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4 Ways to Use Facebook to Engage Millennials in Your Cause

Connection Cafe

For reasons such as this, we’re often coined “Gen Why?” The US Census Bureau reported there were 83.1 million Millennials in 2015. . Share your story.

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One Simple Tip To Shift Your Nonprofit’s Workplace Culture from Outrage to Well Being

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

We’ve just finished two weeks on the road of book events for my new book, Happy Healthy Nonprofit , co-authored with Aliza Sherman.

8 Fundraising Tools to Watch in 2017

Nonprofit Tech for Good

That said, launching a fundraising start-up is not easy and the odds of making it long-term are slim. 1) Brackets for Good. 2) Bstow.

The Value of Nonprofit Mentors in 2017


The nonprofit sector is a strong and vibrant community full of people willing to help each other out. They get stuff done. Find your nonprofit ally.

Tips for Nonprofits on Using Social Media to Build Supporter Relationships

Connection Cafe

But first, what is social love and why does it matter? Do your research first. Cultivate. Don’t ask them for something cold. Make it easy.

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Donor Retention vs. Donor Acquisition: What Research Shows About Overall Online Engagement

Connection Cafe

When asked by organizations whether their online fundraising programs should focus on donor acquisition or donor retention, I say, “Yes.”. Sustainers.

Do You Really? ?Need a Nonprofit Mentor?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Do You Really Need a Nonprofit Mentor? Guest Post by John Haydon. They get stuff done. And they make a bigger impact. But do you really need a mentor?

50 Big Fundraising Lessons from #BloomCon

John Haydon

This week, I attended BloomCon, the annual conference sponsored by Bloomerang. The lineup of speakers was the best around. Online Fundraising

Hot Nonprofit Marketing Jobs This Week – February 16


Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! Other duties include managing website and gift shop.

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Predictive Modeling vs. Wealth Screening: Effective Segmentation Programs Require a Healthy Mix

Connection Cafe

It’s a great debate. Some tend to gravitate toward wealth data alone because it feels more tangible—or understandable—than predictive modeling.

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A Simple Tip for A Good Night’s Sleep: Use An Alarm Clock

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This healthy habit sets the stage for you to incorporate other self-care routines that we describe in our book. I don’t.

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The New York State LGBT Health & Human Services Network Is Using Text Messages to Connect Vulnerable Populations with a Life-Saving Drug

Mobile Commons

Problem: How do you provide a vulnerable population with access to a life-saving drug? That’s especially true among young and minority populations.

What do you think about your community platform?


We won’t buy a $6 latte at a café without checking out reviews first. Why isn’t there a Yelp specifically for community software? I’m glad you asked!

5 Creative (and Free!) Ways to Attract More Volunteers

NonProfit Hub

It can sometimes be a challenge to attract enough volunteers to your organization or event. Maybe shaking up your recruiting methods will help. When traditional recruiting tactics start to return lackluster results, consider implementing these five creative and free approaches to attracting volunteers: Mine Your Social Network. Go Global.

5 Red Flags to Look Out for When Raising Major Gifts

Wild Apricot Blog

Fundraising expert Amy Eisenstein identifies the top red flags to watch for at your organization when it comes to receiving major gifts.

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TechSoup Boost: An Easy Way to Boost Your TechSoup Love

Tech Soup Blog

But we'd like to take a moment to (re)introduce you to an easy way to get even more out of TechSoup. Meet TechSoup Boost. What Is Boost, Anyway?

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Make a Bigger Impact with a Nonprofit Mentor

John Haydon

Now more than ever, it’s important for nonprofits to come together and work as allies and mentors. Having a mentor […]. Strategy

No One Wants to Sign Up for Your Damn E-Newsletter

NonProfit Hub

Picture this: you just Googled “how to patch the hole in my jeans,” and find the most irresistible article with the top three ways to mend your favorite pair (number 2 will blow your mind!). ” My guess is never. While it’s good to have a form like this, you must do more than that. No wants your damn e-newsletter.

How to Use Data to Achieve Your Mission

Wild Apricot Blog

Most nonprofits don't use their database to help achieve their mission. Database expert Wes Trochlil reveals how the most successful organizations use their data efficiently and effectively by asking the right questions. database management database data Wes-Trochlil

Making Mobile Devices and Computers Easier to Use for Seniors: Part 1 – Magnification

Tech Soup Blog

This is the first of a three-part series on ways to make digital devices easier to use for seniors. Enable Zoom Magnification. Android. Apple iOS.

8 free tools Nonprofits can use to triple productivity


With limited resources and a huge list of work to be done, nonprofits are often pressed for time and sometimes get stuck on the small things.

Do You Really Need a Nonprofit Mentor?

NonProfit Hub

The nonprofit sector is a strong and vibrant community full of people willing to help each other out. They get stuff done. Find your nonprofit ally.

Off to Market: The Best WordPress Plugins for Maximum Traffic

Byte Technology

For those trying to make the most of their WordPress—or, more importantly, the most money off their WordPress site—it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain just how to go about marketing your blog, products, services and so on. Here are a handful of marketing-specific plugins culled from WordPress and e-commerce experts. Voila! Web Design


Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week

Mobile Commons

Secretary of Education. A great reminder that phone calls work! But it turns out software and web tools can go only so far.” ” 4.

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By Mitch Hurst, Senior Consultant How altruism goes viral New research provides insight into what makes fundraising and awareness campaigns go viral. The sustainability of social cause campaigns may depend on whether motivations to give originate from the heart or from external pressures. fundraising tech

How To Show You Value Your Employees

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Those eight behaviors are: Attention -- Pay attention to what people say to show your interest. Make clear where the credit belongs.

The Starting Line: Great Tips for Beginning a WordPress Blog

Byte Technology

It’s no great secret that blogging is big. Huge really. At present it’s estimated that there are some 150 million active blogs operating at any given time. Unfortunately there are lots of reasons that some blogs don’t make the grade and wither and die. So the beginning blogger may be asking themselves, how can I help ensure that my blog lasts?

The Three Key Activities Of Strategic Thinking

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Strategic Thinking