Mon.Jan 13, 2020

Making the Most of Your Nonprofit’s Website: Understanding the Basics

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A nonprofit’s website is one of its most valuable assets. If you’re heading into 2020 unsure of the state of your site, it might be time for a refresh! Your organization’s website should be fulfilling a few vital functions: Communicating your mission and work. Sharing updates and information on your campaigns or projects. Engaging supporters (and attracting new ones) with storytelling techniques. Facilitating online donations, sign-ups, pledges, and more.

5 Call-to-Actions for Your Nonprofit’s Donation Confirmation Page

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By Christy Noel , Vice President of Digital Marketing Services at MobileCause – a company that pioneered text-to-donate and also offers an extensive suite of online, mobile and event fundraising solutions.

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4 Important Focus Areas for Social Good Organizations in 2020

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As we venture into the new year, and a brand-new decade, the world around us feels chaotic in many ways. So much seems to change every day, from the effects of climate change to the political landscape to constant innovations in technology.

Books To Read This Month

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Pictured above are two books to add to your list for reading this month. Let The Story Do The Work explains that at the heart of leadership lies persuasion. And at the heart of persuasion likes storytelling. In her book, author Esther K.

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