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[Free Webinar] Must-Know Fundraising Data to Build Lasting Donor Connections

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Did you know that nonprofits acquire 10x more donors on Giving Tuesday compared to an average day of the year? And that the average one-time donation is nearly 1.5X more when nonprofits offer ACH, PayPal, and digital wallet payments?

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Beyond the Logo: Building Brand Identity


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Fiscal Year-End Allotment Limits You Should Know About


Some technology offers in the TechSoup catalog have limits to the number of licenses a nonprofit can acquire in a single fiscal year. Those limits reset on July 1 of each year. A little advance planning means you can work around those limits to your advantage. Tech Planning

How to Effectively Communicate With Donors When Fundraising Online


Everyone knows that effective communication with donors is essential to successful online fundraising. But you may be left wondering what effective communication on the internet looks like. Between website copy, social media, emails, and more, there are so many avenues for reaching out to donors.

Nonprofit Technology Adoption: Why It Matters and How to Be Successful

Discover how this high-level overview report can help get your organization in shape for technology adoption and read helpful best practices for facilitating this critical process.

Sometimes the Solution Calls for Hot Water

NonProfit PRO

As fundraisers, sometimes what you wanted or even planned for goes astray, and you need to add your own special ingredient to the mix. Keep an open mind and plan ahead to have those special ingredients in your back pocket. Fundraising fundraising

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Giving USA: Charitable Giving in 2021 Outpaced 2020 But Not Inflation

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The longest-running and most comprehensive charitable giving report in America, “Giving USA 2022: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2021,” was released this week. Here’s a look at the key findings, including sources of funding and a breakdown of funding among nonprofit subsectors.

Understanding the Fundraising Cycle


To be the most effective fundraiser that you can, it’s important to know about the fundraising cycle. The fundraising cycle or donor cultivation cycle is the key to gaining, engaging, and retaining donors.

Salesforce Launches Catalyst Fund to Scale Inclusive Philanthropy

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Salesforce announced the launch of its Catalyst Fund, which will provide critical, unrestricted capital to nonprofits led by underrepresented leaders.

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Philanthropy during COVID-19 in Brazil 


Candid and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) released a new report, Philanthropy and COVID-19: Examining giving in 2021 , in May 2022 that details COVID-19-related philanthropic funding in 2021.

Become the Association Your Members Want

As the pandemic advanced, we were keenly aware of the apprehension and pain throughout our community. Clients and colleagues contacted us with questions about managing revenue shortfall, introducing new technology, and preparing for changing membership patterns. The.orgCommunity organized a Think Tank to help identify trends and crystalize our outlook on the future of membership. The sessions were facilitated by Elizabeth Engel, Chief Strategist, Spark Consulting. This article is the result of feedback gleaned during those dialogues, previous research, and the viewpoints of the.orgSource team.

Social Fundraising 101 – Are You In?

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Do you depend on volunteer fundraisers to fuel your mission? Then you need a thorough knowledge of social fundraising. This 10-lesson course will prepare you to create, lead, or upgrade your P2P fundraising program. Katrina VanHuss, CEO of Turnkey, and Otis Fulton, Ph.D.,

DipJar Announces DipJar Online, Extending DipJar’s Leadership in in-person Fundraising to Online and Mobile Channels  


DipJar Announces DipJar Online, Extending DipJar’s Leadership in in-person Fundraising to Online and Mobile Channels . New offering will provide nonprofit organizations with a better ability to reach and engage donors online and through mobile channels. .

Segmentation, Personalization & Stewardship for Nonprofits

Get Fully Funded

When a supporter gives to your cause for the first time, it’s because something about your mission resonated with them. But what will keep them coming back to continue supporting your organization in the future? . This is where donor relationship building comes into play.

How to Build Your Nonprofit’s Major Gifts Fundraising Program


If your growing nonprofit has never had an official major gifts program or your existing major giving strategy needs a refresh, now is the perfect time to launch or expand your program.

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Achieving Organizational Transformation: Pathways to Success

Association executives—and hopefully their boards—know that they are facing perilous times. Driven by the pace of cultural and technological change, they are experiencing major disruptions in the traditional business models that used to guide organizational growth strategies.orgSource offers a straightforward approach to navigating these changes and readying your organization for growth.

COVID-19 Mental Health and Wellbeing Grant Program

Charity Village

The Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Red Cross announced the Strengthening Community Capacity to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing: COVID-19 Mental Health and Wellbeing Grant Program. This new grant program is intended to assist community organizations working on the frontlines supporting those whose mental health and wellbeing have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. […]. The post COVID-19 Mental Health and Wellbeing Grant Program appeared first on CharityVillage.

Four Nonprofit Web Accessibility Best Practices for 2022


Your nonprofit’s website is your “home” on the internet. It tells your organization’s story, conveys your values, and shares the importance of your mission. You probably carefully crafted it to be informative, inspiring, and useful for supporters of your cause.

Poll shows Canadian women concerned that pandemic workplace accommodations won’t last

Charity Village

Fewer Canadian women are working full-time – 62 percent, compared to 70 percent before the COVID-19 pandemic – and nearly half say they are likely to quit their jobs if asked to return to the office full-time. The Prosperity Project’s 5th Canadian Household Perspectives survey found the vast majority of women (91 percent) would prefer […]. The post Poll shows Canadian women concerned that pandemic workplace accommodations won’t last appeared first on CharityVillage.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 233: Leading with Transparency in Grantmaking


Open, honest, and transparent communication with grantee partners can help minimize power imbalances and help foster a sense of mutual transparency and accountability that is critical to our success as grantmakers.

The Denan Project - Leveraging WhatsApp for Good

As part of building a new supporter journey (from making a one-time donation to becoming a sustaining supporter), The Denan Project set out to shorten the time between the first donation and the recurring donations.

Twenty percent of Canadians experienced increased workplace conflict or aggression

Charity Village

LifeWorks released its monthly Mental Health Index™ that showed that 20 percent of Canadians that have experienced increased conflict and/or aggression at work have a mental health score more than 10 points below the national average.

Bloomerang Launches New Dashboard and User Interface Updates to Improve Fundraisers’ Productivity


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. June 23, 2022 – Bloomerang , the complete donor management solution for thousands of small and medium-sized nonprofits, today announced the availability of a new user-centric dashboard to improve fundraisers’ day-to-day productivity and monitor fundraising campaign performance and overall organizational health.

Relatable organizations hold the key to success in a tight labour market

Charity Village

According to a study conducted by Mercer, 80% of executives believe that organizational agendas are more intertwined with the value systems and personal agendas of their employees. Making it crucial for companies to be more open and easier to relate to. Listening intently to their stakeholders, using data to uncover patterns and guide action, and […]. The post Relatable organizations hold the key to success in a tight labour market appeared first on CharityVillage.

11 Creative Montessori Fundraising Ideas That You Must Try Out


Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor and educator. She opened her first school in 1907 in a poor district of Rome. Using her knowledge of children, she designed a classroom and education that allowed children to work at their own pace and teach themselves.

Three quarters of employees say racial equity policies are not genuine

Charity Village

In 2020, as employers were grappling with the pandemic and renewed calls for racial justice, many responded with new policies and pronouncements.

How to Structure Your Fundraising Event Committee

Greater Giving

A successful gala require a clear event plan, good people, and an organized event committee strategy. We get lots of questions about the best way to delegate the work leading up to a big fundraising event. Every event director knows you need extra sets of hands—but how do you organize planning committees for the monumental task of holding a charity gala? Not sure where to start with planning your fundraising event? Start with some Benefit Auction Planning Basics !).

Six Mindsets That Distinguish The Best Leaders

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