Sun.Feb 09, 2020

10 Editing Tips That Make You a Better Writer

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It is evident that there are so many articles about tips that claim to make anyone an excellent writer. In modern times, everything is possible with a little bit of practice and the right information. One of the most popular tips you may see in these lists is a point to always proofread your writing.

This Week's Leadership Book To Read

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If you have a manager who isn't the best communicator, you can suggest he/she read Jane Murphy's and Khatun Huber's book, What Could Happen If You Do Nothing?

Video Game Options As per Your Requirement

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Much has been said about the evils of video games in children’s development. Not everything they say is reality. The Popularity. Electronic games have evolved considerably in recent years. It was even considered a sport by an American university that started giving scholarships to students. The audience of video games is not only children like adults and the elderly. Everyone has experienced improvements in health when applied in the right measure. Let’s go to them: Motor Skills.