Wed.Aug 05, 2020

3 Website Tips to Support Your Virtual Fundraising Efforts

Connection Cafe

As a nonprofit professional, you know that the fundraising landscape changes each year. However, no one could have predicted the effects that COVID-19 would have , with many nonprofit organizations now solely relying on virtual fundraising efforts to continue operations. Virtual fundraising has become more accessible and intuitive than ever before thanks to the extensive internet and the wide variety of donation tools available.

Why It's the Perfect Time to Move Past Your Club Membership Excel Template

Wild Apricot

Still using Excel to manage your club's members? Here's why now is the perfect time to ditch your club membership Excel template and make the move to membership management software

Best Practices For Leaders

Eric Jacobsen Blog

“Success happens by focusing on the process, not the outcome,” explain Jon Gordon and Mike Smith , co-authors of the book, You Win In The Locker Room First.” They add that, “You win by cultivating the right culture, leadership, expectations, beliefs, mindset, relationships, and habits before you even play the game.” From this insightful and helpful book also come these takeaways I really value: Culture is defined and created from the top down, but it comes to life from the bottom up.