Mon.Mar 19, 2012

2012 SXSW Interactive – #nptech Highlights

Amy Sample Ward

Last week I was down in Austin, TX, for the 2012 South by Southwest Interactive Festival.

Mind: Blown! Technologies of the Future


I’m presenting Mind: Blown! Technologies of the Future today at the AE Institute conference for Realtor association executives.

Mind 51

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Eight “Thank You” Videos Created by Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

With each passing day your supporters, donors, activists and sponsors are becoming overwhelmed by the barrage of tweets, status updates, text messages, and emails being thrown at them on a daily basis. As a result, text-based “Thank You” messages are often unread and overlooked. That said, a video can often communicate your appreciation better than the written word and the eight videos below will help inspire your nonprofit to create a “Thank You” video.

The Internet Gets Charitable

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Mburpee. Note from Beth: I hosted a small army of guest bloggers, grantmakers, who attended the GeoFunders National Conference that took place last week in Seattle. The GEO community is united by a common drive to challenge the norm in pursuit of better results.

Everyday Innovation: Using Technology to Improve Your Services


We talk to a lot of people who want to improve the way their organizations use technology, but who feel innovation is a luxury that limited staff time and budgets won’t allow.

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Mapping Your Path One Image at a Time

Have Fun - Do Good

Have you ever had one of those, When Things Fall Apart , times in your life? I think I'm in one right now. A blank page can be both exciting, and terrifying, so I'm filling mine with images.

2 Wild Apricot Webinars This Week

Wild Apricot Blog

Want to learn more about managing events in Wild Apricot? Or maybe you want to find out about using Wild Apricot within an existing website? We're offering an event webinar on Wed. 21 and a Wild Apricot Functionality webinar on Thurs. Widgets webinar events Wild Apricot

Social Media for Social Good Book Tour Raises $17,130 for Partner Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

3/19/12 Update: Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits launched in conjunction with a social media and mobile technology training and book tour that also served as fundraiser for partners nonprofits – a total of $17,130 was raised.

You're Invited to TechSoup Global's Digital Storytelling Awards and Screening Party


In this year's Third Annual Digital Storytelling Challenge , powered by Lights. Camera. more than 200 nonprofits, libraries, and NGOs from 25 countries submitted one-minute videos and five-photo slideshows to showcase the impact they are making on their respective communities.

Register Today for CiviCon 2012

Tech Soup Blog

This is a guest blog post from Dave Greenberg, on the CiviCRM Team. TechSoup readers can take advantage of a special discount to attend this year's CiviCon. Read on for details. CiviCon , the annual CiviCRM conference, is happening in the San Francisco Bay Area on. April 2. We've arranged a special 25% discount for TechSoup members. Enter. this discount code when you. register : civisoup CiviCon brings together end-users, implementers, and evaluators to share their experiences.

Free Webinar: Your Supporters Are Mobile. Are You?


It's not necessary to sling around statistics about the growth of mobile anymore. We see it every day: on the bus, in supermarkets, in our own homes. For all intents and purposes, everybody has a mobile device. So we need to think of mobile as an opportunity – and a challenge. How can we reach our supporters where they are (and get a word in edgewise between games of Words with Friends and Twitter updates)? At our upcoming Product Spotlight webinar, " Your Supporters Are Mobile.

Director Less Than Invisible In Underwear And Is Hospitalized - TheNonProfitTimes

AFP Blog

Director Less Than Invisible In Underwear And Is Hospitalized - TheNonProfitTimes : The director of the viral video “Kony 2012”, which is rapidly approaching 100 million views, was hospitalized in San Diego, Calif., after running through the streets in his underwear and vandalizing cars. Kony2012

Pathfinder and Pancakes!

Connection Cafe

Author: Emily Goodstein. Today’s "Behind the Convio Admin Curtain" installment is full of juicy Convio best practices, and even a restaurant recommendation for stellar chocolate chip pancakes right outside Boston.

Wozniak to speak at AFPTechKnow 2012

AFP Blog

TechKnow General Information Home : Apple Co-Founder and philanthropist Steve Wozniak confirmed to speak at AFP TechKnow


Mobile Strategy: Targeting Your Message

Mobile Commons

One of a mobile campaign’s most transformational powers is the ability to personalize your message. Rather than blast a message out to “everyone,” you can reach out to specific individuals. That turns what might have been broad outreach into something meaningful and actionable.

Salesforce Engagement Deep Dive with Dogwood Initiative


The Salesforce Foundation is doing a very cool series on civic engagement. This month, British Columbia-based Dogwood Initiative shared their engagement efforts using the Salesforce constituent management system. With just ten staff members, Dogwood Initiative has implemented a very successful model for deeply engaging their community in environmental protection. Groundwire has partnered with Dogwood over the past few years providing online tools and strategies.

2012 NTC Preview: Laura Quinn on Cloud Security


Are you ready for the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference ? We're playing host to over 100 breakout sessions this April 3-5, and we're delighted to bring you a video preview of just a few of those, starting with Laura Quinn, Executive Director of Idealware.


Launch time, AFL-CIO

Beaconfire Wire

Site launches are a special time at Beaconfire. We are especially proud this month to announce the launch of a new website and blog for AFL-CIO. AFL-CIO’s new sites showcase an inclusive movement that puts the voices of working families’ front and center. The new design is more visual than its text-heavy predecessor allowing AFL-CIO’s content and calls to action the opportunity to shine. The redesign was a result of a year-long collaboration between Beaconfire and AFL-CIO teams.