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How to Create Social Media Promotions That Convert

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Long gone are the days when social media was merely a way to share updates with friends and family. People of all ages spend hours on social media platforms every single day. It’s become not only a massive online community, but a marketplace.

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye: Mighty Citizen’s Experience Running an Email Re-Engagement Campaign

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Thankfully, there’s been an email marketing paradigm shift in recent years. It used to be that, above all, size mattered. How many emails are on your list, bro?” As with many other areas of work and life, we’ve collectively come to realize the value of quality over quantity.

Blockchain for Impact: Blockchain Revolution Global Event Wrap-Up

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Blockchain for Impact: Blockchain Revolution Global Event Wrap-Up – Guest Post . By Amy Neumann. Note from Beth: Amy Neumann recently attended the Blockchain for Impact gathering in Toronto last month with 1200 attendees from dozens of countries.

Global 130

NVOAD! New Orleans


Come visit us at our booth # 29! We are looking forward to seeing everyone


The Ever-Growing Importance of Website Design

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Let’s face it—when it comes to your website, looks do matter. It only takes a split second for a viewer to decide whether or not they’ll spend time on your site, and website design is often the deciding factor. Don’t just take our word for it—we’ll use our own website design as an example.

Churches and Engagement (But Not Weddings): Tips for Engaging Each Generation

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In my last blog post, “ Elephant in the Sanctuary: Talking Money in Church ,” I introduced the topic of engagement and fundraising within a church. In today’s blog, we’ll dive into the first step, engaging each of the U.S. generations.

AI-Driven Fundraising Campaigns

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Network For Good hosted a virtual conference today called “ Fundraise Like Netflix: Engaging Donors in a Subscription-Driven World ,” that included several hours of online presentations about strategy and tools for getting repeat donors.

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Earnest Review


The process of refinancing student loans can be difficult. It may even seem like a tall order trying to trim down the number of loans you have and looking to get the lowest interest rate, and you may end up giving up. You shouldn’t though.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 97: Aligning Finance and Mission Strategy

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What do finance and development have in common? A goal to keep the organization on the path to successfully fulfilling its mission. So, it’s critical that finance and development are aligned both on the goal and on the path they’ll take to getting there.

How Successful Nonprofits Invest, and Reinvest, in their Online Presence

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By Maria De La Guardia , design director and brand strategist at Bureau for Good , a design agency that helps nonprofits explain why they matter across digital and print media.

EveryAction Acquires ActionKit

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Innovative Talent and Digital Product Add to EveryAction’s Rapid Growth. Washington, D.C., May 8, 2019 – EveryAction, a leading provider of software serving over 15,000 nonprofits, announced today that it has acquired We Also Walk Dogs Inc., more commonly known by their product’s name, ActionKit.

Crowdfunding for Nonprofits: How to Succeed + 5 Platforms You Can Use

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Crowdfunding for nonprofits might seem intimidating, but many organizations are using it to great success. In this post, I break down the steps your organization needs to take to succeed as well as reviewing 5 common crowdfunding platforms

How to Painlessly Pay off your Student Loans


If you are trying to pay off your student loans, you are not alone. As of 2018, there was a total of $1.5 trillion student loan debts. This is an all-time high, and thanks to the constant rise of new debtors and compound interest, this amount will keep on rising. According to statistics the amount of student loans grows at the rate of. 2,726 per second.

[Twitter Takeover] #ReclaimSocial: A Call to Counteract Negativity on Social Media

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On Tuesday, June 4 Tereza Litsa ( @TerezaLitsa ), co-founder of the #ReclaimSocial podcast , will takeover @NonprofitOrgs for 24 hours to lead a conversation about the importance of being positive on social media. How to Participate.

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13 Life Factors That Fuel Your Everyday Success

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Jack H. Llewellyn , PhD is a sports psychology consultant who has helped a major league baseball pitcher become a Cy Young Award winner, A NASCAR driver go from number six overall to number one and with the Winston Cup Series Championship, and countless leaders at Fortune 500 companies.

7 Steps to Protect Your Members' Data (+ Downloadable Checklist)

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Here are 7 steps you can take today to make your website more secure and protect your members' data from online criminals. Not a techie? No problem! We show you step-by-step how to do them

MEET AN ALLY: Channtal Polanco

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Channtal Polanco Class 13 Public Ally. Public Allies Arizona ’s 13th class will graduate in June, the completion of a 10-month AmeriCorps program that places emerging young leaders at local nonprofits for full-time paid apprenticeships. Find out how you can get involved as an Ally or a Partner Organization. ) In this post, which appeared in condensed form at , meet Class 13 Ally Channtal Polanco, who was placed at Opportunities for Youth.

K-12 Fundraising: 6 Fun and Easy Ideas for Every School

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Looking for a new quick and easy fundraiser for your school programs that the students will think is fun? Fundraising for school programs is no easy feat and requires a lot of thought and effort—so why not do everything possible to ensure your fundraiser is a success without piling on more stress? Your kids and… Guest Post

Use TIPS When Giving Feedback

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Eric Harvey and Al Lucia wrote a booklet called, 144 Ways To Walk The Talk. They provide the following great advice about giving feedback: 1. Make it T imely -- give your feedback as soon as possible to the performance. Make it I ndividualized -- tailor your feedback to the feedback receiver.

The Top 10 Most Downloaded WordPress Membership Plugins (of all time)

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Here are the top 10 most downloaded WordPress Membership Plugins of all time - free and paid. We’ve made it super easy to pick the right plugin for you by highlighting each one’s most important features

The 10 Best Membership Website Builders You'll Come Across [2019 Update]

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Looking for a new membership site platform? Here are the top ten membership website builders and their features so you can build the best membership website possible

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Membership Site Platform (+5 sites to try right now)

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Over the last few years, I’ve helped dozens of membership organization get set up and running quickly with membership site platforms. I’ve condensed all my experience and their advice to help anyone else looking to quickly choose the best membership site platform for their needs

High Performing Teams Have These 10 Characteristics

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According to Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese , authors of the book, The Collaboration Imperative , high-performing teams have the following characteristics: People have solid and deep trust in each other and in the team's purpose--they feel free to express feelings and ideas.

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Transforming Prospects Into Donors For Your Nonprofit

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If you serve on a nonprofit Board, are the executive director for a nonprofit, or are responsible for raising funds for your nonprofit, The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution , book by Laurence A. Pagnoni is a must-read for you.

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How To Be A Good Coach

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Former Verizon Wireless CEO, Denny F. Strigl offers these tips for how to be a good coach to an employee. He explains that good coaches help performers by: Keeping them focused. Giving them objective, helpful feedback. Acting as a sounding board for new approaches.

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Why 100+ Parks and Recreation Organizations Use This #1 Management Software (with examples and alternatives!)

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Learn how you can spend more time out in nature and less time managing your association or organization with Parks and Recreation Management Software. Recreation-Management-Software Parks-and-Recreation-Management-Software parks-and-recreation-software parks-and-recreation

Listen Up Or Lose Out

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Although people generally spend about 50 percent more time listening than speaking, the average listener misses more than he or she takes in – about two-thirds of any spoken message. That’s the unnerving findings of Robert Bolton, PH. and Dorothy Grover Bolton, ED.M. authors of the book, Listen Up or Lose Out.