December, 2005

We're hiring!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

We're hiring! Benetech is in growth mode, and we're hiring for three positions right now. I'm seeking a new CTO to help grow Benetech's project portfolio and our engineering team, and to help me handle the incredible range of opportunities Benetech has for changing the world. needs a dynamic person to manage and drive the expansion of our collection, managing both automated and volunteer processes to bring more books to more people with disabilities around the world.

Baldrige National Quality Award Launches Nonprofit Pilot Program :: PNNOnline ::

AFP Blog

Baldrige National Quality Award Launches Nonprofit Pilot Program :: PNNOnline :: : "Baldrige National Quality Award Launches Nonprofit Pilot Program Posted by: alvenable on Friday, December 16, 2005 Topic Special Features As an introduction into the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program, associations and nonprofits will have the unique opportunity to participate in a pilot application program to be launched in January 2006.

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Nonprofit Blog Exchange

Have Fun - Do Good

I am participating in my first Nonprofit Blog Exchange set up by the fabulous Emily. I want to highlight a blog that I've been reading for a while, the Tutor Mentor Connection blog written by Daniel Bassill out of Chicago, Illinois.

Tools for Blogger

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

Since installing and modifying my new template, I have a new-found confidence in my ability as a CSS programmer. So I started trolling the net for new ideas and sample scripts for improving my Blogger site. I found quite a few.

Is this what Harry and Sara might do soon?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Not too long ago, a researcher looking at early childhood and technology asked me for permission to include a reference to my post, " Mommy, what's a blog ?" " Today, I discovered the future: Miniscobleizer ! Thus inspired, I started a group on flickr called nptechkids.

NetCentric Advocacy: Extraordinary Confessions

Network-Centric Advocacy

this is not new or ground breaking ( new york times covered it already.) however, it is a great example of what happens when we adopt strategies that let this is out there but i wanted to grab it for the blog

Social Enterprise Alliance

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I am proud to be affiliated with the Social Enterprise Alliance, a group that works to advance the cause of people who run enterprises with a social mission. Early bird registration has just started for the Seventh Gathering, the annual meeting of the Alliance. It will be held in Atlanta in early March, and I will definitely be there

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How to Start Your Basic Blog

Have Fun - Do Good

My friend Abby, the Executive Director of the school gardening nonprofit, Urban Sprouts , has taken the plunge and started an Urban Sprouts blog. Hooray! If there are any readers out there who want to start a blog for themselves, here are my basic, "accidental techie" guidelines.

Delicious leaves some with a bad taste.

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

I've just be reading the conversation on the net about Yahoo's acquisition of - as you would expect, feelings about it run high. Those who are excited about it see it as a vote for tagging and web 2.0

Harry at Baseball Clinic

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Harry at Baseball Clinic Originally uploaded by cambodia4kidsorg. During the vacation week, Harry participated in a baseball clinic at BC


Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


a topic of continuing interest here is why and how wikipedia works (which we think it does), and so this commentary by chris anderson, writer for wired, is insightful: the probabilistic age: "q: why are people so uncomfortable with

Jim does Tunis

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Jim's adventures in Tunis I had to write these experiences down. They are not Benetech-relevant, but I circulated them inside Benetech and was encouraged to post them in the Beneblog. Advance notice: my longest post ever. Written on November 20, 2005. I felt the need to jot down a few notes about my visit to the old part of the city of Tunis. It's a series of stories, all crammed into less than 24 hours. After the WSIS conference, where I had been housed in Hammamet, 50 miles away and a 1.5

What Do You Want to Change?

Have Fun - Do Good

I'm double blogging these days, here and on the NetSquared blog. That's a photo of me above at NetSquared's last Net Tuesday. A gathering for folks to socialize and chat about how nonprofits can use web-based technology like blogs, podcasts and social bookmarking for change. Here's info.

Cleaning Off My Desk for the New Year

Have Fun - Do Good

Cupcakes for Hope!

Have Fun - Do Good

The amazing food blog, Chocolate and Zucchini , advertised my kind of yummy online fundraiser today-- Menu for Hope.

Seven Favorite Books of 2005

Have Fun - Do Good

Whenever someone asks me if I've read a good book lately, I can never remember what I've read, so this year, I wrote down titles as I read them.

Be a Net2Builder!

Have Fun - Do Good

As I mentioned in my November 3rd post , I am working as a Community Builder with NetSquared , a project of Tech Soup.

Another Do Good Gift

Have Fun - Do Good

I saw an article about textile designer, Hiroko Kurihara's Blanket Shares Project in the December issue of Sunset magazine. For each item she sells, she donates a scarf or blanket made of recycled polar fleece to an organization that serves people who are homeless or in transition.

