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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 187: Strategies for Avoiding Tech Burnout

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We already relied on technology to communicate before the pandemic, but over the past year we’ve become even more dependent on video and digital communications to live and work. So, how can you make use of the tech you need to navigate the world without succumbing to burnout?

How to Build a Stronger Team: On Zoom or In-person

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This blog was sponsored by Fiverr. Our teams have been tested in this last year. The move to working remotely was less of a transition and more of an overhaul of everything we were used to. Teams were forced to work online , trying to brainstorm, collaborate and connect at a distance ?


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Managing Cybersecurity Risks at Your Nonprofit


As organizations and society in general have become more dependent on the Internet and access to digital information, attempts to exploit weaknesses in technology systems have increased.

White supremacy and the problem with centering donors’ interests and emotions

Nonprofit AF

Hi everyone. Please buckle up, because this may be a bumpy ride for many of you. One, because of the. Fundraising Race, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

4 Ways to Support Your Nonprofit’s Outreach with Direct Mail

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Successful outreach requires understanding your donors and what makes them decide to give. Of course, no two donors are exactly alike, which means your nonprofit has to account for lots of different supporters with different motivations and different ways to reach them.

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Lean was made for Nonprofits

NonProfit Hub

Lean was made for nonprofits. Well, of course, technically, it was not. What I mean to say is; Lean was made for nonprofits. Just in the way that jelly was made for peanut butter, it feels like common sense to pair them together.

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How to Use Twitter to Engage the Right Community for Your Nonprofit


Twitter has evolved significantly since it launched in 2006 as a simple, short messaging service. Twitter is no longer simply a platform to "microblog," as it was initially designed. Twitter is now a powerful platform to know, understand, and segment your community. Social Media

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Spotlight on Finastra’s 2020 Global Employee Wellness Program

Connection Cafe

During our focus on employee wellness , we continue to highlight customers that changed the look of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) landscape in 2020 with the use of unique mental, mindful, and healthy employee engagement opportunities to foster participation while remote.

Global 159

How to Write a Successful Nonprofit Business Plan


Nonprofit organizations exist to meet social or environmental problems. For that reason, organizations don't always focus on a solid financial bottom-line. However, they can't effectively achieve their objectives without recurring donation income , human capital, and operation planning.

Donor Data And Donor Communication | A Mini Guide


Nonprofit marketing leaders are always thinking about how to best communicate with their donors. Personalized and valuable communication is what builds relationships, and long-lasting donor relationships are what set the foundation for nonprofit growth.

Social Enterprise Resource Round-up (March 2021)

Blue Fox

OUR TOP PICKS: News and Resources for Social Enterprise Organizations and Social Entrepreneurs If you’re like us, your daily inbox is jam-packed with newsletters and educational opportunities from like-minded social impact leaders.

The Ultimate Checklist for Rethinking Your Healthcare Fundraising Strategy

Connection Cafe

Raise your hand if your healthcare organization was forced to make changes to your fundraising strategy in 2020. Now, keep your hand raised if those changes worked surprisingly well or were long overdue. There are a lot of hands in the air! That’s because change is opportunity.

Are you simply getting less, faster?

Hands on Fundraising

Nonprofits are experts at making do. We pride ourselves on doing more with less. Small budgets. Smaller staff. Tight control of paper clip usage. You’re nodding now, aren’t you? And if you aren’t, congratulations!)

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6 Steps to Increase Board Diversity at Your Nonprofit

Wild Apricot

If you’re concerned about your board’s diversity, you’re not alone. Statistics Canada conducted a survey between December 4, 2020 and January 18, 2021 , surveying over 6,000 nonprofit board members and confirming that lack of diversity. organizational-management

Salsa Personalities: Donna Myers


This is the first in a series regular blog posts we are calling Salsa Personalities to share the stories of the amazing people here at Salsa who, well, make the Salsa! Since we are starting this series during Women's History Month, we sat down first with Salsa's CEO, Donna Myers. News + Updates

Marketing: Why Email Strategy Is Important for B2B Business?

Connection Cafe

Email campaigns are the platform and bedrock for any email marketing effort to engage businesses with their customers and build relationships.

The iOS14 Update and Facebook Ads

Whole Whale

What is iOS14.5? Simply put, iOS14 is Apple’s most current iPhone operating system. iOS14.5 is an update to this operating system that will include many things (including 200+ new emojis !), but the specific update that’s generating a lot of buzz is the launch of an in-app prompt.

World Water Day: Water for South Sudan, Changing communities one well at a time

Charity Navigator

Over a year ago, on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

Sudan 69

Your Social Change Work Can Be So Much Easier

Social Velocity

We as humans are so good at making things hard, aren’t we? I know I am. Not to brag or anything, but I am incredibly talented at pushing so hard on something that I not only wear myself out, but also make the task so much longer and more difficult. .

