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How Game On Cancer Cracked the Code on Engaging Physicians and Cancer Survivors

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Without the backing of a national organization’s flashy brand, sexy advertising campaign , or robust budget – engaging grateful patients at a local level can sometimes feel impossible. A cancer survivor and their network of loved ones want to come together and do something meaningful and they often turn to a national organization.

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Social Media Fundraising: 6 Tips to Make It Work for You

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Interested in using the power of social media in your fundraising but unsure of where to start? We’ve outlined 6 tips to make the platforms work for you

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NonProfit Work and Us

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Alison Koch shared these thoughts originally as part of Museum Computer Network 's 2019 Ignite. As I sat in an aerie above the stage, I DM'd her to ask her to share her remarks here. They were that true and that powerful. I hope you enjoy them. Written by Alison Koch I think us non-profit folks have a particularly complicated relationship with work.

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Tech Impact Launches Data Science Practice To Provide Nonprofits With Affordable Access To Data Tools Like Machine Learning


PHILADELPHIA – January 22, 2020 – Tech Impact, a 501(c)(3) provider of nonprofit technology solutions and the operator of award-winning IT training programs for underserved youth, announced today the launch of its data science practice. The new data science practice will offer a deeper focus on Measurement and Impact Evaluation.

How to Build 3 Popular Reports in AffiniPay (Wild Apricot Payments)?

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Learn how to create and view reports on transactions in AffiniPay (Wild Apricot Payments), to help you present at meetings and maximize your revenue

3 Vital Resources for Nonprofit Start-Ups

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How to Start a Nonprofit? Last week our CEO received a phone call that started like this: “Hi Chantal, I’m staring a nonprofit in Delaware and could use some support getting my organization off the ground. Is this something you can help with or do you only work with established nonprofits?” ” Our CEO’s response: “Yes, our team would love to help! Tell me what you’ve completed so far and we can go from there.” ” So, where do you begin?

10 Awesome Apps For Creators Who Produce Content On the Go

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Digital nomadism, global implementation of remote work policies, and the growing influence of the blogosphere. These are the trends that let creative professionals and enthusiasts work anywhere they want. But is it any possible to create anything from scratch away from the computer? Our experts made a selection of mobile applications, and you can easily. The post 10 Awesome Apps For Creators Who Produce Content On the Go appeared first on PhreeSite.com.

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How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel?

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It’s no secret that people are making money by creating and sharing videos on YouTube. But, how can a person earn on YouTube? Creating and sharing videos is not just all you have to do to earn a decent living via this platform. You need a strong base of followers or subscribers to earn money. The post How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel? appeared first on PhreeSite.com. Business

The Future of Mission-Based Work

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Usually, I'm really positive and optimistic. In many ways, I want to believe the future is what we can make. Though, sometimes when I do literature review for projects, I find myself depressed on the future of the field. There are so many possible futures that would suck. How do we make sure the future is the one we want? Alison Koch offers her thoughts about this. I included these ideas in a month about wellness, because as you see from her remarks, the future is about each of us.