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Can Stories Be Data?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Caramel - Creatives Common Licensed. Your numerical data can tell stories , but can stories be data that leads to continuous improvement? Do numbers only matter? There are lots of debates in the amazing world of measurement and learning. The only valid data is quantitative data.

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Shameless Ask, Looking for SXSW 2012 Nonprofit Votes!


SXSW 2012 session voting is nearing the end. We’ve got until Friday Sept 9th (right, tomorrow). If you’re not familiar with the process The SXSW Interactive Festival (scheduled March, 2012 in Austin, Texas) is a huge new media event.

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Five Types of “Tips” Nonprofits Can Post on Foursquare Venue Pages

Nonprofit Tech for Good

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Frogloop Guest Post: 4 Tools to Help Any Nonprofit Tell Stories Online

Amy Sample Ward

My guest post is up on Care2′s Frogloop blog; you can read the post and join the discussion there. or read the entire post copied below.

The Six Personas Of Social Media Sharing

John Haydon

If you’ve been using Facebook or Twitter for a while, you’ve probably noticed that people connect and share information in different ways. Some of your friends share everything with everyone, and others are extremely selective about how (and what) they share.

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Why isn’t anyone sharing your nonprofit’s content?

John Haydon

Last week I had a meeting with client in Boston who was struggling with a pretty common issue: No one seems to want to share their content. A few things we we discussed might be useful for your organization: 1. They don’t trust you.

Research Friday: The Real Impact of Collective Impact

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by. Brian Spicker , Senior Vice President of Community Impact. Valley of the Sun United Way. Welcome to Research Friday !

What Can Social Learning Do For You?


Watch this GREAT video of Tom Hood , CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs talking about social media and specifically how important social learning is becoming for his association. Watch this space, as we will be talking a lot more about this. Explore this in action with our Think Tank Webinars

Multichannel Magic: Who’s got the secret sauce?


If you’re like 90+% of the nonprofits reading this blog, direct mail gifts still make up the overwhelming majority of your fundraising revenue. So it makes sense that your direct mail initiatives receive the lion’s share of your fundraising focus and resources.

9 Steps To Getting Started With Google Plus For Your Nonprofit

John Haydon

Google’s new social networking platform, Google Plus still going strong since it was released at the end of June. Farra at Big Duck created an awesome Slideshare that includes 9 steps to getting started with Google Plus. 9 Steps To Getting Started With Google Plus.

Leadership Within Your Organization: It's "Everyone's Business"

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by. Conni Ingallina , Founder and President. SOS-Association Management Solutions.

Go to Dreamforce we will


Our CRM staff is heading down to Dreamforce this week, the annual pilgrimage for. Salesforce-lovers, to hang out with Metallica and obviously, but also to talk with the best of the best about the new web: cloud-centered, open, social and mobile. We will be attending the Foundation kickoff at 10:30am on Tuesday, and will be at the Foundation Networking Reception that. evening.

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For Nonprofits in Oceania and Asia :: Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Webinar for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Date: Tuesday, October 25. Time: 11am – 12:30pm AEDT ( View Time by City ). Cost: Free. How to Register: Sign up! Presented By: Heather Mansfield. In Europe, Africa, the Middle East, or India? Register here! In the United States, Canada, or Latin America? Register here!

JVIB 2012 Special Issue on Technology: Today's Game Changer

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I'm very excited to be a guest editor with the awesome Donna McNear on next year's special technology issue of the Journal of Vision Impairment and Blindness. JVIB is the peer-reviewed journal of record in the field of vision loss, and a past tech issue in 2003 featured my article, In the Palm of Your Hand, a vision of what mobile devices would mean for blind people in the future (a future that has already happened, of course!).

Abuse and Controversy in the Nonprofit Sector

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Jill Watts , Director of Capacity. Building Initiatives. ASU Lodestar Center. Abuses found at local charity!" It's not an uncommon headline, unfortunately.

Fusing Mobile Fundraising with Email & Social Media Outreach


By Bob Jones, CEO, CharityCall LLC. There is little argument that email and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are fast becoming mandatory tools for supporter outreach.

Latest Association-Nonprofit Social Media Jobs


Holy moly there are a LOT of social media positions out there! Didn’t we tell you the trend is UP for social media hiring?

Nonprofits Live Recap: Great Presentations

Tech Soup Blog

Great presentation skills always come handy whether you're offering an educational training, making a keynote speech, or bringing new funders aboard.

Socialnomics Book Report

Connection Cafe

Author: Cheryl Black. Remember back in sixth grade when you had a summer reading list? Big nerd that I am, I never quit having a summer reading list. The 2012 Summer Reading List for me included some light reading like The Confession (ok maybe that one wasn't so light.)

