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3 Website Tips to Support Your Virtual Fundraising Efforts

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As a nonprofit professional, you know that the fundraising landscape changes each year. However, no one could have predicted the effects that COVID-19 would have , with many nonprofit organizations now solely relying on virtual fundraising efforts to continue operations. Virtual fundraising has become more accessible and intuitive than ever before thanks to the extensive internet and the wide variety of donation tools available.

10 Tips for Direct Mail Fundraising Success in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it might actually be a great time to fundraise through direct mail. Here are our best tips for making sure your campaign is a success

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[FREE WEBINAR] Giving Tuesday & Welcome Wednesday: Tips, Strategies, and Templates to Help You Gain & Retain Donors

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Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Time: 1pm EDT / 10am PDT (2 hours). Presented by: Jeff Vogel of DonorPerfect. Cost: Free. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, digitally connecting with donors is more of a necessity than ever before. Last year, 27 million adults participated in Giving Tuesday, and this year, so many more will be seeking ways to contribute to the good that has been getting us through this challenging year.

The Anatomy of an Effective Fundraiser Letter

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Social media is all the rage these days. Although less personable, it’s become a major outreach tool. But according to the Blackbaud Institute, while social media is on the rise, direct mail has declined from 49% to 23% of donors from 2010 to 2018. . Yet, direct mail remains viable for “mature donors” born 1945 or sooner. This group of “mature donors” accounts for 24% of all charitable giving. It’s still a viable option for baby boomers (born 1946-1964) as well.

Going Virtual is Not Enough: Reimagining Traditional P2P Walks for Fall 2020 and Beyond

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In-person peer-to-peer (P2P) events have been one of the types of P2P campaigns most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The in-person to virtual paradigm of the Spring was very reactive in nature, propelled by uncertainty and fear. Moving into Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, we now understand more about the necessary precautions, such as the importance of masks and social distancing.

Why It's the Perfect Time to Move Past Your Club Membership Excel Template

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Still using Excel to manage your club's members? Here's why now is the perfect time to ditch your club membership Excel template and make the move to membership management software

eLearning Industry ranked GyrusAim as # 3 in Top 20 LMS for Customer Experience


Gyrus Systems, a leader in the Learning Management Systems (LMS) industry, proudly announced today that it has been recognized as part of the top 20 LMS for Customer Experience by eLearning Industry Inc. This Top 20 LMS list has been created using a holistic approach and is based on input from actual LMS users

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Get Results When You Put Yourself in Your Donors’ Shoes

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If you had a choice, would you walk a mile uphill in snow in uncomfortable shoes? Of course not. Then why are you asking that of your supporters? When you see increasing donor attrition rates or decreasing event participants, try walking in their shoes. You might realize the journey is a little slicker than you thought. hjc has worked with dozens of nonprofits to ‘stand in the shoes’ of their constituents, a process known as Constituent Experience (CX) journey mapping.

Complete Guide: How to Create a Fundraiser on Facebook (With Examples)

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Want to start using Facebook to fundraise? In this article, I will provide an up-to-date overview how to create a fundraiser on Facebook to drive donations to your nonprofit

How useful is disable windows defender (disattivareWindows Defender)!

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Standalone protector disable windows defender(disattivare windows defender) was familiar to consumers even before the release of version 10 of the eponymous Operating system. It was termed Safety Essentials in earlier operating systems. The above overwhelmed the machine significantly, which did not have maximum security. The new equivalent, however, has no downside: it reduces the usage of iron capital.

How To Shape A Vision Of Greatness For Your Employees And Company

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In Peter Block ’s book, The Empowered Manager (Second Edition) , he shares that the following values and statements can shape a vision of greatness for your employees and company. Each starts with, “We want:” Consistency between our plans and actions. A willingness to share. To disagree without fear. Commitment to a long-term strategy. To create a safe workplace. To live our values. To have each person connected with the final product. To treat each person in a unique way.

Stories of Resilience: Annie Wright Schools

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As 2020 continues to evolve, social good organizations are working creatively to navigate the new landscape. In this series, the Blackbaud Institute shares stories of organizations that are focusing on resilience, weathering these many changes while still positioning themselves for future growth. For more insight including quarterly giving performance updates, visit the Blackbaud Institute Index.

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The Reason To Ask Why Multiple Times

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Asking Why? multiple times helps you get to the root cause and helps your company to prevent undesirable results from occurring again or allows you to repeat a desirable results, explains author Michael Kallett in his book, T hink Smarter: Critical Thinking To Improve Problem-Solving And Decision-Making Skills. For example: Ask why to get to “I don’t know” and then go learn what you don’t know. Ask why to get to “Because” – which is a constraint to your eventual solution. In short, Why?

Best Practices For Leaders

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“Success happens by focusing on the process, not the outcome,” explain Jon Gordon and Mike Smith , co-authors of the book, You Win In The Locker Room First.” They add that, “You win by cultivating the right culture, leadership, expectations, beliefs, mindset, relationships, and habits before you even play the game.” From this insightful and helpful book also come these takeaways I really value: Culture is defined and created from the top down, but it comes to life from the bottom up.

Creating Organizations As Amazing As The People Inside Them

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The book subtitle in the headline above convinced me to read, Humanocracy , by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini. Available starting August 18, 2020, the authors present a fascinating look at how to breakdown the bureaucracy within your organization and unleash the power and true abilities of the human beings in your organization – making your organization more bold, entrepreneurial and as nimble as change itself.

Character-Driven Leaders

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Key findings from the research behind the book, Return On Character , by Fred Kiel, PhD, reveal that: Leaders who rank high on character achieve nearly five times greater return on assets than leaders who rank low on character. Plus, character-driven organizations achieve multiple gains over organizations with self-focused leadership, including: A 26% higher level of workforce engagement.

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Three Most Common Traps In Project Management

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In Susanne Madsen’s book, The Power Of Project Leadership , she recommends that you do not fall prey to these three most common traps in project management: Managing tasks, events and processes at the expense of leading people. Being reactive and focusing on the urgent rather than the important. Believing you have to know it all and doing it all instead of looking to the team for solutions and innovative ideas. Thank you to the book's publisher for sending me a copy of the book.

Becoming The Best

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My favorite takeaways from the book, Becoming The Best , by Harry M. Jansen Kraemer, Jr., are: Your best self is not about perfection (an impossible and, therefore, futile goal). It is about becoming consistently disciplined and focused, making sure you challenge yourself to truly be your best self—instead of becoming complacent, convinced that you have arrived. No matter how good you are, you can always be better. Being your best self is a lifelong commitment.