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6 Ideas for Using the Instagram Donation Sticker to Raise Money

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By Julia Campbell , a social media and storytelling consultant for nonprofits and author of Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits. She regularly provides useful tips and resources to the nonprofit sector through her blog, #501SocialBlog.

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Amazing Recovery Efforts for Hurricane Harvey


Visionlink is proud to support the work of National VOAD's Project Comeback in Texas with our multi-agency Disaster Case Management solution, helping more than 700 case managers from 14 nonprofit partners assist more than 12,000 households.

Don’t Fear the Fraudster: Three Ways to Prevent Fraud at Your Nonprofit

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Occupational fraud is a chilling reality for businesses and organizations of all sizes and occurs across industries—even within the nonprofit sector.

Small but Mighty: How to Power Through When Your Staff is Low

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It happens. People move on to other opportunities, budgets can get tight ? whatever factors led to being an understaffed organization, it’s left up to you to figure out how to continue business as usual.

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[FREE WEBINAR] How to Use Social Media to Raise Money Online

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Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2019. Time: 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. Presented by: Julia Campbell of J Campbell Social Marketing.

How to Check if Your LMS is Secure and Safe to Use?


Do you know How to Check if Your LMS is Secure and Safe to Use? Keeping some essential LMS security features in mind

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 112: Tips for a Successful Hill Day

Connection Cafe

Hill Days, also known as “fly-ins,” are an important part of social good organizations’ advocacy strategies in the U.S., bringing their supporters together to speak with their members of Congress to advocate for priority issues and legislation. Preparation is key for these fly-in days to be successful. So, what’s the best way to prepare for a meeting with a member of congress? How can people working in the social good community make sure that elected officials prioritize their concerns?

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Best VPN for iPhone: Encrypt Public Wi-Fi wireless Network!

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Need a VPN to set up on your iPhone 8/iPhoneX for data security? What is the best vpn app for iphone? In this post I would like share my experience with iOS VPN apps to give you some advice on which services are good for use. Which vpn is best for iPhone? There are a.

Why Access Barriers Aren't Easily Fixed

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This month, I’ve been thinking about access barriers. The idea of throwing the doors wide open is something many of us dream about. Foundations give real money for DEAI efforts. People speak about these efforts at conferences. Whole departments are focused on this work. And, yet, our audiences remain largely unchanged. Last week, I talked a bit about the structural issues inherent in our systems and how they may play a part in our access issues.

4 Essential Steps for Growing Higher Ed Scholarship Programs

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If you’re reading this and attended college, there’s a good chance you’re in debt. Over 40% of Americans who attended college —30% of all adult Americans—are carrying at least some debt from their college education. That debt is usually a hefty chunk of change. The typical amount of education debt for Americans in 2017 was between $20,000 and $25,000. How are colleges and universities addressing student loan debt?

How To Create A Volunteer Engagement Strategy that Actually Works

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Creating a volunteer engagement strategy can not only improve your volunteer's experience, but your entire organizational atmosphere. That's why I've created this guide to engaging volunteers from start to finish

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Adobe Lightroom CC Review

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Adobe has endeavored to keep developing more advanced Lightroom versions. This article reveals everything you need to know about Adobe Lightroom C. We will be talking about the latest version of Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom CC is part of Adobe Software Suite.

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Why Is It Necessary To Select Fake Watches?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

The watches are a useful one for the working people and also the school going people. It is easy for them to see the time in the watches whenever they required. In recent times, the watches are more advanced and you can find the smart watches. The fake watch is trending in recent times.

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Don't Delay The Tough Conversation

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If you have an employee who needs to improve his/her performance don't delay the tough conversation with them. If you don't address the issue right now, the employee has little chance to improve and you'll only get more frustrated. Most employees want to do a good job.

