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New Report Shows How to Take Your Professional Development Into Your Own Hands

Connection Cafe

As a nonprofit professional, how do you learn? What does professional development look like when you are busy delivering programs and managing mission-critical tasks?

3rd Annual EveryAction Nonprofit Halloween Costume Parade


Happy Halloween from all of us at EveryAction! Each year, our staff marks the occasion by dressing up as some of our favorite nonprofit organizations as a way to recognize their incredible work and the start of end-of-year fundraising push with some fun. Tweet us your favorite nonprofit costumes at @EveryActionHQ - you could win some ghoulishly great gear! Audubon.

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Data Sanity for Nonprofits: Three Crucial Points


Editor’s Note: We are so pleased that we get to share this post from Bob Penna and Deb Finn. They are both brilliant, but on top of that, they have that knack for getting down to what really matters.

Data 153

Association Social Media Jobs – Marketing/Communications November 3


Here are the latest communications and marketing jobs from the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , digital and technology.

Job 132

Powering Momentous Change Through the Blackbaud Institute

Connection Cafe

Last week at bbcon in National Harbor, Mike Gianoni told the audience of 2,500 change-makers, “You’re here because you know the power of a moment…because we know that a moment can change everything.” And how right he was.

Content Curation: 3 Sources You’re Probably Overlooking

John Haydon

If you’re like most nonprofit marketers, you probably have a small communications staff. It may be only you! Adopting a content curation strategy can help you save time, while also establishing your thought leadership online.

When We Go with Accessible Content, Everybody Wins


Editor’s note: A few weeks back, as we wrote about the thinking that went into our new website, we made an embarrassing admission—we’d overlooked the value of designing with accessibility in mind.

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30 Online Stores That Benefit Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The National Retail Federation estimates that U.S. households will spend an average of $935.58 this holiday season. That translates into billions of dollars in consumer spending that can empower philanthropy and social good.

How to Use Venmo for Fundraising

NonProfit Hub

Header image courtesy of The world of mobile fundraising can be daunting to get started in if you don’t have anything set up, but if your organization is looking take your mobile fundraising to the next level, using Venmo for fundraising could be the answer you’re looking for.

Plugging In: Updating Your WordPress Utilities Safely and Securely

Byte Technology

Want to know the number one reason WordPress sites get hacked as well as the number one reason users experience compatibility issues? It’s simply because the site itself—including those awesome little plug-ins that allowed you to customize your pages—isn’t working off the latest update.

That Time the Godfather of Content Laughed at Me


This post originally appeared on Mizz Information. ——– Nobody likes to be laughed at–much less, publicly. Amirite? As a person who has, um, strong stances on things–especially in writing–being called out on my opinions is nothing new to me.

20 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

For environmentally friendly and socially conscious holiday shoppers that prefer to give donations to nonprofits as holiday gifts, the 20 holiday gift programs listed below are a good starting point for your holiday shopping.

Creating a Natural Conversation on Your Donation Landing Pages

NonProfit Hub

Every time you ask your site visitor for something – whether it’s a donation or just an email signup – you are entering a mental conversation. To increase the potential for success, it is important that the thought sequence of that conversation take place in the proper order.

29 Free Nonprofit Webinars for November 2016

Wild Apricot

If your organization is struggling to fill events, looking for #givingtuesday tips, or building a corporate sponsorship strategy, this month’s free nonprofit webinars can give you a hand. november webinars nonprofit free

Free 124

Three Tips for Grappling with Insiders who are Resistant to Change

Museum 2.0

At every talk I give about The Art of Relevance , no matter the audience, there's one question I always hear. Librarians and museum directors, park managers and theater producers all want to know: how do you deal with insiders who resist change? These insiders may be fellow staff members. Trustees.

Museum 110

Baseball and your Learning Organization


Baseball and your Learning Organization. As an admitted Cleveland Indians fan and gracious World Series loser, I thought long and hard about how I could somehow link America’s Pastime to this unique blog.

[PODCAST] Donor Cultivation and Fundraising Faux Pas Pt. 1 | Ft. Steven Shattuck

NonProfit Hub

Often times as nonprofits, we tend to think about our donors as more of an ATM than a valuable player on your organization’s team. This tends to get even worse when the donations we get aren’t in the mid to upper level.

