Fri.May 24, 2019

Communicating Your Church’s Financial Needs

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Churches Buy T oilet P aper ! . In my last blog post , “ Churches and Engagement (But Not Weddings): Tips for Engaging Each Generation , ” we discussed engagement , the first step in fundraising with in the church.

8 Tips on How to Plan Your First Event

NonProfit Hub

Events are a cornerstone of nonprofit development. You hear about fun runs, auctions and galas, but for a new nonprofit, it’s hard to know where to start. With this guide, you’ll be able to plan your first event that leaves a lasting impact on your attendees and the future of your nonprofit.

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Turning The Flywheel

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Earlier this year brought Jim Collin’s monograph to his iconic bestseller, Good to Great book. Titled, Turning the Flywheel , Collins explains why some companies build momentum and some don’t.