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How To Future Proof Your Foundation’s Grants Management System – Part 1

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“The future depends on what you do today.” ” – Mahatma Gandhi. 2020 has challenged grants managers at foundations in ways that no one could have anticipated. A global pandemic. Overnight shifts to remote work and remote learning models.

22 Statistics About #GivingTuesday Donors Worldwide

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#GivingTuesday 2020 is December 1 and below are important data about GivingTuesday donors to help your nonprofit create a successful campaign.

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2020 Election: How to Change Your Digital Media Strategy

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When 2020 began, we knew we were in for a wild ride with a presidential election cycle. Little did we know everything else this year had in store for us.

Digital Marketing In 2020: 5 Reasons Why Non-Profit Organizations Need It

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Digital Marketing In 2020: 5 Reasons Why Non-Profit Organizations Need It. Do you want to get More Donors for your Nonprofit, Charity, NGO? See how to improve your Digital Marketing efforts in 2020 and get more Donors.

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Predictions for a Post-Pandemic Future for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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As we head into the final months of 2020, some parts of the country are opening up more than others, consumers are itching to get out of their homes, and arts and culture organizations are at a pivotal moment in planning for their comeback.

42 Free Nonprofit Webinars for October 2020

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Here are all the free nonprofit webinars happening in October 2020 that the Internet has to offer

How to Survive Today and Thrive Tomorrow

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Chantal Sheehan is a speaker at Cause Camp 2020. Oh, 2020. It started off strong, but by March, our world had been turned upside down by the ‘Rona. While we’re all learning how to live, work and play (at home, all together, all the time, aah!!)

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A Guide to Exploring the Untapped Potential of Canada’s Multicultural Donors

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If you ask Canadians what makes our country so special, many will point to its diversity. And our communities are becoming increasingly diverse; newcomers to Canada currently account for nearly 20% of the population, and by 2036, it is projected that as many as 1 in 3 citizens will be foreign-born.

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12 Foundation Website Templates + Examples of Foundations Who Use Them

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Looking to create or refresh your foundation's website? Here are 12 templates you can try and examples of real foundations who use them

How to Write a Strong Vision Statement for your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Tips for writing a non-profit vision statement that will shape your organizations future. Are you looking to shape your organization’s future? Start with writing a Strong Vision Statement for your Nonprofit. Check out our tips for writing a Strong Statement.

A Quick Guide to Google My Business for Startups and SMEs


A Quick Guide to Google My Business for Startups and SMEs. by Angharad Miller. Are you an SME or start-up business looking to find out more about Google My Business? You’re in the right place. Google My Business: A Great Opportunity for Your Small Business or Startup.

3 Steps for Developing a Passionate Nonprofit Board

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Your board members are the face of your nonprofit. They’re instrumental ambassadors and advocates within the community, and they ultimately pave the way for your nonprofit to thrive. In other words, keeping board members engaged is imperative to your success.

What Motivated People Do To Stay Motivated

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To learn how to stay motivated, read High-Profit Prospecting , by Mark Hunter. It's a powerful read that includes counter intuitive advice and cutting-edge best practices for sales prospecting in today's business world.

How nonprofits can leverage private sector practices amid COVID-19

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Raymond Damm, CEO of ACCEL. Nonprofits in Arizona are facing some terrifying scenarios when it comes to maintaining funding amid COVID-19. News stories continue to report on the loss of revenue to date throughout a variety of sectors, with some reports say as much as nearly $53 million.

7 Reasons Why SMEs Say They Don’t Need a Good Website – and 7 Reasons Why They’re Wrong


7 Reasons Why SMEs Say They Don’t Need a Good Website – and 7 Reasons Why They’re Wrong. by Zoe Allen. When 90% of UK adults are online, having a website that doesn’t work for you is a huge mistake. 90% of UK adults are online – so why wouldn’t you be?

Evaluating and Streamlining Your Annual Budget Process

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Mention the phrase annual budget review and you might hear a collective groan from department managers and the accounting department. On one hand, successful social good organizations need a thorough budgeting process. On the other hand, why do most participants consider it such a chore?

