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Five fundraising trends to capitalize on in 2022


Reposted from the Candid Learning blog. In 2021, the social sector mastered the art of resilience. We saw countless organizations craft donation experiences that not only sustained a year-plus pandemic but set new standards for fundraising excellence. So what’s still ahead?

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Quick bites: 2021 End-of-Year Fundraising


Read time: 4 minutes. December is for two things: cooking great big extravagant feasts, and using every tool at our disposal to raise money.

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5 Tips To Cultivate A People First Culture In Your Nonprofit Workplace


You may have heard the term “people first culture” here and there, but what does it really mean? Inc.com describes the term as the following: . People-first cultures are rooted in a philosophy that values people over profits.

Determine the Value of Nonprofit Software for your Core Functions

NonProfit PRO

Use this guide to help evaluate whether a streamlined software solution that manages many of your nonprofit’s core activities--such as accounting, CRM, and fundraising--will offer a good return on investment and enable you to maximize your impact on the communities you serve.

Become the Association Your Members Want

As the pandemic advanced, we were keenly aware of the apprehension and pain throughout our community. Clients and colleagues contacted us with questions about managing revenue shortfall, introducing new technology, and preparing for changing membership patterns. The.orgCommunity organized a Think Tank to help identify trends and crystalize our outlook on the future of membership. The sessions were facilitated by Elizabeth Engel, Chief Strategist, Spark Consulting. This article is the result of feedback gleaned during those dialogues, previous research, and the viewpoints of the.orgSource team.

New for 2022 – How to Write Your Best Sponsorship Proposal Yet 

The Sponsorship Collective

If there’s one area of sponsorship that I find myself going over again and again with clients, it’s the sponsorship proposal. I don’t blame my clients in the slightest; proposals are tricky.

$1.1B Raised on Nonprofit Giving Platform, Classy, in 2021

NonProfit PRO

Classy, a giving platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about, announced that its nonprofit customers collectively raised more than $1.1 billion on the Classy platform in 2021.

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What Will Charitable Giving Look Like in 2022?

NonProfit PRO

Join Philip Schmitz, CEO of CharityEngine and Erin Crotty, VP of Customer Experience as they discuss their outlook for charitable giving in 2022. Learn how nonprofits can take advantage of technology to maximize giving and growth

How to Realign Your Digital Strategy

Forum One

The past two years have proven to be challenging for the entire world. People have changed how they consume information and take action at an unprecedented scale. Digital is the primary channel of engagement, accelerating trends that were already in motion before the pandemic.

An Upward Cycle: Fending Off Donor Fatigue With Innovation

NonProfit PRO

Donor fatigue is a slow burn. Whether it manifests itself through a dwindling regular contribution, a shift in finances, a loss of inspiration, event support or an unforeseen reason, a once-enthusiastic financial contributor may come to a point where they’re just not as interested as they used to be.

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[Webinar] How To Create A 2022 Nonprofit Marketing Plan


Looking to chart a path forward to successfully and predictably grow your nonprofit in 2022? You need a strong marketing plan to lead the way. While no one knows exactly what 2022 is going to bring, having a strong plan in place will help you effectively navigate the changing landscape.

Achieving Organizational Transformation: Pathways to Success

Association executives—and hopefully their boards—know that they are facing perilous times. Driven by the pace of cultural and technological change, they are experiencing major disruptions in the traditional business models that used to guide organizational growth strategies.orgSource offers a straightforward approach to navigating these changes and readying your organization for growth.

8 Grant Reports for Metrics and KPIs

NonProfit PRO

The process of identifying the right metrics and reports to measure and communicate is complex, especially when it comes to finding the right metrics. Grants

How to Write Your Best Sponsorship Proposal Yet 

The Sponsorship Collective

If there’s one area of sponsorship that I find myself going over again and again with clients, it’s the sponsorship proposal. I don’t blame my clients in the slightest; proposals are tricky.

Amplification Marketing: What Is It? Why Employ It?

NonProfit PRO

Do you want to know the singular metric that will excite your nonprofit leaders? It’s high engagement. So amplification marketing is an essential method for you to grow your brand’s reach in the community through your marketing efforts. Social Media

The Best of Wild Apricot 2021

Wild Apricot

Looking for some inspiration for the new year? Look no further than Wild Apricot’s best blogs of 2021! Covering hot topics and top-of-mind pain points, these blogs are full of new ideas and tools to help you accomplish your organization’s.

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The Denan Project - Leveraging WhatsApp for Good

As part of building a new supporter journey (from making a one-time donation to becoming a sustaining supporter), The Denan Project set out to shorten the time between the first donation and the recurring donations.

Evaluating Nonprofit Software: A Guided Workbook for Your Project

NonProfit PRO

Use this workbook and the included resources to guide your planning, evaluation, and decision-making activities as you explore the best solution for your nonprofit. Software/Technology

How Special Olympics Chicago Tracks Fundraising Progress from Multiple Sources


Who they are. Special Olympics is the world’s largest program for sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, inspiring greatness in more than 5 million athletes in 172 nations worldwide.

The post-interview email: Templates and advice

Charity Village

Job hunting isn’t easy. In fact, it can sometimes feel like a never-ending marathon. So, once you finish your interview, it often feels like the last stretch is over. However, there are still several steps that job hunters can do post-interview to remain active in the hiring process.

8 Tips to Build a Sustainer Program–For a Steady Stream of Gift Revenue

Donor Search

Donors who make recurring gifts as part of a sustainer program give 42% MORE annually compared to one-time donors. That means a sustainer program will bring in more money. AND, your donors’ lifetime value increases when you convert them from one-time givers to recurring donors.

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