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7 PAC Reporting Errors Your Filing Software Should Help You Avoid


Whether you''ve been filing reports for years or managing your first PAC, you understand the crucial role that filing software plays in making sure the numbers always come out right.

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CEO’s Update: Fall 2014

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

My personal goal is to channel the aspirations of the technology community to do more social good. More and more of my time is spent around both raising money and raising awareness of how much more could be done with technology to increase social impact.

Last-Minute Boosts to Late-December Fundraising Emails

Connection Cafe

As a fundraiser, these may be your busiest two weeks of the year. Between seeing your year-end campaign to the finish line, taking time off and maybe holiday traveling, it’s amazing you’ve found time to read this blog post.

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Movements Need Champions


When you offer your head, heart and hands to serve others, you make a difference. Question is, how long does it last? Only for the time you volunteer? Or, does it linger because an insider now carries the flag of the movement? Movements need champions to thrive.

How to Get Engagement From Your Community


I know, I know. This is not quite what you expected when you clicked on this post title. But bear with me – watch this great (and short) TED Talk and tell me it’s not a great metaphor for how to get engagement from your online community.

The Google Cultural Institute and Arts Accessibility: Where Is It All Going? - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly

AFP Blog

The Google Cultural Institute and Arts Accessibility: Where Is It All Going? - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly

How Canadian Cancer Society Increased Donations by 78% During #GivingTuesday

Connection Cafe

Over the past couple weeks we’ve heard about the continued growth and success of the #GivingTuesday movement. Over 15,000 nonprofits across 68 countries participated this year, with an estimated $45.68 million raised, a 63% increase in total donations over 2013 according to the Case Foundation.

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Five Cool Decks About Content Strategy


I liked these. And I could have spread them out, but what the hey, here they all are in one post for you. Happy perusing! The Convergence Imperative from Jason Falls. Web Content Strategy for Nonprofits — ADRP 2014 from Caryn Stein. Acquia Slides from Simon Mainwaring.

Mark Your Calendars! 2015 Cause Awareness Days

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Social network communities are highly responsive to giving and promoting your nonprofit on cause awareness days provided that your nonprofit prepares at least one month in advance.

Attention Fundraisers: Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Connection Cafe

When it comes to fundraising, we all know that there is no “one size fits all” solution, schedule or strategy. Each nonprofit has to consider its donor profile, budget, programming, specific needs and other factors that lead to the investment that makes fundraising as successful as possible.

The Ultimate 2015 Nonprofit Social Media Scheduling Guide

NonProfit Hub

Steven Shattuck is VP of Marketing at Bloomerang. As a HubSpot Certified inbound marketer, he is a contributor to Nonprofit Hub, National Council of Nonprofits, Ragan, Social Media Today, Search Engine Journal, The Build Network, HubSpot, Content Marketing Institute and Business2Community.

[Cool Social Tools] Hot Online Community Platforms for 2015


Guest post by Teri Carden and Ben Martin of Online Community Results. ————— Due diligence. It’s a real thing. And associations need to do if it they’re shopping around for an online community platform. You must explore your options!

HOW TO: Tap into the Power of Cause Awareness Days

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The following is an excerpt from Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits.

How Would You Rate Your Prospect Management System?| Part 4

Connection Cafe

This is my final post in a four-part series that outlines the various levels of prospect management we encounter with our clients. In Part I , I covered rating choice “Level 1,” and how this signifies that an organization does not have a formalized prospect management system in place.

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2014 ASAE Technology Conference Sends In the Drones: Associations Now

AFP Blog

2014 ASAE Technology Conference Sends In the Drones: Associations Now : "So was the closing general session, which showed off some innovative technologies—some of which may have seemed to lack context in the current association environment. 3D printers? Check. Beacons? Check. Drones? You know it. The conversation, led by ASAE Chief Information Officer Reggie Henry, CAE, was meant to get people thinking about the possibilities." ''via Blog this

The 2014 State of Digital Transformation


Lots of good stuff in this Altimeter report on Digital Transformation. Jamie Notter and I have a whole chapter on Digital in our forthcoming book. Watch this space, you’ll hear a lot more about it soon!

3 Tips To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Search Results


Nonprofits are facing a bevy of problems they never faced 10 years ago because of technology, and more specifically, the internet and search engines. Getting noticed online becomes more difficult every single day. Social media news feeds are over crowded as people’s peers, corporations, and advertised Tweets and Facebook posts all vie for the allusive […]. The post 3 Tips To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Search Results appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.

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Text Messaging for Nonprofits: An Interview with Sam McKelvie, Head of Mobile Strategy (Part 2)

Mobile Commons

Previously we spoke with Sam, Head of Mobile Strategy here at Mobile Commons, about text messaging’s role in the nonprofit sector. In the second part of the interview, we get more in-depth about text messaging’s programmatic options. Q: What types of nonprofit programs work best with text messaging?

