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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 166: Planning for a Capital Campaign

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Capital campaigns. Maybe you’re in one. Maybe you’re thinking about one. Maybe you’re wrapping one up now. Maybe you have one in the past that you’d like to forget about. Either way, they are important.

The Ultimate Guide to Year-End Giving

Wild Apricot

Follow these steps to make your year-end giving campaign the best yet, as well as getting inspired by three great examples

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A Few Thoughts From Our CEO, Chantal

Blue Fox

On: Doing the Best we Can in the Moment Last week I had the privilege to speak to nonprofiteers all over the country at Nonprofit Hub's Cause Camp 2020. After I acknowledged that 2020 is basically a dumpster fire, I took an informal poll of the audience to see how everyone was feeling.

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4 Best Professional Development Practices for Nonprofits

NonProfit Hub

Nonprofit organizations are often pressed to do more with less. Your staff is expected to be more efficient, your organization more productive, and your mission more manageable all while your piggy bank is light.

How to Future-Proof Your Foundation’s Grants Management System – Part 2

Connection Cafe

Grantmaking is undergoing an evolution. Funders are scrambling to address new challenges and expedite access to capital for their many nonprofit partners.

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4 Crucial Tips for Improving Your Association’s Website

Wild Apricot

Your association’s website is the main touchpoint for members and prospects. Make sure it’s providing the right experience with these easy-to-implement strategies

How Successful Nonprofits Fundraise when Starting and Growing

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

How Successful Nonprofits Fundraise when Starting and Growing. Tags : Fundraising. In this video, Amber Melanie Smith goes into how successful nonprofits fundraise when they’re growing or when they’re just getting started.

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5 Steps to Creating Effective Community Health Initiatives

Connection Cafe

Hospitals around the country are leaning in to address patients’ social determinants of health. As they develop community benefit programs to address health disparities and elevate community well-being, co-investment with like-minded partners helps drive greater impact.

How Recreation Software Can Save You 20+ Hours Weekly

Wild Apricot

Learn how you can spend more time out in nature and less time managing your organization with recreation software

20 Online Fundraising Ideas Working During COVID-19 by WholeWhale

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

20 Online Fundraising Ideas Working During COVID-19 by WholeWhale. Tags : Nonprofit Marketing , Fundraising. In this video, George Miner , chief Whaler of Whole Whale shares his 20 Online Fundraising Ideas that are working during COVID-19. In summary: Number 1: Virtual Poker Night.

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Is it Time to Incorporate My Side Hustle? Let’s Crunch Those Numbers!

Blue Fox

Blue Fox Specializes in Tax Services for Consultants and Independent Contractors Are you self-employed; earning 1099 income? Is your personal business generating more than $30k per year? Thinking about incorporating? [ Our CEO has a video message for you! ]

Mistakes to avoid while creating an online course for your team


To ensure that the training content is engaging and produces the right learning outcomes, here are some of the mistakes that should be avoided

How To Write Your Non Profit Annual Report

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Here are some tips for leaders responsible for writing an effective annual report for their non profit organization. Consider making these objectives for your report: To demonstrate accomplishments ( not activities ) ( results and how you did it).

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Seth Godin’s tips on Nonprofit Fundraising and Storytelling

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Seth Godin’s tips on Nonprofit Fundraising and Storytelling. Tags : Nonprofit Marketing , Fundraising. In this video, Amy Eisenstein interviews long time marketing Guru, Seth Godin on his thoughts on Nonprofit Fundraising and Storytelling.

Strengthening program evaluation in your nonprofit

ASU Lodestar Center

Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz. posted by Veera Tervola Morrison Spring 2020 Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management.

3 Reasons Your Nonprofit’s Event Page Is Underperforming

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

3 Reasons Your Nonprofit’s Event Page Is Underperforming. Are you looking to shape your organization’s future? Start with writing a Strong Vision Statement for your Nonprofit. Check out our tips for writing a Strong Statement.

3 challenges freelancers face, and 3 of the best freelancing tools

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

3 challenges freelancers face, and 3 of the best freelancing tools. As a freelancer, there are great opportunities, but also challenges. In this article, we’ll discuss three top challenges and tools. Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular as more professionals opt to work from home.

One-Minute Mentoring

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Fortunately, I've benefited from having great mentors throughout my career. And, I've have the honor and good fortune to be a mentor, both formally and informally, for various individuals the past few decades. Mentoring is powerful. Both being a mentor. And, being mentored.

How To Create A People-First Culture At Your Workplace

Eric Jacobsen Blog

If you want to create a heart culture and a people-first culture at your workplace, read the book, Advisory Leadership , by Greg Friedman.

How To Create Your Future

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Earlier this year brought the book, Create The Future: Tactics For Disruptive Thinking , by J eremy Gutsche , CEO of Trend Hunter.

Productive People Do These Three Things

Eric Jacobsen Blog

According to entrepreneur and author Margaret Hefferman , as reported a few years ago in Inc. magazine, the secrets of the most productive people are that they do these three things : They take breaks. Breaks refresh the mind and allow you to see new situations. They are great collaborators.

Sell With A Story

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Today, we look back to 2016 : 2016 brought the much anticipated release of Paul Smith 's book, Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale. I'm a big fan of Paul's earlier best-sellers, including Lead with a Story and Parenting with a Story.

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Flashback: Best New Leadership Book Of 2018

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Today, we flashback to 2018 : The new book, Say What You Mean , by Oren Jay Sofer , couldn’t have come at a better time. Because 2018 was a year filled with communication challenges for so many people.