Tue.Apr 18, 2017

Using Nonprofit Data to Find Your Next Major Donor

Connection Cafe

Relationship building with donors is an art. But we also know that there is a science to donor segmentation and the use of analytics.

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Step By Step: How to Update Your WordPress Plugins

Byte Technology

WordPress experts and designers constantly harp on just how important it is to keep your plugins updated all the time. Two reasons.

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12 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising, Social Media, and Mobile Technology

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Now into the second quarter of 2017, three themes are taking shape that the nonprofit sector should be aware of. First, online fundraising revenue is growing worldwide and it will continue to increase for years to come. The arc of success for digital fundraising has just begun.

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Introducing Abbott Square Part 7: How Getting Sued Ruined My Vacation and Taught Me about Stress

Museum 2.0

This is the seventh in a series of posts on the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History ( MAH )'s development of Abbott Square , a new creative community plaza in downtown Santa Cruz. My husband and I had just come back from a glorious four-day trek through the Pasayten wilderness in the fall of 2015.

How to Make Donors Feel So Awesome, They Can’t Help but Give More to Your Nonprofit

John Haydon

It’s easy to get complacent about your donors. You spend so much time cultivating new prospects and building relationships that once someone makes a gift, you tend to mark them off the list and move on to the next prospect.

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