Sun.May 15, 2022

Passion Meets Professionalism: Transitioning from Volunteer Leaders to Paid Staff

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Imagine executives from the six largest school meal programs in the country, sitting around a table discussing how, together, they could make a difference in school food. By leveraging their buying power, they can change the industry.

How To Coach With Compassion

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“Helping others is a good thing, but even the most well-intentioned attempts can be undermined by a simple truth: We almost always focus on “fixing” people – correcting problems or filling the gaps between where they are and where we think they should be.

High-Performing Teams Do This

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Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, author of the new book, Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook , explains that high-performing teams have these eight attributes : The team has time to meet and get to know each other. All team members participate to establish team goals.

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