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10 Tips for Using Zoom for Successful Donor Visits

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I feel grateful. Maybe, lucky? I’m not sure which word is more correct for such a tumultuous and devastating situation. Neither seems entirely accurate. I have been a remote Vice President for Advancement for almost five years. I raise funds for Starr King School for the Ministry, located in Berkeley, California. By contrast, I live and work from my home office in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Our school has been doing distance-learning before it was cool or necessary (since 2001).

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47 Free Nonprofit Webinars for May 2020

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Here are all the free nonprofit webinars happening in May 2020 that the Internet has to offer

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10 Donation Page Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

This is the third post in a year-long blog and webinar series called 101 Best Practices for Nonprofits , written and presented by Heather Mansfield. Please sign up for Nonprofit Tech for Good’s email newsletter to be alerted of new posts. Thank you! According to the 2019 Blackbaud Charitable Giving Report , online giving grew 6.8% in 2019 and accounts for 8.7% of a nonprofit’s total revenue – and those numbers will continue to grow.

How to Create the Perfect Email List

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Working in a nonprofit can be hard, and marketing yourself requires a bright eye. You’ll need to attract donors, show board members the numbers, get productive work done, and more. To market yourself in today’s world, you need to go digital and reach out to a broader audience. One of the best ways to do that is email marketing. . They’re easy to set up, easy to build, and your bank account will like them too. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect to make at least $42 back. .

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Oregon Office of Emergency Management: Volunteer & Goods and Services Donations


We are pleased to support the good work of the Oregon Office of Emergency Management. The agency has deployed Visionlink’s volunteer management and Goods and Services Donation solution to help coordinate response among volunteers for COVID-19 in Oregon. You can visit their site here [[link] and you can learn more about the state governme nt ’ s leading efforts here.

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Creative, Authentic and United: Digital Engagement during COVID-19

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This week we're hearing from Eastman Museum's Kate Meyers Emery. Kate's the sort of person who you want to sit down with. She's a conversationalist, in the best sense of the word. She listens, considers, and then shares. And, with her, I've had conversations that stick with me. I honestly still think about a conversation I had with her years ago about interpretation. I wish I could relate that conversation, but it would be hard because it doesn't quite relate without Kate doing the talking.

Two Keys for Successful Virtual Challenge Fundraisers

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In the last month we have all been drinking from the firehouse of new nomenclature – ‘flattening the curve’, ‘social distancing’, ‘Quarantenials’ (ok, I made the last one up) to name but a few. In the day job, peer-to-peer fundraising at Blackbaud, we have seen the proliferation of the term ‘Virtual event’. It’s no surprise that nearly every nonprofit is working to move physical events online and searching for ways to diversify more traditional fundraising channels.

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8 Must-Have Integrations for Your Nonprofit CRM

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By Erin Booker , Head of Content at Funraise , a fundraising platform built for fundraisers by fundraisers with 20+ third-party integrations. We’ve talked a lot recently about taking your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy digital. How to make the transition to virtual events, social fundraising, and livestream everything. But what if you’ve already been dipping your toes in that sparkling water? What’s your next step? It’s time to talk integrations, nonprofit friend.

Neuromarketing Explained

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There’s strong competition among nonprofit organizations when it comes to fundraising in the U.S. There are more than 1.5 million tax-exempt nonprofit organizations , and many have to compete for the attention of the public and donations. Therefore, there’s no surprise nonprofit organizations are constantly looking for new and effective marketing tactics to give them an advantage over their competitors.

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Americans' Urge to Help Overcomes Lock Down Limitations


Thousands of COVID-19 volunteers and donated essential supplies are matched with states’ needs through an innovative pro bono tech and volunteer partnership BOULDER, CO, April 9, 2020 – Americans are no strangers to disasters. A hallmark of U.S. culture is the immediate outpouring of offers from volunteers and companies urgently wanting to help those stricken by misfortune.

Interview with Vikas Garg, CEO and Founder at abillionveg

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Interview with Vikas Garg, CEO and Founder at abillionveg. A social app to find the best Vegan and Environmentally friendly options anywhere. Review Vegan Products. Every review = $1 donated to a Nonprofit. We have interviewed Vikas Garg, CEO and Founder at abillionveg , to learn more about his background story, how he started abillionveg, and the future he hopes to create through his work. Get inspired, get involved and ask any questions you like. Let’s get started!

