September, 2015

Make No Mistake: Fundraising IS Mission

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Every once in a while, I get really annoyed about something. Now is one of those times.

Turning Social Media Millennials into Engaged Activists

Byte Technology

Over the past several years there’s been a question vexing non-profit organizations: how to attract the newest generation of philanthropists and turn them into active and engaged supporters, in essence how to turn social-media mavens into boots-on-the-ground activists and volunteers able to further a cause through hand-on involvement.

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5 Tips for Getting Media Pickup for Your Fundraising Campaign

AFP Blog

5 Tips for Getting Media Pickup for Your Fundraising Campaign : 'via Blog this

The Problem with Boards


There is a huge conversation we’re not fully having in the association community, and that is about the incredible, ongoing, and massive destruction of value perpetrated by Boards of Directors for many, many associations (and other nonprofits too). That is not an attempt to be dramatic.

Is Your Software Really 508 Compliant? Three Things You Should Know.


Each day we find ourselves more and more reliant on technology. Our dependence on computers and smart phones has naturally produced some major advancement in technology. Though both exciting and liberating, major advancements in technology have also produced some unforeseen consequences.

20 Must-Know Fundraising and Social Media Stats

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Google research has revealed a 30% uptick in searches from August to September related to charitable giving. Your donors are currently in the process of deciding which organizations will be receiving their year-end donations.

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Tips for Keeping Your Fundraising Events Unique and Memorable

Connection Cafe

When you think back on the major adventures or experiences you’ve had in your life, rarely are your memories average. Each flashback is unique in the way it makes you feel, good or bad.

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Tool Kit: How to Use Data to Advance Fundraising - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

AFP Blog

Tool Kit: How to Use Data to Advance Fundraising - The Chronicle of Philanthropy : "Your database is a gold mine,” says Emily Courville, director of analytics at the Humane Society of the United States. There is so much you can learn about what your donors are doing if you just start to look.” Nonprofits have long used data to drive their fundraising efforts.

Bridging the Skills-Gap with Competency-Based Learning


Post by Jack McGrath, President of Digitec Interactive. These guys are awesome, check out their new LMS platform here. ———– “Oh to be young and underemployed,” said no one ever. Yet this is the case for many entering the workforce today.

Skills 138

4 Nonprofit PR Lessons from Pope Francis

NonProfit Hub

Pope Francis is in the United States, and at Nonprofit Hub we are obsessed by the Pope’s ability to hold a position that has the power to be incredibly controversial, yet he continues to gain support from people from all walks of life.

Lesson 114

Why and How Your #Nonprofit Needs To Bust the Culture of Sitting at Work

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Chris Messina hacked a piano for a standing desk.

The 5 Rules for Supercharged Year-End Fundraising

Connection Cafe

According to the most recent statistics , your organization could be raising over half of your donations during the last six weeks of the year. And a full third (33%) of the donations made in December occur on the 31st of the month!

Profiling Like a Pro: Understanding the Demographics of Your Instagram Audience

Byte Technology

Analytical tools have changed the way we digest important information on everything from website effectiveness to Facebook engagement to Twitter insights.

Online Security A Major Issue For Fundraisers - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times

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Online Security A Major Issue For Fundraisers - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times : "Cyber security has become a leading cause for concern among managers at nonprofit organizations. Some 81 percent of 470 respondents ranked cyber security as among the top 10 risks in their organization, including 24 percent of those surveyed who ranked it in the top three." 'via via Blog this

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Top 5 Twitter Management Tips for Non-Profit Organizations to Increase Followers Organically


Twitter serves as a great marketing tool and has become increasingly useful for all types of businesses who are looking to expand their reach.

3 Nonprofit Success Metrics That Your Organization Needs to Be Tracking

NonProfit Hub

Roy Cheran is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. Roy is the Vice President of Marketing at DonorPro , an innovative software company that helps nonprofits grow their fundraising revenue by an average of 37 percent each year.

Nonprofits and Instagram: The Ultimate Curated Collection of Best Practices, Examples, and Tips

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Earlier this month, when Instagram announced its user community had grown to more than 400 million, it reminded me that I needed to update my curated collection of Instagram for Nonprofit resources.

It’s Me, Your Donor. Are You Listening?| Insights from the $FG Report

Connection Cafe

I was lucky enough to get a preview of the Money for Good 2015 report and it’s full of surprising (and not so surprising) data, insights and recommendations for organizations, funders and vendors.

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Courting Corporate: Utilizing the Opportunities of Company Philanthropy

Byte Technology

Today’s non-profit organizations have lots of avenues to explore when seeking monetary donations, from public and private fundraising events to email, social media and crowdfunding campaigns.

