Fri.Aug 17, 2018

200+ Fundraising Ideas Proven to Raise More Donations For Your Cause

Wild Apricot

Finding the perfect fundraising idea takes a lot of precious time — time that could be better spent actually raising funds. That’s why I’ve created this list of fundraising ideas: to make it easy for you to find an idea that will generate revenue for your organization. fundraisers fundraising-ideas fundraiser Fundraising

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Walk the Walk: Establishing Workplace Culture Outside the Office

NonProfit Hub

Establishing workplace culture isn’t easy. It can makes months, if not years, of trial-by-error testing, and even then there’s no guarantee that your staff will react the way you want them to. And this makes sense: individuals have vastly different preferences and comforts. Making them all happy is about as easy as picking a movie they all want to watch on Netflix. One way to combat the struggles of creating a workplace culture is to let it extend beyond the workplace.

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Are you asking your donors for more than money?

John Haydon

Have you considered the other gift your donors give you? Here’s a hint: what might be even more valuable to you than money? That’s right – time. Often donors are aware that time is part of their gift. It’s intentional. Think about attending a fundraising event. Or filling out a survey. (Of

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Learning How To Change And Grow

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"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." -- Andre Gide. Change Change Leadership Change Management Change Quotes Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management