Finding the Right Words to Sell Your Membership

Joy of Membership

One of the things that can make membership challenging to “sell” is the fact that you literally have to sell it over-and-over-and over, every time someone renews – unlike when someone makes a one-time purchase.

He Who Fails the Most

The Sponsorship Collective

Are you familiar with Seth Godin? He’s a business executive and author who’s written nearly 20 books, many of which have been New York Times bestsellers. He’s also the one who inspired today’s article with his quote: “he who fails the most wins.” I know, I know, failure is a hard pill to swallow.

5 Common Post-Donation Communication Mistakes to Fix Now


Looking at donor retention stats and the costs associated with recruiting new donors, it makes sense to prioritize post-donation communications.

Stats 61

How to Host a Virtual Fundraising Event (with Checklist for Nonprofits)


This post was contributed by Givecloud. Are you planning a virtual charity event, like an online gala, generosity party, or concert? Turn these fundraising events into high-impact opportunities. Engage and excite your supporters like never before through virtual events.

10 Proven Tips to Supercharge Your Online Fundraising Campaigns  


This guest post is written by Audrey Phillips, program manager at Classy. I’ve had the privilege of working with Classy’s nonprofit customers for over three years.

How These Organizations Addressing Food Insecurity Are Going Paperless


Food insecurity is a real and prevalent issue across the United States and the world. One in 10 households in the U.S. experienced food insecurity in 2019. In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on health and economies, that number grew to almost one in four.

Cloud for Good Announces New Education Accelerators for Advancement and Recruiting & Admissions

Cloud 4 Good

March 23, 2021 [Asheville, NC] – Cloud for Good recently unveiled their latest technology offerings to the education sector with the announcement of the Advancement and Recruiting & Admissions Accelerators.

New eToolkit on Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers Amid Uncertainty

VQ Strategies

Volunteer engagement has been evolving for years, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations were forced to accelerate change at an unprecedented rate. With only a few exceptions, organizations either chose to adapt or temporarily shut down their volunteer efforts.

6 Ways to Keep Corporate Partners Engaged During COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has brought the power of corporate partnerships with nonprofits front and center.

TechSoup Stands Against Hate


The violence and hateful words and actions directed at Asian Americans across the United States is unacceptable. TechSoup is a global organization with our largest office in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is one of the regions impacted by this wave of hate.

The Top 9 Chamber of Commerce Software Solutions in 2021

Wild Apricot

If administrative work is taking over your organization — things like filling out membership applications by hand, running cheques to the bank, manually processing event registrations, and sorting through a messy Excel directory — Chamber. website-and-technology

4 Reasons Why VolunteerHub is the Best Solution for Volunteer Centers

Volunteer Hub

VolunteerHub can help your center engage, recruit, and manage volunteers. Here are 4 reasons you should consider VolunteerHub when vetting volunteer management software. Your volunteer center relies on the support of volunteers and community partners to reach goals and obtain its mission.

Should we be mission-minded, or mission mindFUL?

Media Cause

One of my favorite meditation teachers, Pema Chodron, has a simple but profound line in her book Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living , that I have highlighted, written on a post-it note, mumbled to myself in the car while driving, and try to remind myself to come back to as often as I can: .

Mind 56

How TechSoup's COVID-19 Recovery Fund Helps Nonprofits


As we collectively mark one year since COVID-19 altered our lives immeasurably, we pause to reflect on just how much has been lost, how drastically our lives have changed, and what lies ahead.

Fund 58

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Membership Site Platform

Wild Apricot

Over the last few years, I’ve helped dozens of organizations – from nonprofits, associations and businesses – get set up and running quickly with membership site platforms. In this guide, I’ve condensed all of my experience. membership

How To Capture More Email Subscribers


Communicating with your supporters is critical to your fundraising success. After all, when you build relationships with your supporters , you’re laying the foundation to turn them into long-term advocates and donors. That’s where email newsletters come into play.

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Celebrating Equal Pay Day

Media Cause

It’s been 58 years since Congress passed the Equal Pay Act of 1963—and in the United States, women are still only making 82 cents for every dollar earned by a man. We recognize Equal Pay Day on March 24th to signify the number of additional days it takes women to earn what men did in 2020 — 82.

Text-to-Give for Nonprofits: A Guide for Event Fundraising


People use their phones to order groceries, pay their bills, check their bank accounts, and handle almost any other financial transactions once thought to be exclusive to desktop. Nonprofits can leverage the increase in mobile usage, too.

Phone 55