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[FREE WEBINAR] Steward Corporate Partners Like A Boss!

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Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Time: 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. Presented by: Accelerist. Cost: Free. Your nonprofit just scored that dream partner you worked so hard to prospect and now have big plans in the works, but how do you ensure a prosperous and collaborative relationship?

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Before You Say Yes, Bake the Cake Before Committing to Nonprofit Board Service


Nonprofit board service is a serious matter! It is a huge commitment that requires devotion and proactive effort like making a cake from scratch for your son’s 10 th birthday party. A big deal indeed!


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What does digital transformation even mean?

Nimble AMS

Like many much-used terms, “digital transformation” is in danger of becoming a buzzword. But the truth is that digital transformation actually means something that’s important to the future of associations. Let’s break this down. What is digital transformation?

Nonprofit Corporate Sponsorship as a Fundraising Strategy


Most nonprofit fundraising strategies include a plan for online donations, event ticketing, and major gift programs. But one of the most overlooked ways to generate additional revenue is through corporate sponsorships.

Become the Association Your Members Want

As the pandemic advanced, we were keenly aware of the apprehension and pain throughout our community. Clients and colleagues contacted us with questions about managing revenue shortfall, introducing new technology, and preparing for changing membership patterns. The.orgCommunity organized a Think Tank to help identify trends and crystalize our outlook on the future of membership. The sessions were facilitated by Elizabeth Engel, Chief Strategist, Spark Consulting. This article is the result of feedback gleaned during those dialogues, previous research, and the viewpoints of the.orgSource team.

Best Technology Practices for Hiring Nonprofit Staff, Part One


At the core of your nonprofit is, of course, your mission. But success in delivering on that promise to your community depends on your employees. To that end, being able to attract and successfully recruit top talent for your nonprofit is of utmost importance.

Nonprofit Public Relations For Beginners: How To Gain More Attention In Less Time


While it seems that some nonprofits have the luxury of being a household name or are always in the press, this just isn’t the case for the majority of us.

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Fundraising Strategies for Difficult Times


In case you haven’t heard , we recently launched our newest report. It’s called “Navigating the Unknown: 2020 Findings to Future-Proof Your Fundraising,” and it examines how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the nonprofit industry in 2020.

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Fresh Ideas for Non-Traditional Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns and Events

NonProfit PRO

The truth is that the nonprofit sector has been innovating with peer-to-peer fundraising for some time now. Many organizations have been expanding their reach beyond traditional run, walk and ride events. Online Fundraising Peer to Peer Hybrid Events Peer-to-peer Virtual Fundraising

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Optimize Your Website’s Impact

Forum One

2020 introduced a myriad of challenges to implementing pre-planned digital strategies. Many organizations had to start over and reconfigure their entire approach, as well as rely heavily on their websites as a primary communication tool.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 189: Crafting an Effective Elevator Pitch


Today’s guest has a mission, and that mission is to teach the people who are doing good how to get noticed by using their words.

Achieving Organizational Transformation: Pathways to Success

Association executives—and hopefully their boards—know that they are facing perilous times. Driven by the pace of cultural and technological change, they are experiencing major disruptions in the traditional business models that used to guide organizational growth strategies.orgSource offers a straightforward approach to navigating these changes and readying your organization for growth.

You Don’t Have to Be Stuck in Scarcity

Social Velocity

“I am so stuck!” said a nonprofit leader to me last week. She reached out to me because she’d been at a stagnant level of revenue for years, the board was disengaged, funders had lost interest, and they weren’t achieving their mission. They were STUCK!

Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps

NonProfit PRO

Instead of trying to change many things all at once, try changing one thing one step at a time. Giving yourself permission to obtain greater focus can reduce stress and achieve better results. When you have a single over-arching purpose, it’s much easier to prioritize your journey.

State of the Sector, Part 2: Checking in on 2021

Charity Village

Original Broadcast Date: Thursday, April 8, 2021 Summary: This spring marks a full year since COVID-19 brought devastating impacts to our country and our sector.

Implementing the FASB ASU 2016-14 Reporting Requirements

NonProfit PRO

Reporting on your mind? This active project plan will help you and your organization focus on implementation, including checklists and step-by-step changes to key reports. Download Understanding. Preparing. Implementing. FASB ASU 2016-14 Reporting Requirements for Not-For-Profit

The Denan Project - Leveraging WhatsApp for Good

As part of building a new supporter journey (from making a one-time donation to becoming a sustaining supporter), The Denan Project set out to shorten the time between the first donation and the recurring donations.

The Small Nonprofit Podcast: Building resilience with Komal Minhas

Charity Village

We’re so busy taking care of everything that often we forget to take care of ourselves first. How do we create space for ourselves in our day-to-day lives so that we build resilience in the long run?

Four Steps to Align Data with Your Mission and Goals

Association Analytics

Data provides actionable insights and can give associations a navigable path to make better informed business decisions. But you want to make sure those decisions deliver outcomes that support your goals. Business Intelligence” can be a vague and intimidating term depending on your interpretation.

Goal 52

Fotor Review

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Fotor is an online photo editor and design maker that you can use to fix blemishes in your photo, make photo collages, remove red eyes, whiten teeth, and also create social media posts. No matter, the kind of template you need, you will find a suitable one for your needs. Fotor is an online photo.

Tools for Nonprofits to Effectively Manage and Analyze Their Data

Forum One

Not that long ago, powerful data management and analysis tools were often only accessible to the commercial sector. Thankfully, that’s changing. Today, there is a wealth of modern tools that make deep and meaningful data analysis more accessible to the nonprofit and social good sector.

How Nonprofits Can Protect Their Mission By Protecting Their Data

Saleforce Nonprofit

By: Mike Melone, Content Marketing Manager, OwnBackup. For nonprofits, digital transformation is increasingly necessary to survival. For many nonprofits, the first step in this transformation begins by centralizing data that’s scattered across multiple systems.

Create A Sponsor Packet That Makes Money

Greater Giving

This post is the third in a series designed to teach the art of nailing the perfect pitch. “What if you have just 2 minutes with a prospective donor. Are you prepared to #NailYourPitch?” ” Read additional articles: Nail Your Pitch.

What norms should you challenge and disrupt?

Big Duck

The post What norms should you challenge and disrupt? appeared first on Big Duck

Employee Engagement: The Essential Guide for 2021

Double the Donation

As a company, managing employees and productivity can be a challenge. You want to keep your employees happy and feeling fulfilled in their work, and a lot of the time, their level of engagement with their job informs all of that. That’s why keeping your employees engaged is so important.

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Top 12 Ways To Be An Effective Leader

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Author Melissa Greenwell interviewed many top business executives while doing research for her book, Money on the Table. When she asked them to list characteristics of their best leaders, those who work well as a team, collaborative was almost always first and foremost.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 189: Crafting an Effective Elevator Pitch

Connection Cafe

Today’s guest has a mission, and that mission is to teach the people who are doing good how to get noticed by using their words.