Sun.Feb 26, 2012

See, Say, Feel, Do: Metrics for Social Media

Amy Sample Ward

I am a big fan of actionable metrics.

Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

UPDATED 2/26/12: Please note that the best practices listed below are a work in progress and are updated regularly. To be alerted of when new best practices are posted, please subscribe to the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 e-Newsletter.

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Missed a promotion at work? Leading a team of employees that is frustrating you? Out of work and searching for a new job? Mind full of negative thoughts? Then, take a couple hours to read the Brian Tracy's newest book, Kiss That Frog!

Book Review: The First-Time Manager

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Amacom (of the American Management Association) has just released the sixth edition of the best-selling book, The First-Time Manager -- originally published in 1981.