January, 2017

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Technology Partnerships

Connection Cafe

In a sea full of options, the seven characteristics below will help you identify a reliable partner who will help you reach your goals.

Four Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Pay More Attention to LinkedIn Pages in 2017

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Odds are your nonprofit has a LinkedIn Page. Snapchat and Instagram may be all the buzz, but ignoring LinkedIn Pages is a mistake. Thanks LinkedIn!

Hot Association Membership and Marketing Jobs this week – January 26


Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We are a state partner affiliated with LeadingAge.

Job 49

Facebook and Instagram's Latest Marketing Tools for Nonprofits


Social media marketing has become an integral part of building online community and advocacy.

Media 48

What Does Resiliency Really Mean for Nonprofit Leaders and Their Organizations?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by J Ronald Lee. It is a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to or be aware of threats that arise gradually.

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Introducing an Awesome New Podcast About Workplace Culture


Here’s a list of the episodes so far. And don’t forget to give us a review if you like these podcasts! Thank you! On Grit. Camera. Help.,

7 Ways to Make 2017 A Happy Healthy Year for You and Your Nonprofit

John Haydon

We are all familiar with the tradition of making a New Year’s resolution where we promise to start a self-improvement habit or stop an unhealthy one.

3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofits That Can Boost Professional Success

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I would like to wish all my readers, colleagues, and friends a happy new year! How about you? I also use it as a year in review tool. Housekeeping

6 Tips for Creating Engaging Email Newsletters

NonProfit Hub

Sponsored by iContact. A regularly scheduled email newsletter keeps your audience updated and helps you build a lasting connection with subscribers.

A 2017 Outlook on Corporate Responsibility

Connection Cafe

Last year, charitable donations hit a record for a second year in a row at an estimated $373.25 billion, corporate giving reached $18.45 Technology.

Social Impact Investments

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Bayan Dwaik Graduate Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. Sources: Ategeka, C. 2016, January 4). Flandez, R. 2009).

12 Advanced Google Tricks


Came across this awesome article by Larry Kim. One to bookmark! Implementation Industry Insider

5 Proven Online Donor Stewardship Techniques You Can Start Today

John Haydon

Online stewardship adds variety to your outreach. Here are five techniques […]. Donor Communication

Why Self-Interested Volunteers are the Best for Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Authored by Capulet’s Julie Szabo and Darren Barefoot, this report is based on in-depth interviews with leading practitioners and a literature review.

Succession Planning for the Next Generation of Leadership

NonProfit Hub

I always find it a little funny when I hear someone say, “The future is now.”. My immediate thought tends to be, “ But what does that even mean?”

The Secret to Raising $1M During Your First-Year Fundraising Event

Connection Cafe

You’ve probably heard it said that the first million is the hardest. Time is money. Your volunteers are connected. That would mean 6,000 participants.

Raise 124

29 of the Best Nonprofit Event Management Software Tools

Wild Apricot Blog

If you’re looking to raise more money and make managing your events easier, here’s a list of 29 event management software tools that can help you out.

Raise 38

2017 Social Media Cheat Sheet – Updated!


Tip o’ the hat to Matt Banner at OnBlastBlog. Thanks for sending this along! photo credit ).

Photo 44

5 Biggest Nonprofit Storytelling Mistakes to Avoid

John Haydon

Whether told face-to-face with a major donor, in a thank you video, or in your fundraising emails, stories are the most powerful tool in your fundraising and marketing arsenal. That’s because human beings are hardwired for nonprofit storytelling. We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind […].

A Few More Tips for Nonprofit Professionals To Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Real Blades, Creative Common License. I’m overwhelmed getting back into the daily grind, how about you? Leadership

Four Rules that Apply to Nonprofit Corporations

NonProfit Hub

Nonprofit corporations are a crucial part of our economy and serve a variety of individuals and interests. Operation as a Non-Stock Corporation.

6 Trends That Will Impact the Social Good Sector in 2017

Connection Cafe

We’re just a few weeks in and already 2017 is shaping up to be a roller coaster of a year. – Chuck Longfield, Chief Scientist Blackbaud.

Trend 117

Voto Latino Tripled Their Mobile List in One Month. Here’s How.

Mobile Commons

At Mobile Commons, we’re always interested in seeing the successful strategies that help elevate our customers’ SMS campaigns. Here’s How.

News 25

Help Us Promote Community Manager Appreciation Day January 23


Can you help us promote Community Manager Appreciation Day? We’re introducing a new tradition: The CMAD Cheers! Please RSVP for CMAD on Facebook.

Top 5 Nonprofit Conferences for 2017

John Haydon

There are so many amazing nonprofit conferences to choose from, many more than even just 3 years ago! Online Fundraising

One Simple Tip To Increase Your Productivity at Your Nonprofit Job

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Sarah Cooper – 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings. It really spoke to me about our culture of overwork, especially i n the nonprofit sector.

How to Get the Most From Feedback Surveys

NonProfit Hub

A few weeks ago, we talked about why feedback surveys are a helpful tool to help towards success. This got our wheels turning and made us prompted us to talk about specifically what you can do to get the most back from feedback surveys. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of research? So what’s the hold-up? Show Your Good Side.

9 Ways Social Media Can Help Nonprofits Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy

Connection Cafe

This march is said to be one of the largest one-day protests in U.S. history. 9 Ways to Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy with Social Media: 1.

Four Things that Turned This Association’s Annual Conference into a Member Recruiting Machine

Wild Apricot Blog

For many associations the annual conference is the biggest event of the year. growth membership events annual-conference

Association Membership Jobs This Week – January 19


Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! and tracks/reports the results of each campaign.

Job 42

How to use the Pareto Principle to Boost Marketing ROI

John Haydon

The Pareto Principle, aka the 80:20 rule, was named after an Italian pea farmer named Pareto. If you […]. Content Marketing

ROI 37

Trainer’s Tip: Your Room Set Up Can Make or Break the Learning Experience

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Yesterday, I spent a day facilitating leadership workshops for arts leaders attending the Art House Convergence Conference near Park City, Utah.

Utah 36

Feedback Surveys: A Simple Tip for Success

NonProfit Hub

Why feedback surveys are a must-have. Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.” Andy Stanley.

7 Ways to Use Infographics to Recruit Volunteers and Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story

Connection Cafe

Oftentimes, visuals can speak louder than words. Growing their outreach, their impact, and their access to resources. Where Data and Visuals Collide.