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The Curse of Knowledge: You’re Using Jargon and You Don’t Even Know It

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Jargon ( noun) : Special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand. The English language is filled with shorthand. It’s an especially difficult language to learn because the way native speakers communicate is often colloquial. It can seem like a completely different language and a far departure from the technical. It’s even more varied by region , which doesn’t simplify things.

Treat it Like a Marriage: Top Tips for a Long and Happy Donor Relationship

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A great donor relationship is not unlike a happy marriage. Here are some tips for keeping your donors' love alive so they keep coming back


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Financial Systems Integrations:  It’s less scary than it sounds

NonProfit Hub

Imagine you’re a large, professional organization. You’ve been getting your revenue primarily from memberships, conferences for members, and fundraising ? and you think it’s time to upgrade to a new database system after 20 or so years. . Let’s say the system you decide on is well-known for how it managed members, events, and fundraising. But there’s one glaring problem ? it doesn’t integrate with your organization’s general ledger (GL).

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How Adapted Their Social Media Content Strategy in Response to COVID-19

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Moree Lambeth , Senior Content Creator at The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way organizations execute their social media plans. Posting without a mindfulness of the trending topics and conversations can cause organizations to appear insensitive and tone-deaf. The current social media environment has caused non-profit marketers to re-evaluate their content aware of the acute conversations being had on every channel, at a global level.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 155: How Branding has Changed in the Nonprofit Sector

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What does branding mean for nonprofit organizations, and how has it evolved to now require a comprehensive digital strategy? Joining the podcast today is Farra Trompeter, chief growth officer of Big Duck and the co-author of an article about branding in the Blackbaud Institute’s new 2020 npEXPERTS eBook.

How Your Nonprofit Can Succeed with Cause Marketing

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Wondering how your nonprofit can use cause marketing? Here's everything you need to know about partnering with a business for mutual profit. cause marketing Non-profits

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Computer health and security: What do you need in 2021?

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In this information age, your personal computer is one of the major utilities you need to manage work and stay connected to the world. While this fact is a given, it’s essential to know what you need to guard your PC health & security.

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A Complete Guide to Learning Management System (LMS) - Overview (2020) - Gyrus


In current times, where the business environment is experiencing disruptions at a pace never seen before, companies are facing an urgent need to ensure that their employees can upgrade their skill-levels in time to be able to retain their market competitiveness. With the growing size of organizations, and with their branching-out into different locations, there is an urgent need being felt for a virtual platform over which training of employees could be conducted in a centralized manner

How to Run an Online Auction for Your Nonprofit

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If your nonprofit has had to cancel your silent auction fundraising event due to COVID-19, you can still run a successful virtual auction online. Here's everything you need to know

The Top 10 Tools To Use For Your Link In Bio On Instagram

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Having a strong social media presence is increasingly important in the modern era of technology, and connecting your accounts is a great business move, namely by supplying a link in your bio on Instagram.

8 Lessons Learned from Hosting Golf Event Fundraisers During COVID-19

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By Katie Casillas , director of marketing at , an event management platform specifically for golf fundraisers. There’s no doubting it: 2020 has forced organizations, industries, and entire sectors to adapt. Event fundraising is no exception and, within the category, the golf fundraiser has become especially critical.

Your Organizations Technology Needs Are Changing - How to Adapt

Blue Fox

Tech Thoughts From Our CEO, Chantal When I started Blue Fox, I was delighted at the prospect of working from home and running a virtual, tech-based company. My list of pros was something like this: - Yoga pants - No high heels on the daily - Unfettered access to the fridge - A schedule that works for me - Yoga pants But I never imagined that one of the benefits of running a firm like Blue Fox would be that our services would remain operational during a pandemic.

Why You Should Try The #1 Youth Group Management Software

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If you're finding that you're spending too much time on administrative tasks and not enough time building relationships with your youth group members, this youth group management software could be the solution you need

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When And How Frequently Should You Update Your eLearning Content


Several companies have adopted the use of LMS in their organization. Here are some guidelines on how frequently should one update eLearning content in the LMS

How To Give Praise

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Entrepreneur magazine's February 2012 issue offered these great, timeless tips on how to give praise : Praise followed by criticism is not praise. Praise followed by praise is probably a little too much praise. Ending an expression of praise with ".and and stuff" nullifies the praise. And, Make it timely. The closer the recognition is to the behavior, the more likely the behavior will be repeated. Be sincere. Be impromptu. Remember, a handwritten note is worth more than a gift card.

From Fundraising to Finance: Seven Tips for Nonprofit Integrations

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The development director and the finance director at the Society for the Promotion of Boat Racing were good friends outside of work, but they tended to spar when they were in the office (physical or virtual). The squabbling recently became even more heated as the Society moved into a capital campaign. Even though the nonprofit…

Business investments in Singapore, the way forward

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Establishing a business of a national scale is quite a task. New businessmen dream about operating with great volume and make a name for the businesses. But when they come across the hardship associated with this, they tend to take step back. The three golden rules to set up a business are as following: Choosing the business is important. This involves the type of product or service to work with, the investment amount, the target market and the revenue opportunities.

The 12 Characteristics Of Most Effective Team Leaders

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Author Melissa Greenwell interviewed many top business executives while doing research for her book, Money on the Table. When she asked them to list characteristics of their best leaders, those who work well as a team, collaborative was almost always first and foremost.

The 7 Secrets Of Responsive Leadership

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“Responsive leaders are very focused on the people – the humanity – within the opportunity,” explains Jackie Jenkins-Scott , in her book, The 7 Secrets of Responsive Leadership. She writes about how to drive change, manage transitions, and help any organization turn around.

Tools And Tactics For Achieving Optimum Alignment In Your Organization

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I run a lot. And, running coaches, trainers and books all stress the importance of alignment. Muscle imbalances and misalignment in the body decreases running efficiency and leads to injuries. That's why the premise of the book, Total Alignment , makes perfect sense to me. As the authors stress, only when you have total alignment in your organization can you achieve maximum results.

How To Make The Most Of Your First Years Of Your Professional Life

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A lot has happened since 1997 when Robert L. Dilenschneider wrote, The Critical First Years of your Professional Life. That's why are few years ago he released a new edition of his best-seller. The book contains all the lessons you'll need to learn about functioning at work," explains Dilenschneider. His lessons are based on his four decades of experience in the work world, along with research and dozens of interviews with business experts.

How To Improve Views On Your YouTube Channel?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

According to a research, YouTube is the second most search engine world-wide. It is the largest platform where you will find millions of users as well as content creators. The reason behind the popularity of this website is that it is an open platform that appreciates talent. Here different people have created their YouTube channel and start posting content and videos. As now, you have seen that there are a lot of popular and famous YouTubers on YouTube. .

How To Master The Most Important Skill For Success

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That most important skill is the skill of asking for help , according to new research that author Dr. Wayne Baker highlights in his book, All You Have To Do Is Ask. Those who give themselves permission to ask and then ask effectively for help, move faster, achieve better results, and get more recognition for excellence,” explains Baker.

How To Become The Person Others Follow

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Yes, it will take you some time to read Joshua Spodek 's book, Leadership Step by Step. Yes, it will be a little like doing "homework." Yes, this is a book you'll read and likely need to revisit a few times for the concepts to fully sink in. Yes, this is a book you must read if you want to become the person others will follow. The time and effort you put into, Leadership Step by Step , will be well worth it!