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Nonprofit Crowdfunding: 5 Pro-Tips

Connection Cafe

As more and more donors familiarize themselves with crowdfunding, they’re finding it’s a convenient way to donate to their favorite organizations. And if you’re a nonprofit, there’s a lot to think about when you’re about to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

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Useful Hacks, Tricks & Tips for WordPress Users: Part 2

Byte Technology

In Part 1 of this column we learned that, thanks to the vast and incredibly helpful community of WordPress users, there are countless hacks, tricks and tips to make designing, building, editing and administering a WordPress site a lot easier and, often, a lot more fun.

Visionlink Welcomes New Customer: Michigan 2-1-1


Visionlink is proud to announce its newest customer, Michigan 2-1-1. This is a network of professional centers across the state working to provide the most complete and up to date resources for individuals, households, state agencies, health care providers and many others.

Connect Supporters with Local Elected Officials using Local Advocacy


Change doesn’t just happen in Washington, DC. Across the country, state and local governments make meaningful policy decisions that affect nearly every issue - from preventing gun violence, to protecting the environment, or safeguarding LGBTQ rights. That’s why we expanded EveryAction’s industry-leading advocacy tools to include Local Advocacy. EveryAction clients have already used advocacy forms to send hundreds of thousands of messages to federal elected officials.

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How to Nail the Soft Skills of Fundraising: The Face-to-Face Ask

Connection Cafe

Does the thought of making a six figure ask make your palms sweat? Take heart fellow fundraiser, practice makes perfect. Or, to put it another way, confidence breeds competence. Asking is part art and part science. Solid Face-to-face fundraising requires: A true understanding of your donor.

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Hot Association Jobs – July 12


Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. .

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Creating A Global Network of Capacity Builders for Social Change

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’ve always benefited from learning from colleagues who do nonprofit technology training and capacity but often we come from the same perspective.

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The Issue with Nonprofit Overhead and How to Change the Conversation

Connection Cafe

The common question I’ve heard over the years is this: “How do I get donors to realize the importance of paying for what are considered overhead costs?”

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Finding the Right Donor Database for Your Nonprofit (Updated)

NonProfit Hub

Consider this—7 out of every 10 donors only donate once. Not enough to shock you? Let’s add to the mix. 77 percent of donors leave due to a lack of communication. Those are downright terrifying numbers. But there’s some reassuring news. Those are numbers that you have the power to change.

Turning Empathy Inward at Nonprofit Organizations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In my book with Aliza Sherman, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact Without Burnout , we offer a framework for practicing self-care and creating a culture of well-being in the nonprofit workplace.

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Nonprofit Tech for Good

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Nonprofit Feasibility Studies: 6 Game-Changing Best Practices

Connection Cafe

The debate surrounding nonprofit feasibility studies can sometimes pose interesting questions: Do nonprofits need to conduct them to host successful capital campaigns? Are they worth the cost?

How to Assemble a Stellar Board of Directors

NonProfit Hub

It’s important to take a good first step in developing an efficient and cohesive setting for your board of directors to set up shop and pave the way for your nonprofit to thrive. It’s also required. Even if your nonprofit has all volunteers and no staff, a board of directors is a must.

Want to Work at the MAH? Now's Your Chance.

Museum 2.0

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History keeps growing and experimenting in our quest to build a stronger, more connected community. We're expanding beyond our walls this summer with the opening of Abbott Square. We are dreaming big, reaching out, and going deep.

How to Manage Social Media During Your Summer Vacation

John Haydon

If you’re like the participants in a recent Harvard study, you work during vacation. You may even skip vacation like the 35% who work over 50 hours a week. The thing is, we’re not machines. We’re animals. And like most animals, we need to rest, unplug, and reset.

Nonprofit Websites: 5 Ways to Keep Them Fresh

Tech Soup Blog

A website is the most important part of your nonprofit's presence online, followed by email and social media. It is the online hub where people can learn about your work in a deep way, make donations, sign up for your email list, review volunteer opportunities, and much more.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Don’t Think Work is Paying Off

NonProfit Hub

It’s no secret that working in the nonprofit sector is challenging. You juggle budget issues, limited resources and always wanting to do more, all while keeping a smile brimming. It’s common to arrive at a place where you’re not sure the work is paying off. Most of us in the nonprofit sector aren’t here because we couldn’t make it anywhere else, but because we want to be here.

