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How and Why Nonprofits Need to Think Differently

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It’s much easier to learn something completely new than to unlearn an old habit. Just ask any parent. It’s why children are taught essential functions at an early age: they haven’t yet learned the wrong way to do things.

23 Fundraising & Marketing Reports for Nonprofit Professionals Worldwide

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The reports listed below are a small sampling of the research available to nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide. The data can be used to help your organization craft your next online fundraising and marketing plan.

Starting a Recurring Giving Program: Tips from the Major Hospital Foundation

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The concept of recurring giving is pretty awesome. It enables people to make a meaningful increase in their impact on an organization that they care about without feeling a big impact in their checkbooks. For donors who care about a cause, nothing could be much better than that!

Your Spring Fundraising Appeal Letter: A Simple Checklist

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You might be going back to previous donors and asking for general support. Or, you might be getting ready to request a particular list of supporters to fund your summer programs. Either way, there are five things you must do to make your appeal letter a success.

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How to Maintain Strong Leadership in Your Organization

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As the next generation of young nonprofit professionals gears up to take on new management positions, it’s imperative that you have a strong, ongoing leadership development program in place.

[Tweet Chat] Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits

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Please join us for a tweet chat on May 1st at 12 pm EDT to discuss peer-to-peer fundraising!

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Getting Serious About Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Data with Predictive Analytics

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If you’re like most peer-to-peer fundraising (P2P) staff, you’re drowning in data. You ascertain averages, browse benchmarks , and create charts. You detail donations, edit estimates, and fetch files. You hoard history, gather graphs, and index indicators. We’re very serious about our data in P2P!

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Reactions from Cause Camp 2019

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Cause Camp 2019 is a wrap! If you were able to make it, you know that it was two full days of premium education, inspiration, networking and—yes—happy hours. Receiving feedback was one of our main goals this year, so we made sure to get a lot of it.

3 Ways Workplace Giving Software Saves Time for Medium and Large Businesses


The benefits of corporate philanthropy are well documented, helping businesses improve employee engagement, attract top talent, and increase sales – but workplace giving also time-consuming.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 92: The State of CSR

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Things are changing in the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Employee volunteerism is on the rise, and a variety of new trends in employee giving programs are taking hold.

Download AppValley VIP on iOS Devices (iPhone/ iPad)

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Since its introduction into the mobile market some 12 years ago, iOS has steadily risen to now being the second most used mobile operating system after Android.

You Can Now Do These 5 Things With Member Profiles

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For 5 ways you can use your member profiles to share documents, letters of recommendation and more, take a look at these ways to use attachments in member profiles

What services do digital marketing agencies offer?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Marketing is so essential today not just for the physical store but for the online front as the world is turning to the online platforms more and more. Companies that don’t have an excellent online presence are not succeeding in the way that they could and that they should.

Using Data to Develop Your Alumni Engagement Program: Lessons from UCLA

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Everyone is talking about alumni engagement. For many institutions, the topic raises more questions than answers. How do you engage with former students beyond asking them for money? What kinds of data should be tracked from these interactions? What does success look like?

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Missions Statements Had Better Not Be All About Money

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From the book, Light A Fire Under Your Business : A clear and concise mission statement defines, in the simplest terms, your organization's core reason for being, and it had better not be all about money. Money is definitely important to most of society, and it is a motivator.

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Our EveryAction Hero: Texas Watch

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Texas Watch is a nonpartisan citizen advocacy group founded in 1998. They just celebrated over 20 years of advocating for Texas families.

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All you should know about the pirate bay

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We live in an era of scientific advancements and in the field of information and technology science is developing in leaps and bounds. Nowadays, more and more people are using the internet for all their day to day transactions.

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Charitable Solicitation Registration: Your Nonprofit’s Passport to Fundraising Success

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Charitable solicitation registration is every nonprofit’s passport to fundraising success. Find out how to register and start fundraising for your organization

Four Daily Questions For Leaders

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I'm a big fan of the magazine, Experience Life. Particularly the Perspective column from a few years ago, written by Bahram Akradi , the founder and CEO of Life Time Fitness. Akradi tackled self-reflection awhile back. He firmly believes the business model that if you aren't innovating you are dying.

The Necessity of Strong Infrastructure in Nonprofits

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posted by Katy Dennis-Bishop Fall 2018 Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. Strong infrastructure in nonprofits is incredibly important to the health and success of every organization. For organizations that rely largely on the generosity of private donors, foundation and grants, the dance between operating and program costs becomes complicated and intricate.

Important steps to follow while hacking Instagram Account

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There are several steps to follow at the time of hacking Instagram account without being detected. You can take the help of many applications which can help you in gaining access to your friend’s Instagram account easily. These applications can be used on all types of devices and various platforms.

Available Services When You Buy YouTube Subscribers

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When you are searching for the company that you can buy YouTube subscribers you should make sure that you know what other services they have. Not only can you get all of your people watching your videos through this method, but you can also get them to help you with other social media sites.

How To Find The Right Work For You

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How To Reduce Your Employee Turnover Rate

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Knowing why an employee leaves your company can help you to reduce your employee turnover rate.

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Nine Lies About Work

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I'm a big fan of Marcus Buckingham 's work, teachings and books, so I was eager to read his latest book, co-authored by Ashley Goodall , and released today.

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Let A Team Member Lead Your Meeting

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A great idea from the book, The Little Book of Leadership Development , is to ask each team member to lead a meeting to gain experience leading your team. Authors Scott J.

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