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Our Challenge: How are You Strengthening the Social Economy?

Connection Cafe

I spent today surrounded by hundreds of the nation’s most innovative and passionate social change-makers here at the Social Innovation Summit.

Three areas where more transparency works


Jamie’s been writing all about transparency over at Association Success. Here are three areas where adding transparency into your processes can make things work better. If you don’t tell them, they’ll make it up .

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Built for Speed: Ways to Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

Byte Technology

Faster is better. True words no matter whether you’re running on a WordPress site or another platform. And why is speed so important? Consider this: when a visitor first lands on your page you have a severely limited amount of time—seconds really—to grab their attention and encourage them towards further exploration.

Apple Pay for Nonprofits: Frictionless Online Philanthropy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Apple has had a rule that banned iOS apps from collecting funds for charities or fundraisers via Apple Pay. That means if they collected funds, it would have to take place outside the app, such as through a browser or text.

Honoring both Funders and Fundraisers on National Philanthropy Day

Connection Cafe

Happy Thanksgiving…a week early. In 2009, when I was serving as the President of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ South Carolina Lowcountry Chapter , I found myself in front of a group of 400 generous, deeply caring people.

5 Ways to Give Your Charity Auction a Social Twist


Charity auctions have been a popular staple of event fundraising for decades, and for good reason—they work! However, in order for your auction to attract the most supporters and bring in as many funds as possible, it’s important to give it a modern twist.

Center of Attention: Some Great Plugins for Popular Posts

Byte Technology

Creating a ton of great content is a wonderful thing for a blogger utilizing a WordPress-based site. But what happens when—heaven forbid—you create too many stellar posts? What happens when your archive is bursting at the seams, and your visitors have to wade through a sea of posts to find what they’re after?

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Field Notes from an Executive Director: Help Your Board Help You

NonProfit Hub

I’ve had the privilege of volunteering and sitting on over 10 nonprofit boards as a member of my community. As I’ve transitioned into becoming a nonprofit professional the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to assemble a board of my own—well, two actually. Since Nonprofit Hub has become its own 501(c)3, the staff has been able to come down from the ivory tower and actually live the life of a nonprofit professional.

Speed Mentoring @Tech Innovation + Inclusion Summit


I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to find a mentor, be a mentor, learn something new and build your network. Speed Mentoring @Tech Innovation + Inclusion Summit. Washington D.C. November 17th | Town Danceboutique. 2009 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20001. Register here.

5 Tips for Choosing a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platform


Editor’s note: We’ve been hearing from nonprofits and supporters that more people want to use their social spaces to fundraise for their favorite causes. Our thanks to Mark for outlining these considerations and helping people understand their P2P platform choices. Enjoy!

TechSoup's Commitment to the Organizations We Serve

Tech Soup Blog

Get to Know the Lodestar Center: Elsbeth Pollack

ASU Lodestar Center

Welcome to a new ASU Lodestar Center Blog series, “Get to Know the Lodestar Center!” We’d like to provide our readers with a peek into what we do each day to accomplish our mission by introducing members of the faculty and staff via short interviews and conversations.

This Week’s Coolest Jobs – November 16


Here are some of the coolest jobs you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , digital and technology.

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Can Nonprofits Raise More Money with Apple Pay?


Good news for nonprofits. Apple just announced that Apple Pay will now allow nonprofits to use the service for donations. Apple used to ban iOS apps from using Apple Pay to collect funds, meaning that charities needed to use third-party apps or outside services to process donations.

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[PODCAST] Donor Conversion: From Mid to Major | Ft. Maeve Strathy

NonProfit Hub

The mid-level donor is often forgotten and left in a middle child-like limbo. They’re not treated the way they want or the way they feel like they should be treated, which leaves them not giving as much to your organization as they’re capable of. The mid-level donor is defined differently for every organization, but typically looks like someone who gives more often than once, but isn’t a recurring donor yet, or isn’t giving enough to be considered a “major donor.”.

10 Tips to Improve Your Giving Tuesday and Year-End Donation Pages

Tech Soup Blog

Giving Tuesday and the remainder of the year-end giving season are approaching! You can benefit by improving the online donation pages that are connected to your website and your email appeals.

How To Be A Healthy Leader

Eric Jacobsen Blog

If you're like many leaders, you're "too busy" to exercise on a regular basis. And, you don't give yourself time to renew and refresh. Truth is, there are ways to fit exercise and healthful habits into your busy day that will pay off in dividends.

Top 9 Fundraising Consultants for Nonprofit Success

Donor Search

Even the most experienced nonprofit organizations can use some help and support in regards to forming their fundraising strategies. Fundraising consultants are experts in their field who can provide you with a diverse range of tools and skill sets to help you accomplish your goals.

[Cool Infographic Friday] 7 Fresh Ideas for your Holiday Social Media Posts


Yeah yeah, I know. It’s not even Turkey Day yet. But that’s the point, isn’t it – having some holiday post ideas in advance will ensure you can relax over the actual holidays. Thanks to MDG for sending this one over. Infographic by MDG Advertising. photo credit ).

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Follow Through On What You Promise

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Set a good example for your employees and follow through on everything you say you are going to do. If you promise to get an employee an answer, get it for him or her. If you say you'll send a team member a report, do so. As the Nike campaign/slogan so aptly says, "Just Do It."

Team 60

How To Get The Feedback You Need

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Getting feedback is an important way to improve performance at work. But sometimes, it can be hard to seek out, and even harder to hear. Feedback is all around you. Your job is to find it, both through asking directly and observing it,” says David L.