Gift 52

Online Advent Calendar

Have Fun - Do Good

For those of you who used to love to open the little door on the Advent calendar each year, check out this web-based Advent Calendar by Leslie Harpold. I found it through a fun, crafty blog called, Not Martha.

Must Hear Speech from Barack Obama and the Power of Podcasting

Have Fun - Do Good

I love listening to Barack Obama's podcasts because he gives me hope that there is at least one person in the US government who is reasonable, sane, intelligent and truly cares about people as humans, not just as voters who can keep him in or out of office.

Iraq 52

How to Subscribe to Blogs via RSS

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

I'm just realizing how few people really understand how to subscribe to a blog -- this blog in particular -- using its RSS feed. The Firefox browser has done its best to "degeek" RSS with its live bookmark feature.

RSS 52

The Good Gift Ideas Keep Coming

Have Fun - Do Good

My friend Gabriela Masala sent me some more good giftie ideas: For the children on her list, she bought High in the Clouds a children's book by Sir Paul McCartney, Geoff Dunbar and Phillip Ardagh. She described it as, "a green story about preserving the Earth and protecting the animals.

Gift 52

A Few More Do Good Gift Ideas

Have Fun - Do Good

My friend, Corrina McFarlane, sent this link to an article from the Boston Globe, Giving Twice: Thoughtful gifts that benefit charities, education, and research.

Taking a Break from the Software Conga Line

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Imagine a software conga-line with floppies and CD-ROM's snaking around the computer and waving little hands. That is what's happening here today after wiping the hard drive and re-installing the operating system on the computer.


Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Interesting article about the localization of linux in Nepal. Similar language, cultural, and access issues as Cambodia

Nepal 65

Blogging To Improve Cambodia's Environment

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Meet Zarah Jane Almeida who works as a producer for Mlup Baitong's Environmental Advocacy Radio Program. She has been blogging about her work and life at Sreisaat Adventures in Cambodia since January, 2004.

Dec. 26: Remembrance Week Begins

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Via Dina Mehta come an announcement about Remembrance Week. The WorldWideHelp Group would like you to join us in Remembrance Week. It's designed to remember the one-year anniversary of the Tsunami as well as the other major disasters that stroke our world during the year.

I Want Change: Politics of Shopping

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The photo on the left is my contribution to the netsquared iwantchange group. To find out how you can participate, check out. Marnie Webb's post about it. Why are we holding a sign that says "Buy Made in Cambodia Clothes?"

Netsquared is Scobleized

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here's Robert Scoble saying a few words during the Global s London Summit. He refers to that moment in a post about netsquared titled Making the World a Better Place Through Your Browser. And, here's an article from OpenDemocracy briefly touching on that moment. Technorati Tags: net2

Reflections from Global s London Summit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'm just back from the Global s Summit in London. One of the most exciting things for me was to finally meet Tharum (a Cambodian blogger) and pictured above face-to-face. Tharum and I have been in communication via our blogs, IM, and email for over a year now.

Live Blogging Global s Summit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'm live blogging the conference on Cambodia4kids Blog

Marc Canter: Spell My Name Correctly!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Marc Canter deals with the backchannel: Just spell my name correctly! I can relate. My name is constantly mispelled. And here is a little context about why the Canter/Cantor/Kanter/Kantor name. Technorati Tags: lesblogs , backchannel , net2 , nptech

Why Ajax Sucks Most of the Time!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This article, " Why Ajax Sucks " is a spoof article constructed by Chris McEvoy (with apologies to Jakob Nielsen.) He is spoofing a 1996 article by Jakob Nielsen called " Why Frames Suck." " Here's Chris's list of Ajax Mistakes



Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Just learned about fon. from blog posts via Rebecca MacKinnon and Evan Zukerman. FON is an international company based on the idea of sharing broadband connections through wireless routers. The basic theory - if you???re

Better than A Video Ipod for the Holidays!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This year for the holidays, our "gift" to ourselves (over the next four years) is to sponsor Leng Soparoth for college in Cambodia through the Sharing Foundation. She is an orphan from Kampong Speu and lived in the same orphanage as our daughter, Sara.

Ipod 65

That Was The Year That Was

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

I've been taking some time today to browse through a year's worth of service requests from our clients. It's very useful to step back and take a look at what the non-profits we work with have been trying to accomplish with their information systems. What are the challenges these groups are facing? What seem to be the burning needs of the advocacy groups, service organizations, think tanks, and associations we work with? And what technologies are emerging to meet these needs?


Giving Circles

Have Fun - Do Good

Good Morning America did a story this morning on something I have been wanting to write about for a while, giving circles. They profiled a giving circle called, Dining for Women , a group of women who get together once a month for dinner and to learn about and financially support grassroots organizations that serve women and children. Giving circles are basically groups of people who support a cause by joining their resources together. They are sometimes referred to as, "social investment clubs.”