities can help you take your online community to the next level. Your association might just be getting started with an online community.

4 Reasons Why Donors Don’t Give

NonProfit PRO

One of the most crucial parts of nonprofit fundraising is finding donors. If a donor doesn't give, your organization can't adequately serve its mission. But creating a potential donor portfolio isn't always easy. Donor Relationship Management

Donor 97

Nonprofit Technology Adoption: Why It Matters and How to Be Successful

Discover how this high-level overview report can help get your organization in shape for technology adoption and read helpful best practices for facilitating this critical process.

Funding & Grant Resources For Nonprofits Focused On Arts & Culture


Similar to the list I shared for nonprofits focusing on education , arts and culture tends to be a very popular issue area for American foundations. The large difference is that most funders tend to direct a majority of their arts funding to local and regional organizations.

How to Take Board Meeting Minutes

Wild Apricot

Taking board meeting minutes can feel tedious, but doing it well will help your team in the long run! Board minutes serve as a point of reference for what was discussed AND as a resource in legal matters. The best minute takers have: a keen ear for. organizational-management

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Board Effectiveness Begins With Recruiting

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I have served as a volunteer on and consulted with a variety of boards throughout my career. When evaluating the success of the nonprofit, a key variable is always the effectiveness of the nonprofit’s board membership. Board

Funding And Grant Resources For Nonprofits Focused On Mental Health


According to The World Health Organization , of the 1 billion people around the world currently experiencing a mental disorder, more than 80% are without any form of quality, affordable care. Additionally, millions die every year from alcohol abuse and one person dies every 40 seconds by suicide.

Fund 86

The Fundamentals of Effective Technology Training for Your Nonprofit


User training is a big part of your nonprofit getting the most out of new technology. It helps to smooth the transition to new systems and processes by getting staff members comfortable and working efficiently as soon as possible. Education

Delight your association’s members with a great e-commerce experience

Nimble AMS

Your association’s ecommerce experience can go a long way toward delivering a great member experience. . Read on for six ways to take your ecommerce site to the next level. . Many factors go into a great member experience: onboarding, engagement, and customer service – just to name a few.

Become the Association Your Members Want

As the pandemic advanced, we were keenly aware of the apprehension and pain throughout our community. Clients and colleagues contacted us with questions about managing revenue shortfall, introducing new technology, and preparing for changing membership patterns. The.orgCommunity organized a Think Tank to help identify trends and crystalize our outlook on the future of membership. The sessions were facilitated by Elizabeth Engel, Chief Strategist, Spark Consulting. This article is the result of feedback gleaned during those dialogues, previous research, and the viewpoints of the.orgSource team.

10th Annual Salesforce Education Summit: What You Need to Know

Cloud 4 Good

The 10 th annual Salesforce Education Summit is right around the corner. Grab your coffee or tea, and settle in for two days packed with 6,000 of your peers, 40+ sessions, and 7 Summit Award winners. Education Summit. April 20: 7:30 am – 2:00 pm PT. April 21: 8:00 am – 11:30 am PT. Register Now.

The Importance of DEI in Your Marketing and Communications Strategy

NonProfit PRO

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are becoming increasingly important to donors and should be at the forefront of nonprofits’ marketing efforts.

5 Types of Stories for Non-Profit Fundraising

The Storytelling Non-profit

Stories are an incredible tool for non-profit fundraising. Stories help non-profits illustrate their compelling reasons for giving in a way that makes sense to people who aren’t doing the work day in and day out.

15 highlights from Xperience 2022

Nimble AMS

For the past two years, associations have been working harder than ever to adjust to disruptions and reimagine member programs and events. But what does the next normal look like? .

Achieving Organizational Transformation: Pathways to Success

Association executives—and hopefully their boards—know that they are facing perilous times. Driven by the pace of cultural and technological change, they are experiencing major disruptions in the traditional business models that used to guide organizational growth strategies.orgSource offers a straightforward approach to navigating these changes and readying your organization for growth.

What Is a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?


The increasing migration of nonprofit operations to a digital environment has created a new set of challenges for organizations. How can operations stay organized and effective through changing staff and volunteers?

How to Host the Best Board Retreat Ever! Here’s Your Winning Checklist – 17 Keys to Success


Tom Iselin, president of First Things First, has built four sector-leading nonprofits and four foundations. He’s written six books, sits on six boards, is considered a leading authority on high-performance nonprofits, and has been rated one of America’s 10 best retreat facilitators.

