Wed.Apr 25, 2012

Create a More Effective Nonprofit Website Using These 2 Simple Suggestions


Effective nonprofit websites don’t exist as boutiques to show off information. But you already know that. You know that your nonprofits website is a tool that should be used. Used to engage, interact with and mobilize your audience – A tool that should ultimately inspire action.

Humanize Does Not Mean Touchy-Feely


Obviously, Maddie and I are making a strong case for making our organizations more human, but based on some reactions we’ve been getting from people (who haven’t yet read the book, in their defense), there is a misperception that needs clarifying.

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Integrated Social Media for Sustainable Agriculture

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Ag Grantees Twitter Webinar. View more presentations from Beth Kanter.

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What To Do With Someone’s Attention When You Have It

John Haydon

Have you ever noticed the various items for sale at the grocery store checkout line? Candy bars, sugarless gum and Star magazine. You’d rarely make a special trip for these items, but there they are.

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Choosing a Format for your Annual Report

Wild Apricot Blog

This is the final post in our Annual Report blog series. It offers tips and ideas on the type of format - e.g., print, digital, video - that's right for your organization. Non-profit Communications annual reports

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Webinar Recap: QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits and Libraries

Tech Soup Blog

Last week we had a spectacular turnout for our webinar, QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits and Libraries ! You can now view the recording of this webinar on the TechSoup YouTube page. During this webinar, QuickBooks Made Easy instructor Gregg Bossen gave us an engaging and content-packed overview of the new updates to Intuit's QuickBooks 2012. You can find out more about QuickBooks 2012 on the TechSoup product page. What Is QuickBooks Made Easy?

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May the Force Be with You


Change is at the heart of what we do at NTEN. We’re trying to create more social change every day, and we’re pushing you to do the same work with us. It’s with twinges of sadness and excitement that I share with you a personal change: that I will be leaving NTEN after 4 and half years.


What Natural Gas and Email Have in Common

Connection Cafe

Author: Miriam Kagan. Confession time: when I am not thinking about everything fundraising, I am a part-time energy economy dork. Meaning, I spend a lot of time thinking about carbon consumption, energy mix, whether it will be resource scarcity or technological progress that might one day wean humanity from carbon… As a direct marketer, I’ve spent a large portion of my career in traditional marketing (Direct Mail (DM), Telemarketing (TM), and a little direct response TV).

The Nonprofit Publisher’s Perfect Storm

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Ryan Johnson , Vice President, Publishing and Community. for WorldatWork. I really hesitate to use the phrase “perfect storm” here, because it has become so over-used since the movie of the same name was released more than a decade ago.

Mobilizing Staff to Make Them More Accessible


Headway provided 50 staff members with smartphones running Google’s Android operating system, and moved to make their email, calendaring, and client data systems accessible via the web. Headway Emotional Health Services, with a budget around $6.5

The AFP Blog: TechKnow—Your One Investment in Technology

AFP Blog

The AFP Blog: TechKnow—Your One Investment in Technology

Amy Kessel, Unfurling: How I Have Fun, Do Good

Have Fun - Do Good

I'm starting the Have Fun, Do Good guest post series up again! My first guest blogger is the lovely Amy Kessel. Amy is a certified life coach devoted to helping women unfurl into their authentic selves.

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The AFP Blog: TechKnow—Your One Investment in Technology

AFP Blog

The AFP Blog: TechKnow—Your One Investment in Technology

Are you sure you want to eat that? Text to find out!

Mobile Commons

If you walk into a dining hall run by Bon Appétit Management Company, you can find out exactly what you’re eating – just by sending a text. BAMCO, which runs college dining halls across the country, is giving students the power to manage their nutrition with an easy text service powered by Mobile Commons. The program is educating students through a text call to action printed on cafeteria trays. Contemplating a cheeseburger?