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6 Ways to Stop Your Website from Leaking Potential Online Donors


Download the complete 2011 Online Giving Report to learn more about the 13% YoY growth, double-digit growth since 2009 and the top reasons your nonprofit should invest in its online fundraising program. Download the report now! .

How To Apply Social to Membership Retention and Renewal


Do you work in Membership? Social media can and should do more for membership than for any other association department. It provides additional ways to reach, understand, and engage members, helping to make your job easier and more fulfilling.

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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Guest Post: The Future is Now: Mobile Strategies for Social Impact. By Laura Efurd, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, ZeroDivide. – @lefurd, @zerodivideorg. A Pew report released just last week declared that “the rise of mobile is changing the story” about the digital divide.

Priming Your Board for Fundraising

Connection Cafe

Author: Rachel Muir. When we think about having a strong fundraising board it can be tempting to think about filling your board with lots of big name individuals that you expect to write huge checks. In reality, these people may have no real connection to your cause.

How To Be A Good Coach

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Former Verizon Wireless CEO, Denny F. Strigl offers these tips for how to be a good coach to an employee. He explains that good coaches help performers by: Keeping them focused. Giving them objective, helpful feedback. Acting as a sounding board for new approaches.

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Raising Awareness and Funds With Social Fundraising

Wild Apricot Blog

Getting more "social" with fundraising can have real impact. Here are some ideas on and examples of social fundraising. social giving Fundraising nonprofit blog carnival

Compound Bow, Longbow and Bowling Balls. Network-Centric Advocacy: Potential Energy with the Advocacy Movement.

Network-Centric Advocacy

Compound bows maximize the energy storage throughout the draw cycle and provide let-off at the end of the cycle (less holding weight at full draw). A traditional recurve bow has a very linear draw force curve - meaning that as the bow is drawn back, the draw force becomes increasingly heavier with each inch of draw (and most difficult at full draw). Therefore, little energy is stored in the first half of the draw, and much more energy at the end where the draw weight is heaviest.

Help Your Email Reach Its Destination


PublishDate: April 2012. Some email will simply never reach its destination—it might go to a bad address, get caught in a spam filter, or routed to a “junk” folder where it’s deleted or overlooked. This can be frustrating for nonprofits who work hard to nurture a list of email addresses. How can you help ensure people receive the emails you send them? Mail server administrators subscribe to blacklists run by organizations that create a database of computers and domains known to send spam.

Network Learning at TEDEd.

Network-Centric Advocacy

. Can we use this on advocacy issues? How about some TEDEd and Activism linked together? . Advocacy Strategy Communication Technology Media Trends

Red Cross - FEMA Shelter Data Exchange


Pleased to report that the VisionLink team, and on behalf of FEMA a team from IBM Global Services, are completing their work building a two-way, automatic data exchange between the National Shelter System deployed by the American Red Cross, and the Shelter System deployed by FEMA.

Guerrilla Libraries. The Network Coordination. Old Phone Booths as Network Hubs.

Network-Centric Advocacy

Is there any screening process for the books? For instance, do you try to include great works of literature, or perhaps focus on more accessible and popular novels? I want everything and anything. I don't have much of a budget, so all the books are donated from people that live nearby and off my own shelves, so everything from Oprah-approved to Jane Jacobs. And obviously as people leave their own books, I'd want the collection to become a record of the interests of that particular site.

Understanding social media in China - McKinsey Quarterly - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing

AFP Blog

Understanding social media in China - McKinsey Quarterly - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing : Understanding social media in China The world’s largest social-media market is vastly different from its counterpart in the West. Yet the ingredients of a winning strategy are familiar

"Choices Reveal Who We Are" & Who We Are Is Shaped by our Choices.

Network-Centric Advocacy

I always enjoy Valdis Krebs' perspectives on networks. The way Valdis sees the world is interesting and this riff is no different. Getting the data on what users hi-lite is in a way like a peek into a deeper level of our behavior than just the books we follow and the friends we keep but gets at a level of data that may reveal why we like that book, or maybe why we like those people. .

Lame spam of the day: CareerBuilder position notices

Robert Weiner

I'm being deluged by these today. This site says they're malware delivery vehicles. Version 1: Subject: Open position which you might be interested in. Sender: Text: Hello, I am a customer service employee at CareerBuilder.

Maid Serives, Nail Salons, Taxi Cabs, Issue Groups and Complex Problems for Organizing Change.

Network-Centric Advocacy

We operate in a sector that has no profits, no barriers to entry, little overhead and low labor costs. In every other sector like our own, the dominate model of operations becomes small independent operations or very lightly controlled franchises. The world of issue organizing is joining the ranks of barber shops, landscaping, maid services, truckers, taxis, newspapers and nail salons.