Tue.Jul 23, 2019

4 Important Membership Trends Every Museum Needs to Consider

Connection Cafe

It’s 2019, and a whole lot is changing in the museum and nonprofit world. Organizations need to determine how they fit into the transforming digital landscape and anticipate the changing expectations of their visitor and member base.

Museum 130

Feelings and Participation

Museum 2.0

Me with a friend As I keep saying, I’ve been to a few museums of late. In reflecting on the sample, I’ve made some broad reflections on museum workers and visitors. Today, I wanted to think about participatory elements, something so essential to this blog. Before I do, I wanted to tell you I'm not picking the best of the best, but rather ones that I illustrated my themes. In this field, we are definitely low on praise and even lower on profit. Awards can be incredibly gratifying.

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Seven Important Tips To Consider When Searching For The Best SEO Company In Melbourne

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Many moons ago, before Altavista and Dogpile succumbed to Google, search engine optimisation (S.E.O) used to be as a simple and easy like taking candy from a baby. All it took for your website to be on ranked highest on search engine results was merely repeating a keyword over and over again.

Admit Your Mistakes

Eric Jacobsen Blog

We all make mistakes. Yes, even leaders make mistakes. When you do, admit to them and apologize for the negative consequences they have caused your team members, vendors, or customers. Your ability to admit to a mistake will gain you the respect of your employees.