Fri.May 04, 2012

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Are You Being Left Behind as Technology Ushers In a Whole New Approach to Philanthropy? #CoFLA

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I discovered that it was Larry Eason from DotOrgPower and his colleague, Shelley Wenk, offered to write this summary of the discussion as a guest post.

“Be the Change You Wish to See in the World”

Connection Cafe

Author: Vinay Bhagat. Today, Friday May 4, 2012, is my last day at Convio. I struggled as to what I should write, in this, my last public address. In the end I decided to reflect on my favorite quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change you wish to see in the world,” as I feel it encapsulates the Convio story very well. Stay tuned!

The Impact of the Social Customer: Changing Your Organization from the Inside Out


I have been watching the Twitter stream and man, there are some awesome social marketing-related presentations there. Enjoy. Humanize

Upcoming Nonprofits Live on May 16: Gaming

Tech Soup Blog

Here at TechSoup, we believe game-based technologies can serve as powerful tools for advancing social action, civic engagement, and health for youth. Come watch TechSoup get its game on in this month's interactive Nonprofits Live: Gaming webinar on Wednesday, May 16, at 11 a.m. Expert Guests. Barry Joseph, Global Kids. RSVP to join today !

Game 20

Why I still auto-DM new followers on Twitter

John Haydon

So why do I still use one? I’ve been using this approach for over three years and on very rare occasions I’ll get a complaint.

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Blackbaud – Convio merger expected to close this week

Robert Weiner

The Department of Justice signed off on Blackbaud's acquisition of Convio last week, and it looks like the deal will close this week. This is just the beginning of the story. I expect that it will take at least several months, and probably several years, before the dust settles and we know what's left behind. We'll see. How's your crystal ball?

Thousands ‘like’ idea ? Anderson Independent Mail

AFP Blog

Thousands ‘like’ idea  Anderson Independent Mail : hat compulsion to communicate, check in and comment was good news for organ donation registries around the country, as many reported new donors signing up in record numbers via the new Facebook feature we told you about earlier this week.

2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report

NCE Social Media

Here’s a video of Jeff Patrick , president of Common Knowledge , being interviewed by Melanie Mathos at the 2012 NTC conference explaining the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report. Jeff goes over topics in the report such as ROI, value of a new fan/follower, commercial social networks, and resources for strategies.

Fundraising Analytics for Campaign Planning


When all of our supporter data was on 3x5 cards or in a couple of spreadsheets, a lot of the fundraising work we did involved educated guesswork, by necessity. With the data available to us now, we can segment, slice, dice, even predict future donor behavior, all without a statistics degree. Learn more and register today >> Event Details.