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How Does the Hashtag Fit into your Strategy?

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The current big wave of awareness in social good is the hashtag campaign. A natural successor to viral successes like the Ice Bucket Challenge, hashtag campaigns like #MeToo have taken the national spotlight with no sign of slowing down.

5 Ways to Protect Your Nonprofit’s Data

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Ryan Polk , a Policy Advisor at the Internet Society , where he is primarily focused on issues related to Internet trust.

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Introducing: Cause Camp 2019 Speaker Lineup

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Cause Camp is just a couple of months away, and we want to introduce you to the unprecedented thought leaders who will be educating and inspiring you along the way. Without further ado, your Cause Camp 2019 speakers and the topics they’ll be presenting in March! Julia Campbell.

How Corporate Responsibility Software is Changing to Meet Market Demands


In the last decade, corporate responsibility (CR) has become a buzzword in offices and boardrooms across the country, and rightly so. As modern workplace trends skew toward socially and environmentally conscious employees and consumers, businesses need to incorporate CR to be competitive.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 84: A Recipe for Hashtag Activism

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It’s clear that social media can be a powerful tool for social good. Online campaigns like #MeToo have been greatly effective at raising awareness and sparking action. But not every campaign is so effective, and social media activism can be polarizing and difficult to manage.

6 Simple Ways to Ease Into Advocacy as a Nonprofit

Wild Apricot

Want to start getting involved in advocacy, but not quite sure how? Bethany Snyder of Snyder Strategies explains 6 easy steps you can start following today to solve big nonprofit problems — and raise more money too

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[PODCAST] What’s Next? with Kishshana Palmer (2.0)

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We had such a compelling conversation with Kishshana Palmer during our first-ever What’s Next? episode that we invited her back. This time, she and Randy focus on diversity in the workplace, work-like balance and how to recruit talent that sticks around. We’re so, so excited to have Kishshana as one of our presenters at Cause Camp 2019. Kishshana Palmer is your go-to advisor as you think of growing your organization.

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Expert Advice for Improving Culture & Morale at Nonprofit Organizations

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It’s no secret that people working at social good organizations, and at nonprofits in particular, have the reputation of being “overworked and underpaid.” According to the 2018 Nonprofit Finance Fund State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey , 86% of respondents said demand for their services was rising and 57% said they didn’t think they could meet it; 59% cited employing enough hands to do all that work as a challenge. But that still leaves a large portion of organizations that didn’t.

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January Update: Guess Who’s the Keynote Speaker for our Annual User Conference

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This month's update includes the announcement of the keynote speaker at PersoniFest, our annual user conference, a chance to win an award for your organization, and info on Integromat and our latest release. integromat persi-awards personifest 2019 january update newsletter

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Making Your Organization A Donor Retention Powerhouse

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Donor retention is a topic that has been getting an increasing amount of attention by nonprofits but is still greatly misunderstood. With a heavy focus by boards and executives on revenue intake, the nuances of keeping donors engaged can sometimes get lost when reviewing a P&L Statement at the end of the year. Neon One…

Five Tips For How To Write A Company Policy

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Keep these five tips in mind when you craft your next company policy: Keep the policy short and simple. Get rid of two old policies for every new policy you implement.

My Favorite Nelson Mandela Leadership Quotes

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These are my favorite Nelson Mandela leadership quotes: "Lead from the back--and let others believe they are in front." "The The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall." "It It always seems impossible until it's done." "I

Flashback To Best New Leadership Book Of 2014

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Flashback to this post from early 2015 : After reading nearly 40 books about leadership released this year, my pick for the very best is the book, The Front-Line Leader: Building a High-Performance Organization from the Ground Up , by Chris Van Gorder.

How To Make The Best Of The Moments That Create A High-Performance Culture

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You Are An Open Leader If You Do This

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Open Leadership author Charlene Li reminds leaders to periodically ask themselves these " open leadership skills assessment " questions: Do I seek out and listen to different points of view? Do I make myself available to people at all levels of the organization?

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Four Daily Questions For Leaders

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I'm a big fan of the magazine, Experience Life. Particularly the monthly Perspective column by Bahram Akradi , the founder and CEO of Life Time Fitness. Akradi tackled self-reflection awhile back. He firmly believes the business model that if you aren't innovating you are dying.

Stop Asking Your Customers These Questions

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Consider this advice from author Paul R. He recommends a different twist on asking your customers questions : stop asking your customers the "typical" questions and instead ask them open-ended questions. Here's specifically what Timm recommends: Don't Ask : How was everything? Can I get you something else? Did you find everything you need? Will that be all? Was everything satisfactory? Instead Ask : What else can I do for you? What else can I get for you? What else can I help you with?