4 Development Activities to Do Now for Future Payoff

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When a storm is coming, you prepare. Some people prepare before the storm, some prepare after it passes, anticipating a new normal. Either way, you’re making sure your foundation is solid so you are ready for anything that comes your way. Think about the outpouring of support for healthcare workers during a public health crisis. How are those fundraising organizations going to thank and steward those new donors? How do they make sure gift officers aren’t overloaded?

20 Online Fundraising Ideas Perfect for Any Cause (Social Distancing Approved!)

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Looking for ways to fundraise while adhering to social distancing regulations? Here are 20 online fundraising ideas and great examples to learn from

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How Nonprofits Can Use Livestreaming to Raise Funds Through Sponsorship

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By Dana Bakich , founder and CEO of Positive Equation – a digital consultancy focused on equipping nonprofits with the tools and resources to build impactful digital strategies. She’s worked with Movember, Dress for Success, USTA, American Idol, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Hashtag Lunchbag, and many more. . With in-person events postponed for the foreseeable future, digital opportunities own the stage. . Are you ready to innovate? .

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8 Tips for Fundraising When You Hate Networking

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Networking can be a daunting prospect. But it’s essential to having a successful nonprofit organization, so being prepared is vital. It doesn’t have to feel like a chore if you’re an introvert. Try these tips for fundraisers who hate networking: 1. Be prepared. Work out exactly what you want to get out of the event in advance. Make sure to have a tight elevator pitch ready to go, and bring plenty of business cards so you can focus on making your interactions count in the moment.

Let's Be Honest

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Many museum conferences have a moment of unfettered camaraderie and unvarnished joy--that moment is at karaoke. If you've not made it to one, not had the full heart of swaying with faraway conference friends as Wonderwall is sung with much more joy than the Gallagher's could imagine, you're in for a treat when you finally join us. It was one of those moments when I was standing on a banquet (why question the story now?), and belting something I had no idea I knew the words to with someone else.

How to keep your Workforce Motivated during COVID-19 crisis?


Everything in the workplace has changed. As employees adjust to how, when and where they work, here are some tips to keep your workforce motivated

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 143: Getting Ready for #GivingTuesdayNow

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#GivingTuesday is an annual campaign that has taken off far beyond expectations in the years since it was first implemented, reaching an unprecedented global scale. And now the #GivingTuesday organization has created a new day of giving as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic: #GivingTuesdayNow. Asha Curran, CEO of #GivingTuesday, joins the sgENGAGE Podcast in this episode to talk with Blackbaud’s Rachel Hutchisson about the new #GivingTuesdayNow campaign happening on May 5, 2020.

How to Host a Successful Virtual Fundraiser for Your Nonprofit

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Hosting a virtual fundraiser is a great option when in-person events aren't feasible. Here's everything you need know about organizing a successful event online

16 Online Job Boards for Nonprofit Professionals Worldwide

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The bad news? Tens of millions are out of work worldwide due to the COVID-19 crisis. The good news? The economy will eventually bounce back and a record number of new employment opportunities will be available and many of these future jobs will be remote. Nonprofits that embrace flexible work movement experience many benefits , such as increased productivity and retention and decreased expenses and pollution contribution. Win-win. Bookmark your browsers! Your next dream job is coming soon.

Adjusting Online for Nonprofits: Keeping Faith Alive

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The fight against coronavirus is all of ours together. Our assurance solely lies in the fact that we won’t be giving up any time soon. COVID-19 has affected every industry in some way or the other ? lockdowns all over the world have resulted in either holidays or work from our respective homes. This doesn’t mean that it’ll affect productivity as humans have been known to adapt and survive. One way we can adapt is through our fundraising.

#KeepThePeopleDancing: Futures in Digital Engagement

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This week, we're hearing from Adrienne Lalli Hills. I can't say when I met her, but I certainly remember knowing her. Adrienne is a rare person, true and strong and kind. I love hearing her share her ideas. She has the type of confidence and thoughtfulness that makes you listen. But, she also has an honesty where you know she is listening to you.

The voice and vision of the volunteer

ASU Lodestar Center

Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz. posted by Trehon A. Cockrell-Coleman, Fall 2019 Alumnus, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. The lifeline of all mission-driven organizations is the volunteer. According to the Independent Sector, a national advocate for the nonprofit sector, “A volunteer can impact the quality of services in charities and congregations while reducing costs.”

