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Lowering the ‘Giving Barrier’ for Millennials

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According to the Millennial Impact Report , 72 percent of Millennials are eager to join a nonprofit and a little over 50 percent would like to give monthly to a charitable organization. When looking at these statistics, it’s clear that Millennials are eager , and would like to contribute.

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How to improve collaboration in the workplace


Here’s the latest recap of Jamie’s culture-related posts over at Last month, his writing focused on collaboration – one of the culture markers we measure in the Workplace Genome. The Dark Side of Collaboration.

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Social Media for Nonprofits Starter Guide | Pt. 1

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The World Wide Web has certainly owned up to its name—it’s huge. The Internet and everything in it is constantly growing, and social media is no exception. With so much growth happening online, keeping up with the latest thing can feel like you’re always running to catch up. That’s why we’re taking a step back to look at the big picture and diving into social media for nonprofits.

Using E-commerce to Raise Money for Your Nonprofit

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No longer are the days when going door to door or holding bake sales are the most effective ways to fundraise. It's 2017 — it's time to revolutionize the way nonprofits raise money, by taking advantage of e-commerce.

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Can Nonprofits Really Raise Money With 5Ks?

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According to the 2015 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Benchmark Study , 5K events are struggling to recruit participants and raise funds. Revenue declined by 13%, participation decreased by 12%, and online fundraising was down 19%.

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Five Tips for Nonprofits Using Social Media During the #JointSession Address

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On February 28, 2017, President Trump will give an address to a joint session of Congress, alternative to a State of the Union address (which happens after a full year in office). It’s a key first opportunity for the new president to outline his agenda in a nationally televised address.

Don’t Miss These Social Media Stories


Just a few links I thought you should see. Enjoy. LinkedIn Just Rolled Out a Redesign – Here’s How to Clean Up Your Profile (Fast Company). The Secret To Online Community Success (Hint: It’s Not The Technology) (Vanessa Di Mauro).

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Your Official 17NTC Local's Guide to DC


We're just a few weeks away from one of the most highly-anticipated nonprofit conferences of the year and, seeing as it will be hosted in Washington, DC, our team wanted to share some favorite local spots to eat, drink, and enjoy the sights while visiting for 17NTC. Check out the list below and make sure to read the travel tips at the end! The Dabney. With locally-sourced dishes that change daily, the Dabney recently received a Michelin star and is worth the wait.

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Membership Growth Too Slow? Check These 8 Trouble Spots

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Many membership organizations struggle to grow their membership. Joy Duling shows you how to avoid the pitfall of throwing away marketing dollars, by following an 8 step formula for keeping members forever. Membership renewal member-experience membership-growth membership Joy-Duling

How Accusations of ‘Financial Mismanagement’ Impact All Fundraisers

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I recently read another “vindication” of a nonprofit that had been subject to a media expose. In this case, a thorough investigation by BBB Wise Giving Alliance (WGA) revealed that splashy accusations of financial mismanagement reported by multiple media sources had no merit.

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How Good Is Your Community Management?


By Ted McEnroe , Director of Research, TheCR. For eight years, the Community Roundtable has dug deeply into the strategies, operations and tactics behind the most successful communities in our annual State of Community Management reports.

Voting is now open for Care2's eighth annual Impact Award


The Care2 Impact Award honors outstanding achievements in the nonprofit sector. Members of the nonprofit community nominated their favorite charity initiatives, and the judges have narrowed it down to five prize-worthy campaigns. Online Advocacy Nonprofit fundraising Social Media

February Update: What to Expect in Our First Major Release of 2017

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Find out what to expect in our 1st major release of 2017 and sign up for free expert webinars in February and March. free-webinars scheduled-e-mail-blasts march newsletter

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What Are Admin Expenses?

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I once interviewed for a job with an organization in Atlanta that sold coupon booklets door-to-door to support a children’s wheelchair basketball league. It sounded like a worthy cause, until I asked what percentage of sales actually went to the league. The answer was 7%.

Phased In Giving – A Creative New Trend in Setting your Board’s Give/Get Policy


As New York’s leading personalized nonprofit board matching service, we spend a lot of time working with nonprofit boards to help them craft their nonprofit’s give/get policy – or how much board members should be asked to annually generate for the boards on which they serve. One creative new trend we are seeing: establishing a phased in give/get. How does a Phased In Give/Get work.

Cutting the Cord: Converting Your WordPress Site Into a Mobile App

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Consider this: more than half of all worldwide online traffic and digital media consumption now takes place from a mobile device, be it a smartphone, tablet or even a watch. That means billions and billions of people surf the Internet, manage social media, do their banking and more without ever sitting down at a desktop computer or even lifting up a laptop.

7 Ways for Businesses to Use SMS

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SMS marketing is a simple way for any business to engage with its consumers. You can send out offers and opportunities, and easily communicate with your target audience. Indeed, studies have shown that half of consumers actually get mad if your business won’t let them text with you.

How To Convince Leadership Content Marketing For Nonprofits Matters

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Do you struggle to convince your leadership or board that content marketing for nonprofits matters ? Have you tried every argument and presented all of the data to support your case, but still get shot down?

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Cats can save AmeriCorps Nonprofit with Balls: AmeriCorps and other national service programs at risk of getting cut by the new administration. How did Nonprofit with Balls lay out the case for why AmeriCorps funding should be protected, and convince readers to call their legislators? With photos of cats. Lots and lots of cute, fluffy […]. The post What We’re Reading appeared first on The See3 Blog. fundraising tech

Stay Mobile: Tools to Take Your WordPress Site on the Go

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Ask any seasoned web designer what is one of the most important elements of building and running a site and you’ll no doubt get the same answer across the board: think mobile first. Indeed, experts now estimate that the vast majority of users access the web on a smartphone, tablet or the like, rather than a standard desktop or laptop computer.

Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week

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RCS, Google’s answer to iMessage, expands to 27 more carriers and OEMs Google is making a play to help carriers raise their own native messaging game, and stay in the messaging game itself in the future, by expanding RCS – its “Rich Communication Services.”

Ten Ways To Be A Healthy Leader

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If you're like many leaders, you're "too busy" to exercise on a regular basis. And, you don't give yourself time to renew and refresh. Truth is, there are ways to fit exercise and healthful habits into your busy day that will pay off in dividends.

How can leadership development strategies improve retention in nonprofits?

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posted by Eric Spicer Sr. Director of Development, ASU Health Initiatives. A critical issue in the nonprofit sector is staff turnover, often referred to as the nonprofit turnover treadmill.

Spruce Up on Branding and Finances with Our Free Webinars

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As the old saying goes, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb." " Winter's abating and signs of spring are finally starting to appear. With the changing of the seasons, we tend to dust off the cobwebs and swap out winter clothing for lighter duds.

Five Leadership Quotes For Today

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Some of my favorite quotes for leaders are: A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit -- Arnold H.

What Is Your Life Word?

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You're likely making progress with your New Year's resolutions and goals for 2017. Plus, I recently discovered and read the new book, Life Word , and because of that I have also now selected my one Life Word. The one word that as the book authors say will significantly impact my life and legacy.

Insights On Change

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Change is inevitable. Change is good. Help your employees and team learn to embrace change.