June, 2013

Introducing Apsona batch gift entry for the Nonprofit Starter Pack

Judi Sohn

Over the past few years I’ve come to appreciate the Salesforce Foundation’s Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP). But I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the Foundation’s Batch Data Entry tool.

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15 Techniques Used by Top Nonprofits to Boost Donor Acquisition and Online Fundraising Results

Connection Cafe

Online fundraising isn’t a fad. As a matter of fact, online fundraising accounts for seven-percent of total fundraising and has seen double-digit growth over the past four years. Online fundraising has also proven to be an extremely effective donors acquisition vehicle.

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Benetech Closing Statement on the Marrakech Treaty

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

To the Diplomatic Conference in Plenary on June 27, 2013 On the Adoption of the Treaty of Marrakech This is an excellent Treaty. The Benetech team is delighted by its adoption today. We have the technology, we have the content, and now we have the legal framework to make it possible for every person with a print disability on the planet to get access to the books they need for education, employment and social inclusion!

Anti-Social Network

NCE Social Media

Well, it’s come to this. There is now an anti-social media network that uses social media to allow you to avoid people you know.

Online Giving Grows as Charities Polish Their Methods

AFP Blog

Online Giving Grows as Charities Polish Their Methods : According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, online giving is growing at a blistering pace. Two studies cited by the Chronicle indicate that online donations to 115,000 nonprofits rose by 14 percent to $2.1-billion, just between 2011 and 2012; and that online contributions to the largest 149 charities in the US also grew 14 percent, to $785-million

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BREAKING: Internet Media Labs Buys Tweetchat – Will Live On as SmartStream


Remember this ? Tweetchat, beloved app of every association for following their own conference hashtags and Twitter chats, confirmed that due to Twitter’s API changes the service would shut down on June 11. Well, Internet Media Labs to the rescue!!

Nonprofit Data Migration Made Easier with Carr Partnership

3rd Sector Labs

A central challenge facing many of today’s nonprofit organizations is the paucity of technology solutions, as well as expertise, available for things like website development, fundraising, data migration, and so on.

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Benetech's Statement to the Treaty Delegates in Marrakech

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Benetech, my nonprofit organization operates Bookshare, the largest online library dedicated to serving blind and print disabled people. We have 197,000 books available in the United States today, and serve 250,000 people , mainly in the United States, but also in 40 other countries.

The Importance Of Including Storytelling In Fundraising Message


It can be easy to forget that the easiest way to have an impact on someone is to provide them with a narrative they can relate to. People don’t want to understand a social cause through numbers and statistics; they want to hear about the cause’s human impact.

Online Fundraising - What Donors Want to See on Your Website

AFP Blog

Online Fundraising - What Donors Want to See on Your Website : It is tempting to think that websites are less important in this age of social media. But, as a recent report on young people revealed, the website may be more important than ever. People of all ages, are likely to research your nonprofit right at your home page before they give to you. Make sure that you make donating as easy as possible.

Best Practices for Nonprofit Video


Finally had a few minutes to dig into Into Focus , the new benchmark and best practices report by our friends at See3. And it’s AWESOME.

Six Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Facebook Hashtags

John Haydon

By now you’ve heard that Facebook Hashtags have been rolled out to many users. These hashtags link conversations together like they do on Twitter or Instagram, so that your community can go deeper into a specific topic. For example, a hashtag for. How to create a Facebook Hashtag.

Key Findings from Giving USA 2013 Report

Connection Cafe

Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy is the longest running, annual report on U.S. charitable giving and estimates sources of giving and amounts received by type of organization. Giving USA is published by the Giving USA Foundation.

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Gaming for Sustainability: How Balaji Prabhakar’s Lottery Beats Traffic Congestion

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Imagine someone offered you $1 to leave the house an hour earlier in the morning so as to shift your commute to an off-peak train. Will you do it? If you’re like most people, you will say no. Now imagine you’d be offered a 1-in-100 chance of winning $100. You might find this offer much more enticing.

Tech Impact Heads To The Field To Help Out Favorite Nonprofits


The people at Tech Impact have great jobs, they get to work with a wide array of nonprofits and cooperate on a myriad of causes, but it’s not often they get to get out in the field to get their hands dirty.

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Nonprofits: Drive Behavior With Social Media - Forbes

AFP Blog

Nonprofits: Drive Behavior With Social Media - Forbes : real-life experiment by Facebook to encourage organ donation, adding one’s donor status to one’s timeline, sparked an immediate 2,000% increase in the number of people signing up as donors. Even after the initial flurry, signups continued at a rate double the previous rate, reports Mediapost. These remarkable results highlight the huge opportunity that social media offer to nonprofit groups

[SLIDES] What Old School Hip Hop Teaches Us About Content Marketing


Bryan Kelly and I presented this session at ASAE’s Marketing, Membership and Communication Conference last week and the feedback we got was phenomenal. So as promised, here are the slides and rundown for you. What Old School Hip Hop Teaches us About Content Marketing from Aptify. WIIFM?

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Why Nonprofits are Better than Brands at Social Media

John Haydon

Nonprofits seem to “get” social media way more than brands. Or at least they have a baked-in advantage. Brands spend billions trying to get people to feel passionate about them. And still very few, like Starbucks, Apple and Google, actually succeed. Nonprofits have passion in their bones.