Network for Good Releases Free Giving Tuesday Tools - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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Network for Good Releases Free Giving Tuesday Tools - The Chronicle of Philanthropy : "Online-giving platform Network for Good launched its 2015 Giving Tuesday campaign this week. It features free tools and webinars as well as training and donor incentives to support charities’ year-end fundraising. Started in 2012, Giving Tuesday serves as a charitable counterpoint to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Here’s Your Opportunity to Start Something Awesome: Join #MBUstorm Blogging Challenge!


Starting out is tough… We all have lots of great ideas “we wish we could do” but they keep piling up waiting for when we have enough time.

3 Ways to Engage Millennials in Your Cause

NonProfit Hub

Derrick Feldmann is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. He is a sought-after speaker, author and researcher. He serves as president of Achieve , a research and design agency for causes.

Causes 114

How the Pope Is Connecting with Younger Generations on Social Media: Pope Emojis

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

As you probably know, the Pope is visiting the United States this week in Washington, DC; Philadelphia; and New York City. While the crowds will gather on the ground for a change to touch the hand of Pontiff, there will be a lot of crowds online to celebrate his visit.

Retaining Your New P2P Donors [Hint: Acquiring Their Emails Is Only the First Step]

Connection Cafe

I was recently asked for advice on how to engage with all of the new donors that were added to a database as a result of a walk-a-thon.

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By the Numbers: The Importance of Mobile for a Non-Profit

Byte Technology

So much has been written about the importance of responsive web design—which ensures that a website renders properly across smartphones and tablets as well as it does on lap- and desktop computers—that it’s almost inconceivable to think some owners and administrators are still not using this best practice with their website.

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In a Second Go-Around, Response to 'Ice-Bucket Challenge' Is Muted - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

AFP Blog

In a Second Go-Around, Response to 'Ice-Bucket Challenge' Is Muted - The Chronicle of Philanthropy : "If the 2014 "ice-bucket challenge" was a roaring hurricane of YouTube videos and cold soakings, the 2015 version might be described as a tepid sprinkle. The campaign, which the ALS community hopes to make an annual event — with the tagline "Every August until a cure" — has generated $500,000 in donations this month for the ALS Association, officials said Wednesday.

The Marketing of Marketing is not Telling Us The Whole Story About Member Research


The marketing of marketing is big business. Billions of dollars of marketing products are sold each year: CMS’s, marketing automation, advertising, customer data analysis and more. We marketers are very good at marketing especially the most profitable marketing products.

The Differences Between a 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) and Other Tax Exemptions

NonProfit Hub

Buried in the 74,608 pages of the United States Tax Codes are options. Separated by just a few lines, which route you go to classify your nonprofit will have a big difference on what type of actions are legal and how you manage your finances.

Ways that Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Can Build Virtuoso Listening Skills

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by qwrrty. For the past few months, I’ve been facilitating a Nonprofit Emerging Leaders online peer learning project with Third Plateau Impact Strategies. It’s a pilot supported by the Packard Foundation that tests different approaches to emerging leaders professional development.

Skills 142

End-of-Year Planning: 7 Things to Get Done this October

Connection Cafe

Along with the start of school and football season, we’ve also kicked off the end-of-year campaign planning season for nonprofits. Previously, I wrote about 6 things to do in September to plan your end-of-year campaign.

Instagram Ads Now Available for All Size Nonprofits

John Haydon

Instagram recently launched a self-serve ad platform that includes many of the same features that Facebook offers. For instance, you can Target people based on the content they interact with on Instagram (liking, commenting, viewing, etc).

Recent Social Media User Data: One Big Takeaway for Nonprofits | Beth’s Blog

AFP Blog

Recent Social Media User Data: One Big Takeaway for Nonprofits | Beth’s Blog : 'via Blog this

Should your online community be open or closed?


This post originally appeared on Online Community Results. We partner with OCR on many online community strategy and implementation projects – contact us if you need help with yours. ———— Open or Closed—Who Can Participate?

Open 117

Back to Basics: 5 Essentials Steps to Email Marketing

NonProfit Hub

With seasonal changes comes an inbox full of updates, newsletters and email marketing attempts. Many of these attempts go unnoticed for a simple reason: the lack of effort and professionalism is evident.

email 113

Resource: The Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Playbook

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I am thrilled to share The Emerging Leaders Playbook. It offers a comprehensive guide for emerging leaders and their mentors to help them make sense of the changing nature of leadership.

#GivingTuesday: No Organization too Small

Connection Cafe

Don’t be fooled into thinking your organization is too small to participate in the success of #GivingTuesday.

7 Proven Visual Marketing Ideas for Maximum Facebook Impact

John Haydon

Do you want to get more engagement on Facebook? Are you using visuals but not seeing results yet? You probably know that visuals are the KING on every platform. Supporters just prefer to view and consume visual content.

Ideas 94