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Grant Seeking 101: Managing the Grant

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Congratulations! You got the grant! It probably took you a long time to get here. The entire grants process—from writing the application to receiving the award—can take anywhere from six months to several years. But really, your work has just started.

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The Smartest Solutions for the Best IT Support Now

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

The services offered by the IT service provider are based on the client’s needs. Indeed, the intervention is tailor-made. This professional must be able to offer services adapted to the size, expectations and challenges of the company.

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11 Powerful Quotes about New Power at the 2019 Social Good Summit

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This year marked the 10 th anniversary of the Social Good Summit , an annual conference hosted by the UN Foundation, Mashable, 92 nd Street Y and the United Nations Development Programme that celebrates advocacy and activism for social impact. While this year’s Summit focused on climate change, in line with the Climate Summit during the UN General Assembly and on the heels of the climate strikes around the world, there were many conversations applicable to every social good movement.

What Game Is Like Stardew Valley? Play Open-ended Country-life RPG!

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Are you a Stardew Valley fan? We share a list of other games where you can farm, keep livestock, mingle with other folks, among other gaming elements Do you want to try your hand in games that are like Stardew Valley? Here’s a list of 10 games that are more or less similar to it.

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A Reprimand Should End With A Reaffirmation

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"A reprimand should end with a reaffirmation of the person's past performance," explains authors Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge in their book, Helping People Win At Work. They provide this example: "The reason I'm upset is because this is so unlike you.

Best Anime on Hulu: Anime Series to Watch Right Now

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If you watch anime on a regular basis then you already know that Hulu is a great spot to stream a lot of classics as well as series from recent years. There is a large amount of anime series and movies you can check out, some of them being dubbed and some of them being.

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Ask For Help

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If you are new to managing, or if you are struggling with a management dilemma, ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help. Seek the guidance of a colleague at work. Reach out to a mentor at or away from work. Turn to an online resource. Consult a book on managing.

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Why you should buy a mobile from e-commerce website? 

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Mobile phones are inevitable these days and we must agree the fact that it has reached people in all the ages. In this decade, it’s not a daunting process to fish out a kid or a elderly people with a mobile phone.

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Top 7 Magical Girl Of Anime And Manga of All Time

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It seems like the world of magical girl anime and manga has been getting bigger and bigger during the last decade, and while that might be true, the genre has been around for a while. Generally, this type of anime revolves around a young girl who gets to fight the forces of evil. While the.

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What is glutathione and hwo it helps everyone?

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It is a well established fact that everyone’s body produces some kind of protective substances that help one to fight off most of the diseases. Now one of such substance is called glutathione.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

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Who doesn’t love to listen scary story? Simply scary stories becoming more scarier when it told in the dark. Ever think which stories you can tell? This suggestion is for you. Everyone is familiar with the setting of telling scary stories at night around a camp fire.

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Top 10 Action RPG games like Diablo series – Diablo Alternatives

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Are you a fan of the Diablo series and you are looking for games which offer a similar experience? Read on to discover the top 10 games we think you should try out Do you fancy the hack and slash gameplay of the Diablo series? There’s no denying that the game has led to the. The post Top 10 Action RPG games like Diablo series – Diablo Alternatives appeared first on Gaming

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10 Best Dubbed Anime Online to Watch in 2019 – Top Anime List

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There’s generally a war between anime fans who prefer subtitles and the ones who like their shows to be dubbed. However, there’s a chance that even the ones who watch all their anime with subtitles will agree that some dubs are of high quality. If you’re not sure where you stand on the “subs vs. The post 10 Best Dubbed Anime Online to Watch in 2019 – Top Anime List appeared first on Anime