3 Commitments Nonprofit Leaders Can Make in Times of Great Uncertainty

NonProfit PRO

The overwhelm can seem close to immobilizing. Leaders always need to make decisions. But this year, the amount of decision-making required to lead feels crushing. So much so that many nonprofit leaders are delaying big decisions. Executive Issues

Time 82

Sponsorship Emails That Convert 

The Sponsorship Collective

Everyone knows how to write an email nowadays, right? You type something into a subject line, add a few paragraphs to the body, maybe double-check that the recipient’s email address is correct, and voila. Your email is ready to go through cyberspace to the other person.

email 79

The Denan Project - Leveraging WhatsApp for Good

As part of building a new supporter journey (from making a one-time donation to becoming a sustaining supporter), The Denan Project set out to shorten the time between the first donation and the recurring donations.

Bloomerang Named a Leader in the G2 Spring 2022 Mid-Market Grid® Report for Fundraising


Bloomerang, the complete donor management solution for thousands of small and medium-sized nonprofits, today announced that it has been identified as the leader in the Spring 2022 Mid-Market Grid® Report for Fundraising by G2 , the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace.

Client Spotlight: Union County Education Foundation


Who they are. Union County Education Foundation is a nonprofit that’s laser focused on “supporting students and encouraging educators” in Union County Public Schools. They primarily fulfill this mission through college scholarship programs for students and grants for classroom teachers.

5 Steps to Start Developing a New Technology Plan for Your Nonprofit

NonProfit PRO

As a nonprofit professional, you probably recognize the need for a solid technology foundation and strategy. But maybe you aren’t quite sure how to take the next steps for your organization. Software/Technology Strategic Planning

Sponsorship and Tech Support

The Sponsorship Collective

Have you ever worked in tech support? I did back when I was in college. Even if you’ve never personally had a tech support job, I would bet you have experience using tech support, such as when your new iPhone begins randomly turning off or your Windows computer has a blue screen.

Omnichannel Marketing for Health Associations

Forum One

Health association members and other target audiences don’t engage with an association through a single channel, or in the same way across different channels.

Funding & Grant Resources For Women’s Empowerment Organizations


As we celebrate Women’s History Month, honoring the countless contributions women have made and continue to make in our country and around the world, it’s important to recognize the many organizations whose focus and missions revolve around helping women.

‘Cause of the Year’ Partnership Spreads Positive News About Nonprofit’s Mission

NonProfit PRO

While this partnership is still new, it has been inspiring to see the stories of our programs in more than 70 countries highlighted in a way that shows the profound impact our mission can have for individuals worldwide. Cause Marketing

Fundraising appeals: think before you act

Hands on Fundraising

So you’re ready to write a fundraising appeal. Now what? Before you even begin to write your appeal, there are some things you should think about. What’s the ONE thing you’ll ask a reader to do? Too often, we use a fundraising appeal as a catch-all for everything we want to tell people.

Reuse and Recycle Computers for Environmental and Social Impact


Most people are familiar with the phrase "reduce, reuse, recycle," even more so around Earth Day each year.

Webinar: Strategic Planning in Uncertain Times


Moving forward with fundraising or communications initiatives without understanding how they fit into the grand scheme of things is like showing up at the airport without knowing where you are going, without packing any luggage, and simply saying that you want to travel.

Time 68

How This Hospital Foundation Leaned on Outside Agencies to Meet Its Fundraising Goal

NonProfit PRO

Tackling a large capital campaign initiative is daunting under any circumstances.

Goal 77

How to Improve Nonprofit Culture Through Mission and Values Realignment

Blue Avocado

We’ve all seen cultural problems: low morale, burnout, turnover, lackluster results, low client satisfaction, and donor attrition. We hire new staff, we hold team-building events, we might even bring in a consultant to determine the causes.

7 principles of community-centric boards

Nonprofit AF

A while ago, a colleague and I, both haggard executive directors with involuntary eye twitches, were having lunch. Our conversation. Board Relations Race, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

ICYMI: Data co-op sign-up deadline MONDAY APRIL 11!


Friends. It’s all happening…the data co-op sign-up closes in just a day. We are positively giddy with the response so far because great participation means even greater data. Please don’t let the deadline pass without snagging your spot by clicking right here. SEE YOU THERE.

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Best Practices for Connecting with Charitable Donors

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Between the pandemic, paper shortage and postal slowdown, nonprofits have had to remain nimble to continue to reach and engage prospective donors.