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6 Proven Ways to Grow Your eMail List using Facebook [w/ Slides]

Connection Cafe

Growing your email list is core to any nonprofit’s email marketing strategy. The reason growing your email list is such a big deal is because of attrition. You see, email lists bleed out. People loose interest. Which means fresh blood needs to be added on a regular basis.

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Technological Protection Measures and the Blind

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Why Circumvention for the Purposes of Access is Crucial A Bookshare Briefing Paper Prepared for the Diplomatic Conference for Visually Impaired Persons The distributors of digital content often use technological protection measures (TPMs) to discourage the making of unauthorized copies. Unfortunately, these TPMs create collateral damage in the form of disabling or hindering activities that are generally permitted.

Studies Confirm What We Already Know: Online Giving Is On The Rise


The rate at which people give to nonprofits is on the rise, but it still represents only a small portion of overall fundraising efforts.

New Websites Match Three Trends in Charitable Giving

AFP Blog

New Websites Match Three Trends in Charitable Giving : ecently, new charitable giving sites have been popping up like baby bunnies in springtime. So much so that it is tough to keep up. But three newish online giving sites caught my interest because they reflect so well the trends in donor expectations and behavior. Here is the scoop on them

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Innovation in Healthcare Social Media


ICF is doing a lot of great work around innovation in healthcare IT, as well as exploring how social media can help push the healthcare industry forward. Here are some awesome free resources for you to check out: Innovation from Within [WHITE PAPER]. “The healthcare industry is in flux.

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Mentoring A Priority

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Mentors: Bobby Deleon and Michel Daniel and students from ECHS - Speed Networking. Note from Beth: My friend Porter Gale has just launched a new book called “ Your Network is Net Worth.”

Symbols in Subject Lines… ? Them or ? Them?

Connection Cafe

Recently some members of the Blackbaud marketing team stirred up some internal controversy by sending out an email that contained stars in the subject line (highlighted below.)

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Welcome to our New Website

3rd Sector Labs

Carr Systems’ growth has prompted us to redesign our site to better reflect precisely what it is that we do for our customers, who those customers are, and the unique approach that makes us an ideal solution for SMBs, nonprofit organizations and public agencies. We’re particularly excited to talk about some recent developments in the data migration and analytics space, which specifically pertain to nonprofit organizations but, frankly, work with other organization types as well.

Nonprofit Professionals Learning From Each Other


These days nearly every nonprofit has people tasked with maintaining the organization’s presence online. Some are specialized for social media, others create content for the web, most of them do it all.

New database will show how charity money is spent | Philanthropy Impact

AFP Blog

New database will show how charity money is spent | Philanthropy Impact : The database will consist of information from the annual returns sent to the Charity Commission from charities in England and Wales. It will give headline income and expenditure and show how charities with an income of over 500,000 allocate their revenue across fundraising and governance, charitable activities and reserves.

How to use storytelling to fundraise online


As the Internet continues to grow, it is becoming harder and harder for nonprofits, and especially associations, to fundraise online.

Can Social Media Give the Gift of Life?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Two years ago on this blog, Porter Gale published a guest post asking “ Can Social Media Save Lives? ” and described how Amit Gupta was leveraging his network and social media to find a bone marrow match.

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4 Ways Nonprofits Can Turn Website Click Data into Actionable Steps

Connection Cafe

Nonprofits are focusing more and more on increasing email click-throughs and rightfully so. More click-throughs lead to more donations, and clicks were lacking last year. Another type of click-throughs, website click-throughs, is still under the radar, though.

Six Ways to Influence Donors with Brain Science

John Haydon

As social media platforms seem to keep changing at an exponential rate, there is one thing that you can count on to remain the same for at least the next thousand years: People will always make decisions based on emotion and justify those decisions with reason.

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The Importance Of Mobile Devices To Peer-To-Peer Fundraising


We talk a lot about the ever growing role that peer-to-peer fundraising has for many nonprofits. It’s not really a new model, but the rise of the Internet has transformed the strategy and given it even more fundraising power.

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British Program Puts Philanthropy at One’s Fingertips - NYTimes.com

AFP Blog

British Program Puts Philanthropy at One’s Fingertips - NYTimes.com : n a bid to restore the canvas and painting in time for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the war, the gallery is making an appeal for the funds, equivalent to about $31,000, through smartphones. Museums have long solicited donations from the public, but they are increasingly turning to new, often digital, ways to raise funds.

Generations and Inclusion


I spoke recently to a group of HR professionals in Pennsylvania about Managing Generational Diversity. My slides are embedded below.

Into Focus: Benchmarks and Best Practices for Nonprofits and Video

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Nonprofits Measure Success of Video. See3, YouTube and Edelman have released a new report and guide for nonprofits about using video.

Why don’t we tell more stories in our fundraising messaging?

Connection Cafe

I recently attended the Cause Marketing Forum Conference and was reminded by a fabulous speaker why I love storytelling. I also reminded that we don’t tell enough stories when communicating and marketing to our supporters.

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