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2011 Online Giving Trends and 5 Tactics Your Nonprofit Must Implement Today


We recently released the most comprehensive analysis of online giving trends in the nonprofit sector. Online giving up 13% year-over-year *. 34.8%

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2012 SXSW Interactive – #nptech Highlights

Amy Sample Ward

Last week I was down in Austin, TX, for the 2012 South by Southwest Interactive Festival. SXSW Recap and Highlights. At SXSW, there…. Each….

#FundraisingFriday :: Please Donate $10 to Your Favorite Nonprofit!

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Each Friday through the end of 2012 I am going to donate $10 to one of my Favorite Nonprofits in the hopes of inspiring others to donate more often.

Eleven Ways Facebook Page Timelines Change Your Content Strategy


The new Facebook page timeline layout changes the way your organization needs to think about content. Think Pinterest. It has to be about the cause.

4 Quick Tips for an Engaging Nonprofit Website


In 3 seconds, you evaluate their overall look: Clothes, Hair, Smile, Approachability, Confidence and even hygiene. Then in an instant…. ….you

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Tell Us About Your Nonprofit Technology and Cloud Computing Needs


TechSoup Global wants to learn more about how nonprofits, libraries, foundations and all types of NGOs use traditional and cloud-based technology.

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The Internet Gets Charitable

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Mburpee. The GEO community is united by a common drive to challenge the norm in pursuit of better results. that touches on the subject.

Everyday Innovation: Using Technology to Improve Your Services


Can their nonprofits take better advantage of available technologies to improve the services they deliver and the ways in which they deliver them?

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Successful Strategies for Distance Learning [CASE STUDY]


This post is by Marci D. Thompson, Associate Director, Online Education, APIC. Thanks, Marci, for sharing your experience! Use structure and hierarchy.

Vote for the Winners of the 6th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards!

Amy Sample Ward

[This post is cross-posted from the NTEN blog.]. With so many incredible videos submitted to this year’s contest it was no easy task, but judges in the 6th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards have narrowed down the field of entries to 16 finalists. The 16 finalist videos can be watched on the Contest homepage. You can vote once per day.

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Recruiting Geeks for Human Rights!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Scientist / Data Analysis Engineer / General Techie Want to help save the world with your code? Like going to hackathons and wish you could get paid to work on a good cause full time? Want to help assemble evidence used to convict dictors of war crimes? We're Benetech's Human Rights Data Analysis Group, and we're hiring right now !

Infographic: 2012 Nonprofit Benchmarks


The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmark study comes out April 5 th and is packed with great data that highlights key online fundraising and advocacy response rates as well as social media metrics. Can’t wait to get your hands on the data? Online fundraising grew 20% in 2011. Online Advocacy. Online advocacy response rates were up 28%. Social Media.

Getting some perspective.


Just for fun Friday: Check out this amazing site that shows the relative scale of all things (well, not all, but a whole bunch). Potluck

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Using Twitter to Build Support Among Latinos for the Affordable Care Act

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Guest post by Elisa Batista, We, too, are online, but the fiesta is at Twitter. As of August 2011, an astounding 8.1 Latino community.

Daily Calendar Reminder: Start with Why

Connection Cafe

Author: Miriam Kagan. Why do we all do what we do every day? We start to campaign for campaign's sakes. Donors and constituents may seem fickle.

Attendees at Austin's SXSW Interactive give big - Austin Business Journal

AFP Blog

Attendees at Austin's SXSW Interactive give big - Austin Business Journal : Convio Inc. Nasdaq: CNVO), an Austin-based fundraising technology company, conducted a survey of SXSW Interactive participants and found more than 87 percent of attendees donate to charity.

IMPORTANT: what’s in store for associationTECH now Posterous is going to die?


This post is for all of you who have contributed to or subscribed to the community blog, associationTECH. ”??? What do you think?

Meeting the Geeks of Arabia at N2Vlabs Talks in Amman, Jordan

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Rami Al-Karmi, N2V Lab. I’ll be sharing blog posts about my experience here. I’m looking out my hotel window at the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Does Your Story Matter?

John Haydon

Pinterest Boards and Facebook Page timelines have given you powerful new ways to tell stories through images. What story should you tell?

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5 Assumptions Every Community Manager Should Make Daily


Amy Sample Ward. Membership Director. From the time you have to the reason you're interested, the job and perspective of a community manager is very different than that of individual community members. When done well, it can make all the difference. I hope you'll share your lessons, too!

DoGooder Video Award Voting is Open!!


We love these awards – and guess what, I get to interview some of the finalists live at the NTC for the Online NTC Livestream. Whoo hoo!!

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Myth Busting around Scale

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo by Tsmall. The GEO community is united by a common drive to challenge the norm in pursuit of better results. The session did not disappoint.

World Water Day: The key to sustainability is data

Amy Sample Ward

Today is World Water Day! Through data, of course! FLOW: Field Level Operations Watch. ” Accountability. Sustainability. Read More.

Mobilize Those Mobile Eyes Again

Connection Cafe

Author: Guest Blogger. Know the players. In other cases, you may need to work with a proxy provider to deliver a mobilized version of your site.

6th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards


Voting for the 6 th annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards is now open to the public. Video

New recipes for capacity building for nonprofits and foundations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr photo by DoroQuez. The GEO community is united by a common drive to challenge the norm in pursuit of better results. Succession planning.

How to Make Your Facebook Page Timeline Easier to Scan (Video Tutorial)

John Haydon

This video shows you how to clean up your Facebook Page Timeline by: Hiding posts. Changing dates. Creating full-width posts. Repositioning photos. I have a few more videos coming out about using Facebook so subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks! Facebook content strategy facebook page howto timeline

25 Ways To Be A Better Leader

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Blog Roundup: Lessons from Kony 2012 Video Campaign


It’s been close to two weeks since Invisible Children released it’s "Kony 2012" video, which quickly spread across social networks, blogs, and made headlines across major news networks and newspapers like the NYT and the Washington Post. With over 80M views on Youtube, the video is still being shared and talked about.

E-Mediat Networking Conference at the Dead Sea, Jordan

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’m here at the Dead Sea in Jordan where I delivered the key note for the E-mediat Networking Conference, “New Media for the Networked NGO.”

Wandering Down the "Don't Touch" Line

Museum 2.0

How do you help visitors know what they can and cannot do in your museum? But what happens if you take away the "Don't Touch" signs and the uniforms?

Get Social: 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference Opportunities to Connect


We try to provide many built in opportunities for attendees to connect, like the evening receptions, discussion tables at lunch, and the Science Fair.

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Six-Step Approach For Discussing Poor Performance

Eric Jacobsen Blog

As a leader, the time will come when you will have to speak with an employee about his or her poor performance. Let the discussion sink in.

On Turning 4, Grit and Imagination Emergencies!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The GEO community is united by a common drive to challenge the norm in pursuit of better results. On Turning 4, Grit and Imagination Emergencies!