Tue.Apr 17, 2012

Nonprofit Logo Design: A Simple 3 Step Process


Every brand designer I know has worked with a client who created their own logo at least once in their career. No exceptions. Shhhh, it’s okay if you’re one of those clients. Nobody needs to know.}. Nonprofit logo design is a process that can be just as painful as it can be exciting.

The Slactavism Debate Settled Once And For All?


There’s been a long and spirited debate about the rise of slactavism and whether people taking simple actions online actually create social change.

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Why Should You CARE?

Connection Cafe

Author: Karoline McLaughlin. We all have a desire to be connected, to know that what matters to us most is something others also care about. This is especially true in our close relationships, both on a business and personal front.



Don’t let this be you. AAACETweet i want to join your association, but have a problem with your lack of a social media presence. — Will Deyamport, MSEd (@peoplegogy) April 17, 2012. Potluck Social Learning

TechCocktail Features the Mobile Marketing Revolution

Mobile Commons

TechCocktail, a website dedicated to emerging technology and innovation, just had a great book preview of Jed Alpert’s new book, The Mobile Marketing Revolution: How Your Brand Can have a One to One Conversation with Everyone. The post, titled “Social Media Isn’t Enough,” excerpts a chapter of the book that discusses how aggressive social media campaigns often miss opportunities for building long-term relationships.

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Book Giveaway: Facebook Marketing for Dummies

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

One of the great things about the Nonprofit Technology Conference is that you get to connect with colleagues. I ran into John Haydon who helped me with my new Facebook brand page. He presented me with a copy of new book, Facebook Marketing for Dummies.

So, You're Being Audited.

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Andrea L. Norman, MBA, Director of Research, Behavioral. Health and Wellness, Southwest C enter for HIV/AIDS. Like many people, every year as I file my taxes I have an itchy feeling when I consider I might be audited by the Internal Revenue Service. I have always been squeaky clean honest in my filings, but the idea of being scrutinized by people portrayed as whimsical and unreasonable is nerve-wracking.

Social Media and "Jock Talk"


I think it's safe to say that Twitter, and sometimes Facebook, is pretty similar to a radio station for your organization, in that you're broadcasting your message wildly in all directions (over the Internet), with many people listening but only a handful of requests -- I'd say that's a pretty fair comparison. And it's an analogy I feel comfortable with, because I came to Idealware from the world of broadcasting.

Lame Spam of the Day: Poker Associates

Robert Weiner

This spam is typical of "you've won the lottery" scams. I'm mostly tickled by the sender's name. Would you bet on Poker Associates? There's no link or attachment, so one would have to reply to test@xiaoyinmu.com -- wouldn't that cause some concerns? Sender: POKER ASSOCIATES (test@xiaoyinmu.com). Subject: RE:THIS IS FOR YOUR ATTENTION. Text: POKER ASSOCIATES. ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW & NOTARY PUBLIC. VIA MAISTRA 5. 7500 ST. MORITZ, SWITZERLAND. CANTON: GRAUBUNDEN.