August Update: Here’s Your Sneak Peek of 3 New Features Coming Soon

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This month's newsletter includes a look at some of the new features coming up soon, the recurring donations mini course, a webinar on reporting with Wild Apricot Payments, and regular favorites like Blog of the Month

10 Best Men’s Android Games Online of 2019

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The recent study shows that 55% of gamers are male and most of them prefer mobile gaming. What are the most popular games among men? And where to play them? Read on to find the answers. Mobile phones are no longer used for communication only. They are now a gateway to the world of entertainment. The post 10 Best Men’s Android Games Online of 2019 appeared first on Gaming

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What to Do When Selling Used Electronics

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

The trouble with electronic devices is that newer versions come out all the time. They have unique features and can significantly outperform your old appliance, especially if it is several years old. If you’ve decided to upgrade, then your primary problem is knowing what to do with your old device.

Be A Leader Who Makes Decisions

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A manager who can't make a decision or who can't make a timely decision will frustrate his/her employees. Equally bad, a lack of decision will impede the progress of the manager's team. Some managers make endless requests for data as a way to postpone their having to make a decision.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Monthly Giving Program (+ Examples)

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Looking for an easy way to get regular donations? This guide shows you how to set up a monthly giving program, including the steps in your Wild Apricot account, benefits, ideas and examples

The Best Kodi VPN for Secure & High-Speed Streaming

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Kodi is a unique and creative platform to stream movies and content on any device. What is the best vpn for Kodi? Read this article now to find the 5 best VPNs for streaming online. Kodi is a great little program that allows you to stream just about anything or any device. The platform (as. The post The Best Kodi VPN for Secure & High-Speed Streaming appeared first on Kodi Private VPN Service

What mode technology can improve your hiring method

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Screening and shortlisting candidates. The third step in the hiring process determines whether candidates are eligible for a role based on their education, experience and other qualifications.

Pretend You Are Your Company's Customer

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One of the best ways to determine if your service/business/organization is providing excellent customer service is for you, as a manager, to pretend you are the customer. Try it today. Contact your business via the phone, mail, and via the web. Use all three methods!

25 Powerful Club Management Software Tools For 2019

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If you want to spend more time in 2019 having fun and less time managing your club, Club Management Software may be for you — here's everything you need to know about Club Management Software, along with 25 options and how to evaluate between them. Club-Management-Software

Q&A with Maggie Saucedo, a Public Ally and Certified Nonprofit Professional

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Maggie Saucedo Class 13 Public Ally. Arizona State University began its fall semester last Thursday, while Public Allies Arizona will kick off its 14th year next week.

Four Ways To Use Paid Search For Small Business Growth

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

We all know on search engines, people search for what they want to see or know using keywords, terms or phrases.

Get A Second Read On Important Documents

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When writing important memos, policies, instructions and/or global communications, ask a co-worker or fellow manager to read your document before you distribute it. Getting that second opinion/read can be very helpful. Often, the other person will spot misspellings.

35 Free Nonprofit Webinars for September 2019

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Here are all the free nonprofit webinars happening in September 2019 that the internet has to offer

Search Engine Optimization Services in Slovakia

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

What is SEO? Search engine optimization is a set of rules for optimizing you website for search engines and improve your search engine rankings.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Banner Printing

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Marketing is essential in helping to bring in leads and sales to any business. Marketing essentially is reaching out to potential clients and communicating to them key brand messages.

Be A Visible Leader

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If you are a manager in a small business or not so large department, it's probably easy for you to be visible to your employees and co-workers. If you manage a large business, department or organization , you'll want to make a conscious effort to be visible.

Plan A Monthly Job Learning Day

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Having your employees learn more about what their fellow employees do is invaluable. When everyone knows how each job/position on your team fits together, your team can accomplish so much more.

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Everything That You Need To Know About Broadband Connections at the Lodge

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

After a tiresome week of stress and hard work, you must be seeking some peace of your mental state of mind. But, you cannot get that peace of mind if you stay amidst the city hustle-bustle and cacophony.