The 7 Habits of Effective Personal Fundraisers


By Rob Wu, Founder, CauseVox. Your supporters love your nonprofit and the work that you do. Many of them want to raise funds for your nonprofit or cause, but don't know how to approach it. We know it's a real struggle to fundraise effectively when you're not a professional fundraiser. We're with you and want to help your supporters become the best fundraisers possible.

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Blog Picks of the Week


There was so much great content being shared this week across the blogosphere for nonprofit campaigners. Check out our blog picks of the week. And feel free to tell us your favorite blog posts from this past week in the comments section.

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Upcoming Webinar: Endpoint-Level Security at Your Library or Nonprofit

Tech Soup Blog

Wondering how to best protect your organization from security threats? Our upcoming webinar, Endpoint-Level Security at Your Library or Nonprofit , may be for you! This free webinar is happening Thursday, September 8, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time. Symantec product manager Andrew Singer will explain some of the major threats facing your nonprofit or library.

Peter Deitz: How I Make Time for What Really Matters

Have Fun - Do Good

I'm super excited to present the first post in my new guest post series: Making Time for What Matters. Look for posts in the coming weeks from Emily McKhann , Rachelle Mee-Chapman , Rachel Cole , Tiffany Moore, and more!

ISO Brilliant, Business-Oriented Professional Who Wants a Job in a Museum

Museum 2.0

want to move to Santa Cruz and work at my museum? Or do you know someone who might be perfect for this job? We are looking for an obsessively detail-oriented, highly resourceful, financially savvy, culture-loving individual to be the Administrative Manager of The Museum of Art & History.

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Can Small Non-profits Succeed with Cause Marketing?

Wild Apricot Blog

We asked Joe Waters (Cause Marketing for Dummies) to offer up some advice to small non-profits on how they can partner with business for mutual profit.( read more ). cause marketing Non-profits

Computer Refurbishment and Accessibility

Tech Soup Blog

The first time I really "got" the power of accessible technology (AT) to improve the lives of people with disabilities was when I saw the PBS documentary Freedom Machines.

Hurricane Irene and the Nonprofit Social Media Storm


We know our friends over at the Red Cross have been expertly using social media for disaster response for years now, but this weekend, with Hurricane Irene set to touch down all along the east coast, we saw many other organizations and government entities reaching out via social media, as well. For Hurricane Irene, the Red Cross used volunteers to listen as well as respond in the social media space, to ensure 24 hour coverage during the storm.

Meet Cynthia

Connection Cafe

Author: Corey Pudhorodsky. Meet Cynthia Balusek, Convio Support Manager and first interviewee for the new Connection Cafe podcast series. Each month you'll get to meet a Convio employee like Cynthia and learn what makes them tick. Sit back, relax and have a listen. Connection Cafe Podcast 1 - Cynthia Balusek. Download audio file

Hurricane Irene and the Nonprofit Social Media Storm | NTEN

AFP Blog

Hurricane Irene and the Nonprofit Social Media Storm | NTEN : We know our friends over at the Red Cross have been expertly using social media for disaster response for years now, but this weekend, with Hurricane Irene set to touch down all along the east coast, we saw many other organizations and government entities reaching out via social media, as well

Input Needed from Organizations Supporting Women and Girls

Tech Soup Blog

Does your organization focus on the challenges faced by women and girls? If so, you are invited to join the Women and Girls Lead. community. As a first step, please provide your input via this technology survey. Women and Girls Lead is. an international public media initiative designed to educate and connect people worldwide regarding the issues confronting women and girls. The heart of the Women and Girls Lead. initiative is a 50-film project led by Independent Television Service.

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Gaming for Good: Interview with Joel Bartlett, Director of Marketing at PETA


By Frank Barry, Director, Professional Services, Blackbaud. Who are you, and what do you do at PETA? I'm Joel Bartlett, the director of marketing at PETA. What role do games play in PETA's online strategy and how has that role evolved over the years?

What it Means to Engage

Connection Cafe

Author: John Stockton. One of the great pleasures of my job is working with Convio clients who are true innovators in nonprofit marketing and fundraising to define how we can collectively move the state of their art forward.

Five Tips for A Successful Open Source CMS Project on a Budget


Sometimes it seems like open source CMSs should "just work." Anyone who's built a site in an open-source CMS knows that that's far from true. They often need quite a bit of tweaking to get the job done. And when your org doesn't have a bottomless budget, how can you can you build the perfect site?

Best Strategies for Responding to a Crisis


When a crisis strikes that directly impacts your organization, are you prepared to quickly craft a plan to respond and organize your base of supporters? If your answer is “not really&# then you need to listen to the Care2 webinar we held yesterday with Madeline Stanionis and Will Valverde of Watershed who discussed what the best strategies for surviving and thriving when a crisis strikes.