Mon.Aug 03, 2020

Get Results When You Put Yourself in Your Donors’ Shoes

Connection Cafe

If you had a choice, would you walk a mile uphill in snow in uncomfortable shoes? Of course not. Then why are you asking that of your supporters? When you see increasing donor attrition rates or decreasing event participants, try walking in their shoes. You might realize the journey is a little slicker than you thought. hjc has worked with dozens of nonprofits to ‘stand in the shoes’ of their constituents, a process known as Constituent Experience (CX) journey mapping.

Character-Driven Leaders

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Key findings from the research behind the book, Return On Character , by Fred Kiel, PhD, reveal that: Leaders who rank high on character achieve nearly five times greater return on assets than leaders who rank low on character. Plus, character-driven organizations achieve multiple gains over organizations with self-focused leadership, including: A 26% higher level of workforce engagement.

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