Wed.Aug 22, 2018

A 5 Week Mid-Level Donor Boot Camp: Make Your Nonprofit’s Mid-Level Fundraising Program Great Again

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Are you suffering from mid-level donor envy? More and more organizations are catching on to the importance of this generous and loyal tier of donors. For those of you looking to inject some mid-level love into your program, here’s a five-week DIY mid-level bootcamp. Now drop and give us 20.

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Listen Up Or Lose Out

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Although people generally spend about 50 percent more time listening than speaking, the average listener misses more than he or she takes in – about two-thirds of any spoken message. That’s the unnerving findings of Robert Bolton, PH. and Dorothy Grover Bolton, ED.M.

Reasons Agencies Switch to Private Label SEO Software

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of the benefits private label SEO software offers. More so, private label will mean little to a novice in the online business world.

Today's Leadership Quotes

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Today's three leadership quotes come from Kristi Hedges , author of the book, The Power Of Presence. A vision will go nowhere unless the leader feels it in her bones. You don't lose your credibility from failure but from how you handle it.