Sun.Jan 22, 2023

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How to convert a Meta/Facebook profile into a Page

Whole Whale

At this point in the digital age, we all know how to make a Facebook profile (heck, you’ve probably been on Facebook for so long, you don’t even remember making your profile anymore).

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Foundations, please get over the urban myth of “tipping”

Non Profit AF

Hi everyone, before we get started, it’s been five years since Unicorns Unite: How Nonprofits and Foundations Can Build EPIC. Finance Funder Relations Fundraising philanthropy Race, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

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How To Use Failure As A Way To Success

Eric Jacobsen Blog

“On the path to success, we trip and lose our footing from time to time. But stumbling and even falling is the best way to learn from mistakes and is critical to achieving goals,” says Bill Wooditch , author of the book, Fail More: Embrace, Learn, And, Adapt to Failure As A Way To Success. “We