Commission: ‘We share more data with other agencies than they share with us’ - Civil Society - Governance - News

AFP Blog

Commission: ‘We share more data with other agencies than they share with us’ - Civil Society - Governance - News

Coming soon!!! When Millennials Take Over – Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business


We’re in the home stretch… the book will be out in early 2015!! Find out more here and ask us about bulk pre-orders for your organization’s next conference. Book review Featured Humanize Open Community SocialFish News

Infographic: Who Donates To Nonprofit Crowdfunding


Why gives? That’s the question nonprofits of all sizes ask every day. Understanding donors is the first step to connecting with them in a meaningful way, and ultimately enticing them into giving to your nonprofit. With the inception of websites like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and CircleUp crowdfunding has taken off, and is one of the hottest […]. The post Infographic: Who Donates To Nonprofit Crowdfunding appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. General

How to Write Your Best Fundraising Emails

John Haydon

Whether it’s in person or by email, how you ask for donations can often make or break your fundraising campaign. This is especially true for big campaigns when you pull out all the stops with an amazing event, a beautiful direct mail campaign, and your best fundraising emails.

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Joint Statement from Museum Bloggers and Colleagues on Ferguson and Related Events

Museum 2.0

When basketball players are offering more cogent commentary on racial issues than cultural institutions, you know we have a cultural relevance problem. Can we be as brave and direct as these young women?

#illridewithyou: Kindness Catalysts

See What's Out There

For the past couple of days - weeks, really - I’ve scanned the news in the evening and walked away saying to myself, “God, the world is terrible.” Then something like #illridewithyou pops up and I’m reminded of the overwhelming power of the world’s do-gooders to make things less terrible.

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4 Reasons Nonprofits Should Follow More On Twitter


There are almost 700 million active Twitter users in the world today, and almost 10,000 tweets being sent out per second. That’s a lot of activity. Nonprofits have identified the power of this social media platform, and are doing everything within their power to connect with and engage as many of these users as possible. […]. The post 4 Reasons Nonprofits Should Follow More On Twitter appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. General

Give the Gift of TechSoup to Your Favorite Organization

Tech Soup Blog

How would you like to write a check to your favorite nonprofit, library, or charitable religious organization for $12,000 this holiday season? I'm sure most of us would love to make this kind of generous gift.

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112 Tips to Raise More Money by Mail


Direct mail is a major workhorse for all nonprofits. And regardless of what you hear or think about online giving, most gifts still come via the mail. This week guest blogger Gail Perry is back with her top tips to help us all raise more money by mail. Thanks Gail!

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How To Tell Stories With Purpose


Every new nonprofit I work with at Rad Campaign always tell me how they want their new website to do a better job of telling stories. They are usually in a terrific position to tell incredibly inspiring stories, but they don''t have the resources or the time to craft them.

3 Key Questions Every Nonprofit Should Ask When Outsourcing Their Managed IT Services


Outsourcing critical processes, such as managed IT services, to specialized professionals may seem like a daunting task for your non-profit. It requires time, money and effort into finding that agency that both specializes in the needed area and will not break your budget. Outsourcing, however, allows your non-profit to free itself from burdensome tasks it […].

Instagram Marketing for Nonprofits: 5 Sites for Inspiration

Tech Soup Blog

Ivan Serrano is a journalist living in the Bay Area of California. He specializes in social media, business, and technology. Here's the thing. Reading is a bona fide chore on most smartphones.

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Nathan Magnuson On Leadership, Coaching, And His New eBook

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Nathan Magnuson If you haven''t discovered Nathan Magnuson ''s Everyday Leadership blog , check it out today. You''ll find lots of good advice and insights from this Kansas City area leadership consultant, coach and thought leader.

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What Does Your Digital Strategy Look Like?


Each organization has a unique approach to how they how they fund their digital strategy, build digital teams, and set their digital strategy goals. We want to know about it!

8 More Online Fundraising Best Practices For Nonprofits


The Internet is a transient medium for marketers, especially us in the nonprofit space. A moving target that you can hit perfectly one week, then miss completely the next. While completely reinventing yourself is no easy task, keeping your eye out for fresh ways tyo market your nonprofit is imperative to your continued success. We […]. The post 8 More Online Fundraising Best Practices For Nonprofits appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.

We're Hiring a Training Manager (Virtual Position)


Job Summary. line-height:13.5pt;background:white"> Want to help nonprofits thrive? Join Idealware and train organizations in using technology effectively. line-height:13.5pt;background:white"> Idealware is a nationally recognized nonprofit that provides thoroughly researched, impartial, and accessible resources to help nonprofits make smart decisions about software.

What We Talk About When Talk About Open Data

Tech Soup Blog

This post was written by Chris Bernard, the research and editorial director for Idealware , a nonprofit that creates impartial research and written resources to help other nonprofits make smart decisions about software.

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Best Quotes From The 5 Levels Of Leadership

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Here are some of my favorites quotes from the book that I believe should be a must-read book by any workplace/organizational leader -- John C. Maxwell''s book, The 5 Levels of Leadership. Good leadership isn''t about advancing yourself. It''s about advancing your team.

Top 4 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit’s Content Marketing


You’re probably thinking “I have a marketing department, why would I outsource my content marketing?” But does anyone on your marketing team have a journalism background? How about publishing? Has anyone written articles for a niche audience, and do they have the know how to track the success of that article? These things and more […]. The post Top 4 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit’s Content Marketing appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.