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5 Common Nonprofit Workplace Stress Triggers and Tips for Addressing Them

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo credit: PlusLexia. It is coming up on three years since I first published the Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Impact without Burnout and thrilled to see more people and publications talking about well-being in the nonprofit sector.

Getting Started with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Connection Cafe

Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns are popping up everywhere as they continue to grow in popularity. By now, most people have encountered several peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns whether they realize it or not. Dining out at a local restaurant on a charity night? Peer-to-peer fundraiser. Supporting a family member running a marathon benefitting a local agency? Peer-to-peer fundraiser. Donating to a friend’s Facebook Birthday Fundraiser ? Peer-to-peer fundraiser!

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How to advance your career? Knowledge, Behaviour, Marketing and Socialising!

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How to advance in your career? Learn the best ways to advance your career right here on our informative guide. Career progression is coming! Is it time you earned a promotion? Whether the result is a bigger salary, more status, fulfilling a passion or just to escape your current boss, the benefits of career progression. The post How to advance your career? Knowledge, Behaviour, Marketing and Socialising! appeared first on Business

Self Care in the Museum Workplace

Connection Cafe

The following post was originally published on the Center for the Future of Museums blog. On Wednesday, August 8, over 300 museum professionals joined CFM director Elizabeth Merritt and Seema Rao, principal of Brilliant Idea Studio , to explore self-care in the museum workplace.

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Why The Wrong VPN Is More Dangerous Than No VPN?

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Is it dangerous to torrent or surf public Wi-Fi without VPN? of course! But If you pick the wrong VPN, that will let the things get worse, Why? Read our detail guide here. From browsing safely on public Wi-Fi networks to keep your browsing history out of the wrong hands, a VPN is one of. The post Why The Wrong VPN Is More Dangerous Than No VPN? appeared first on Private VPN Service

Making social impact: How nonprofit work taught me to look beyond the bottom line

ASU Lodestar Center

Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz. posted by BenTe jes Co-founder and CEO of Ascend Finance. I knew that nonprofit work was right for me soon after joining the corporate world, when I realized that much of the work was just about making money and maximizing profit.

100% stay away form! Never transfer domain to Name…Is it a scam?!

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100% stay away! Do not use or transfer your domains to, I did it, then the nightmare came, still not wakeup! Please carefully checked what’s happened! The terrible support is still no response! I am making a living via blogging for more than 10 years! I used so many Domain Name Registrars, like. The post 100% stay away form! Never transfer domain to Name…Is it a scam?! appeared first on Blogging

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Huge space needed in order to tackle large data

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

When you have a huge space to handle, you cannot imagine to handle it without documentation and files. Documentations and files are part and parcel of any organization. So, in this way, you have to think carefully regarding storing all the information and all the documentation at a safer place.

What does the SEO company do for your company

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

SEO companies help your website or other digital presence appear at the top of the list in search results. However, it has a lot more to it. There are a lot of different things that an SEO company can do for you.