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5 Reasons Sponsors Ignore Your Emails

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This article was originally published on The Sponsorship Collective website. Email is a fabulous tool to help warm up cold calls…except when it isn’t! I hear from clients and colleagues all the time that their e-mails are not producing results. They send out 1,000 emails and hear nothing back.

[PODCAST] Growing Good with Graham Pansing Brooks

NonProfit Hub

Last month, Nonprofit Hub introduced its newest Hubcast series, Growing Good, at Cause Camp. In each episode, Nonprofit Hub executive director Randy Hawthorne and his co-host, Kyle Cartwright, chat with young social sector professionals about how they see the nonprofit industry adapting and evolving.

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6 Reasons SEO Is Important to Nonprofits and Why

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Maryanne Dersch , a speaker, coach, and creator of the Superstar Fundraising Academy. She is also the author of Courageous Communication: How Codependence Is Making Your Nonprofit Brand Boring and What to Do About It.

How The #1 Pickleball Club Management Software Can Help Run Your Club Better

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Hundreds of other clubs have already automated their administrative work with Pickleball Management Software. Learn how you can save hours on administrative work for your Pickleball club, and grow your association

Geek TV: 10 Best Alternatives to Online GeekTV in 2019

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Are you a movie enthusiast who is looking for a platform that is worth your time and money? Do you find it hard to get a reliable site to feed your hunger for great movies or video experience conveniently? If yes, worry no more because this article will explain your queries. With the growing number.

Movie 52

Tech Impact Honors Barclays With Founding Partner Award At Inaugural Las Vegas Awards Luncheon


LAS VEGAS – April 11, 2019 – Tech Impact, a 501(c)(3) provider of nonprofit technology solutions and the operator of award-winning IT training programs for young adults, will honor Barclays with its Founding Partner Award at its inaugural Las Vegas Awards Luncheon. The award will acknowledge the significant support Barclays has provided to advancing Tech […] The post Tech Impact Honors Barclays With Founding Partner Award At Inaugural Las Vegas Awards Luncheon appeared first on Tech Impact.

[Tutorial] How to Download Panda Helper for iPhone & Android

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Between the official iOS app store and the Google Play Store, there are more than 4 million apps on offer to both iOS and Android users. But that doesn’t really mean anything because a high proportion of those apps require payment and, out of the free ones, there is only a handful that is worth. The post [Tutorial] How to Download Panda Helper for iPhone & Android appeared first on Tutorials

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Guide to AC Market AppStore for Android & iOS in 2019

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For many years, Android users have rooted their devices so they could install modified and unofficial content. These days, not so many people do it, not least because of the dangers involved – it does have the potential to lock your device down, even brick it beyond use in extreme circumstances. The main reason why. The post Guide to AC Market AppStore for Android & iOS in 2019 appeared first on

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13 Energizing Verbs To Use More Often

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