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3 Great Ways Your Board Can Get More Involved with Fundraising (Other Than Asking for Money)

Connection Cafe

When you tell board members that you need help with fundraising, many of them automatically think you are telling them they need to go ask their friends and colleagues for money. And while that certainly wouldn’t hurt, it is important to note that not every board member will feel comfortable doing that. That’s ok. There are lots of ways that your board members can help your fundraising efforts. . WEBINAR: How to Get Your Board Excited About Fundraising .

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How a Virtual Phone System Gives an Edge to the Business?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

If you run a business, you will be familiar with the virtual phone system. If you do not know anything about these phone systems, you will find it difficult to survive in the market. Imagine, the customers calling your business are seriously routed to the right agents who are handling their queries.

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This Nonprofit Event Calendar Reveals What 17,000 Other Nonprofits Are Doing Every Month

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The Nonprofit’s Guide To Inclusive Walking Meetings: Strolling Meetings

Beth Kanter

Meetings can not only be a waste of time if they are not well designed, but can also zap our energy. Even worse, the meeting can be so boring that participants tune out or cancel. One way to shake things is up to host a “Strolling” Meeting.

How to Write a Chase Bank Check


Check writing has definitely become a lost art, and I am sure most people cannot even remember the last time they wrote a check. If you are from the “check writing era,” you must admit that there was something about writing a check that made you feel so important and official.

How This #1 Medical Association Management Software Will Save You Time And Money

Wild Apricot

Many other medical associations have already automated their administrative work with student organization software, maybe it's time you did too

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Capital One 360 Reviews and promotions


The banking industry is literally littered with giants that have been at it for hundreds of years. Capital One, however, is an exception because it has been around for just 25 years, and in that short period, this bank has become a powerhouse.

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Bank of America checking account bonus and promotions


Bank promotions usually consist of cash bonuses that are available when you open a new checking or savings account. To qualify for these perks, you will most likely be required to set up a direct deposit with the bank and keep your account open for several months.

Wells Fargo Checking Account Bonus and Promotions:


The concept behind bonuses and promotions is very simple; – You need money, and banks need accounts. Take advantage of all promotions and bonuses offered at your local bank to make money that you didn’t work for. This is probably the sweetest deal in banking.

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Do You Know the Chase Bank Routing Transit Number?


Your bank’s routing number is significant because it is the key to knowing where to send and receive money. In fact, when banks ask for a “voided check,” they are usually looking for this number.