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The Critical Role of Healthcare Philanthropy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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This is truly an unprecedented time. As a nation, we have come to together to address the COVID-19 pandemic in many different ways. All of us have an important role to play even if it is primarily staying at home to flatten the curve. What we have seen thus far from healthcare organizations and healthcare providers is the true meaning of the word endurance. This is not a sprint. It is not a 5K. We are in the midst of a race where the end mile marker isn’t quite known.

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15 Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Nonprofit

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It's time to spring clean your work! If you have a little extra time on your hands, here are some projects that will help you clean up, organize and prepare your nonprofit for a post COVID-19 world

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3 Emerging Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits

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By Kayla Matthews , writer at ProductivityTheory.com and journalist dedicated to helping others better their productivity. For nonprofits, fundraising can be a challenging proposition. There are strict rules regarding what you can do to collect funds, and what you’re allowed to do with that money once you have it to retain your nonprofit status. As technology continues to advance, new fundraising techniques and trends are emerging.

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MobiKin Transfer for Mobile Review

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Spending much time moving all your stuff from old phone to new one? Keep an eye on this highly rated MobiKin Transfer for Mobile, it can transfer data between phones safely with the speediest process. MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is designed for people who need to transfer data from one phone to another. You can. The post MobiKin Transfer for Mobile Review appeared first on PhreeSite.com. data recover

How can you reduce your training costs with a Cloud LMS?


Let’s explore all the relevant points needed to verify how the implementation of cloud LMS can reduce the training costs of any organization to a great extent

Five Tips for Nonprofits to Avoid Virtual Fatigue

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Dance Off Energizer on Zoom. It is uncertain exactly when we will be able to work together in our offices, although it is clear that our work will involve primarily digital connections with others for a while longer While the cloud of the global health and financial crisis are weighing on us, the technology we are using as our life line is prompting a new ailment – exhaustion. Now more than ever we must create a robust workplace culture and stronger relationships to retain our humanness.

4 Tips for Avoiding Monthly Donor Churn During COVID-19 (and Beyond)

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While it’s still uncertain how overall fundraising revenue in 2020 will look given the challenges presented by COVID-19, reports have shown that charities in the U.K. saw a 41% year-over-year increase in cancelled monthly donations in March 2020. Economic and personal insecurity can present unique challenges for your monthly giving program but there is plenty you can do to combat loss with simple, feel-good donor retention strategies. And, these strategies might even brighten your day as well!

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Resources to Help Your Organization Adapt During COVID-19

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If you're facing unexpected challenges at the moment, here are some resources to support you and your organization as you adapt. You'll find information on running online events, working remotely, online fundraising, and more

26 Fundraising & Digital Marketing Research Reports for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The research reports listed below are a small sampling of the research available to nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide. The data can be used to help your organization craft your next online fundraising and digital marketing strategy. If you would like to suggest a specific report be added to the list, please contact Heather Mansfield or post a link in the comment section below. Thank you! For Nonprofits Worldwide: 1. 2019 Global NGO Technology Report :: Download.

How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Pictures

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Here we are going to talk about the best tips and strategies to get more likes on your Instagram pictures and watch your profile skyrocket. Hearts, faves, double taps, or whatever you call them, Likes are the main form of currency on Instagram. Every Instagram user from fashionistas, dancers, gym guy, photographer, chef, to influencers. The post How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Pictures appeared first on PhreeSite.com. Social Network

How Do You Select a Learning Management System for Your Training Needs?


Training and Development professionals must know the right way to select a Learning Management System (LMS) for training employees, customers or partners and achieving quality results. In this article, we explore how to select a Learning Management System (LMS) for your training needs

Ways To Use Zoom Breakout Rooms To Increase Meeting Engagement

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We are only about one month into the world’s largest work from home experiment. This means spending a big part of our day sitting in front of a screen that looks like the Brady Brunch. It has surfaced a new technology affliction: Zoom Overload. . There are number of reasons we feel exhausted from zoom meetings as Jeremy Bailenson, Virtual Human Interaction Lab points out.

A Guide for Planning Your #GivingTuesdayNow Campaign in 5 Days

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Now, more than ever, organizations need their communities to rally behind them. The potential health and economic repercussions resulting from COVID-19 are worrisome for many, but your mission stands strong and your donors believe in you. GivingTuesdayNow, on May 5, 2020, was developed by the GivingTuesday organization as an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While May 5 is less than a month away, there is enough time for you to participate in this global day of giving.

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The Ultimate Guide to Live Video Streaming on Social Media for Nonprofits

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In-person events have been suspended indefinitely and it’s never been a better time to reach your followers through livestreaming on social media. Here's how to do it on all the platforms that offer it

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