October Update: Minor Software Update and Increased Security

Wild Apricot

Read about our scheduled software update, our PCI DSS compliance, and more. newsletter october

3 Ways to Step-Up Your Data Game


Data can help purpose-driven organizations make better decisions and achieve greater impact. This much is agreed upon.

Game 89

Aligning Learning Needs with Business Process


Aligning Learning Needs with Business Process. It appears that the work of a learning professional is never done. In order to establish an effective learning program, there must be a great consideration for the future needs of the day to day business, and the workforce themselves.

Shine Can Help You Change Your Life Over Text Message Through On-Demand Life Coaching

Mobile Commons

Shine is helping people become their best possible selves – all over text message. The startup has launched a new on-demand life coaching service , offering subscribers individualized, full-time access to a certified coach who can help them map out a personal plan to success.

Life 60

Creating A Culture of Well-being in Your Nonprofit Workplace: The First Step

Beth Kanter

I am thrilled with the response to The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout as my co-author and I have been sharing the ideas on a virtual book tour during the last month.

Best Practices to Increase Email Conversions


There are a lot of strategies that go into a well-developed and successful email marketing program. Some "experts" say that the most important element is that the subject line needs to be provocative.

10 Steps to Get Ready for Year-End Online Giving

Tech Soup Blog

The year-end giving season offers a unique opportunity for engaging with your supporters and fans, whether your ultimate goal is deepening relationships or fundraising.

Content Curation: 3 Sources You’re Probably Overlooking

John Haydon

If you’re like most nonprofit marketers, you probably have a small communications staff. Chances are, it may be only you! Adopting a content curation strategy can help you do more with less, while also establishing your thought leadership among your community.

Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week

Mobile Commons

Let KERA And Electionland Know About Your Early Voting Problems Electionland is a project that will cover access to the ballot and problems that prevent people from exercising their right to vote during the 2016 election.

Ohio 52

Top Nonprofit Twitter Accounts: 2016 Election Edition


There’s been a lot of talk about this year’s historic Presidential election, but behind the headlines, the real stories are about advocates fighting for change at all levels of government and across the entire country. At EveryAction, we’re proud to work with organizations whose missions reflect the values that built our company and the vision we have for a better, more inclusive world.

The 2 Essential Things You Need for Mobile Fundraising

Tech Soup Blog

The next frontier in nonprofit fundraising is reaching prospective donors on their mobile devices. Most nonprofits aren't doing it yet, but mobile is where our donor audience has largely migrated.

How To Ask More And The Power Of Questions

Eric Jacobson

"Questions help us break down barriers, discover secrets, solve puzzles, and imagine new ways of doing things, But few of us know how to question in a methodical way," explains Frank Sesno , Emmy-award-winning journalist, and author of the forthcoming book, Ask More.

Under Attack: What Motivates Website Hackers

Byte Technology

30,000. That’s the estimated number of websites that get hacked every single day on our planet. And whether those 30,000 attacks are merely annoying occurrences perpetuated by some bored teenager or a coordinated effort by multiple hackers that cause widespread devastation, each instance in nonetheless significant in that it illustrates just how vulnerable our virtual world is despite massive gains in Internet security.

Building the Tech Capacity of Nonprofits Everywhere with TechSoup's NetSquared Events

Tech Soup Blog

Every day, American nonprofits, charities, and libraries rely on TechSoup's product donation program for the information they need to make smart decisions about technology. But did you know that our work is global?

Benin 65

4 Reasons Visitors to Your Website Don't Donate

Tech Soup Blog

Getting visitors to your nonprofit's online fundraising site isn't as easy as it sounds, and then trying to convert those visitors into donors is even harder. The M+R Benchmark Study found that, on average, only 1.1 percent of website visitors made a donation to a nonprofit.

Eight Good Company Culture Guidelines

Eric Jacobson

"The clearer your company culture, the less likely it will be hijacked by the weaker personalities in your team," explains Mary Christensen , author of the book, Be A Network Marketing Leader. "A

How To Connect With Individual Team Members

Eric Jacobson

Here, from the new book, Be A Network Marketing Leader , are some tips on how, as a leader, you can connect with your individual team members: Send cards on their birthdays and anniversary-of-joining dates. Keep yourself updated with what's happening in their personal lives.

Team 26

How To Hold Effective Conversations As A Leader

Eric Jacobson

When I read business books, I turn the corner of every page that has something I really like, want to remember and easily reference in the future. Halfway into the 300-page book, Leadership Conversations , I had turned the corners of nearly every fifth page.