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15 Utterly Insane Fundraising Ideas People Actually Thought Would Work (And 3 That Do)

Wild Apricot

I was on a thread recently where folks listed some of the craziest suggestions they’ve received from well-meaning know-it-alls. I thought I’d share 15 of the most utterly insane ones. And to make up for it, at the end of this post I share three simple, yet highly effective strategies from some of the best fundraisers I’ve come across. Fundraising fundraising-ideas

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3 Successful Communication Strategies for Effective Donor Retention

John Haydon

The donor lifecycle describes the relationship between fundraiser and donor. You inform donors about your mission, make the “ask”, express gratitude, communicate results, and repeat. The goal: retention.

How To Be A Humble Leader

Eric Jacobsen Blog

From John Blakey 's book, The Trusted Executive , here are these four tips from Jim Collins for how to be a humble leader : Demonstrate a compelling modesty, shunning public adulation and never be boastful.

[PODCAST] Creating and Maintaining a Stellar Board of Directors | Ft. Simone Joyaux

NonProfit Hub

Nonprofit consultant and lover of all things boards, Simone Joyaux knows the ins and outs of what it is that a board of governance does. From recruitment to diversity to her mission to destroy executive committees, Joyaux covers it all.

Record Highs for Gifts to Nonprofits

Tech Soup Blog

I don't usually wait with bated breath for annual giving trends and studies. But this year was different.

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How can nonprofit organizations use marketing to engage Millennials?

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Christopher Chappell Social Media Coordinator Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company. In order to have long term fiscal sustainability, nonprofits must be considering future generations as potential donors and supporters.

Coaches As Leaders Do This To Drive Success

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Former University of Kansas head basketball coach Roy Williams once told U.S. News and World Report magazine that there are three things that coaches as leaders must do to drive success : "Have everyone on the team focus on the same goal."

3 Tips You Can’t Ignore in Connecting with Gen Z

NonProfit Hub

Marketers are constantly striving to understand the habits of their target audience. What are your habits? What do you like? What do you believe? What influences your decisions? Why do you drive 15 minutes out of your way to shop at one grocery store over another? Nonprofit organizations are often in the same boat as they look to engage new audiences and motivate them to action. What inspires you? What do you connect with? What makes you share a message or visual?

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Top 5 Higher Education Fundraising Software for Universities

Donor Search

University Fundraising

How can nonprofit organization us marketing to engage Millennials?

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Christopher Chappell Social Media Coordinator Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company. In order to have long term fiscal sustainability, nonprofits must be considering future generations as potential donors and supporters.

How To Communicate Change To Your Team

Eric Jacobsen Blog

When you communicate change to your team, explain the logical and rational reasons for the change: 1. Explain how the change will make employees feel before, during and after the implementation. Explain the tactical plan and goals. Answer questions from your team.

Using Insights on Charitable Giving to Help Further Your Mission

Tech Soup Blog

Have you ever wondered if people are donating more or less to causes similar to yours or how and when they are most likely to donate? Have you thought about how data can help glean insights that support your mission?

Over 50 Swim Clubs Use This #1 Swim Club Management Software

Wild Apricot

If you want to spend more time in the pool and less time in the office managing your club, Swim Club Management Software may be for you. That’s because it automates many of the administrative tasks at a swimming club, running them like machine in the background while you focus on what’s important — your members (and maybe your breaststroke!). Swim-Club-Management-Software

Five Steps To Effective Meetings

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Here is some good and practical advice for how to lead effective meetings, from the book, First-Time Leader : Context. Understand the meeting's place in the broader journey. It's not about the meeting itself, or even the meeting experience.

Questions To Ask Yourself At The End Of Each Day

Eric Jacobsen Blog

One of my favorite parts of Joe Sweeney 's book, Moving the Needle , is the section where he recommends you ask yourself these six questions before you go to bed each night : What was the best thing that happened today? What am I most grateful for today? What did I do to live my ideal day today?

The Power Of Doing All You Can

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Today's leadership thought is John Wesley's Rule : Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as you ever can. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management John Wesley Leadership

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The Things Best Companies Do

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Here are some of the things the companies often ranked as " best companies " by leading industry magazines do to attract and retain employees. Many of these programs and activities take little to no investment. But, they all can only happen when there's strong leadership at the company's helm.