Why Your Customer Cares About Your Credibility

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Today’s valuable tip to remember, from the book, Unlimited Sales Success , is that: Your credibility with the customer is more important than any other factor. The more the customer trusts you and believes you, the lower the customer’s fear of making a buying mistake.

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Top 10 bbcon Sessions for Nonprofit Fundraising and Communications Professionals

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Virtual bbcon 2020 is fast approaching, with thousands of nonprofits registrants, many of whom are fundraising, communications and marketing pros like yourself: ready to expand your vision with fresh ideas and actionable inspiration!

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 163: Prepping for a Virtual Audit

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already well into September and it’s time to start thinking about year-end audits. This year, many social good organizations will be having virtual audits, and now is the time to learn about how best to prep for them.

How the Currier Museum of Art Prepared for Its Reopening

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After our complete closure on March 16, 2020 due to COVID-19 , our museum staff was busier than ever preparing to navigate these uncharted times. Our focus was to maintain a connection with the public and our members.

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A Quick Guide to bbcon 2020 for Nonprofit Organizations

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Are you ready for bbcon? Consider this 3-day experience a tremendous gift to yourself and your organization to access and connect with the leading minds in nonprofit technology around the world. Our quick guide will help you hit the ground running so you can unlock the tools, expertise and inspiration to achieve your greatest impact. Picking your session as a “nonprofit”. It’s important to understand how the content is organized so you can easily find the best sessions geared to your job role.

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Leadership Lesson: Self-Respect And Decision Making

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Here is a terrific leadership lesson from the book, 1001 Ways To Energize Employees : “Nothing creates more self-respect among employees than being included in the process of making decisions” – Judith M. Bardwich – The Plateauing Trap. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leaders Leadership

5 Reasons You Should Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business


5 Reasons You Should Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business. by Zoe Allen. Social media can be one of the easiest ways to access new customers and grow your revenue – is your brand behind the times? Build your following, grow your revenue.

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Social Media Marketing: What, when and where should I post?


Social Media Marketing: What, when and where should I post? by Angharad Miller. Social media has changed the way businesses market forever, but it can be harder than it looks. We cover everything from post frequency to timing to content so that you know exactly where to start.

How To Save The Planet: 10 Changes With The Biggest Impact


How To Save The Planet: 10 Changes With The Biggest Impact. by Zoe Allen. With the clock ticking, we’ve evaluated the impact of the biggest changes we can make for the planet. Is skipping a straw actually making a difference?

10 Tips for Creating a Sustainable Startup


10 Tips for Creating a Sustainable Startup. by Zoe Allen. If you are starting a business, it’s important you consider its impact – because your consumers will. Why is it important for my startup to be sustainable?

Why is Online Presence Management Better Than Web Design?


Why is Online Presence Management Better Than Web Design? by Angharad Miller. Interested in online presence management but don’t know what it offers? Here’s our top five reasons for why OPM is better than web design. What is Online Presence Management?

The Five Most Important Questions For Nonprofit Leaders

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If you lead a nonprofit organization, the one hour it will take you to read Peter F. Drucker's book called, The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization , will be well worth it. This book may fundamentally change the way you work and lead your organization.

How To Be A Discerning Leader

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“Being a discerning leader isn’t about making a good decision, but rather about forming the habit of making good decision after good decision,” explains Mike Thompson , author of the book, The Anywhere Leader.

Leadership Lessons From The Seven Arts Of Change

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The Seven Arts Of Change book by David Shaner is all about leading business transformation that lasts. It’s well worth your read. Some of my favorite leadership lesson takeaways include: Personal Progress : Most leaders miss the fact that every employee possesses a latent willingness to change.

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Three Ways To Be A Level 5 Leader

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Author and leadership expert Jim Collins defines Level 5 leaders as those who: Pursue goals with the ferocity of lions while displaying the humility of lambs. According to Collins, who has studied leadership for 25 years, this level of leader is a rare breed. This is a leader who: bestows credit generously shoulders blame responsibility puts organization before self. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Jim Collins Level 5 Leader The 5 Levels Of Leadership